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A Canon Tale of Caerleon

A Native American Historical Tale

Locations:Deepwood, Oasis
Characters: Flit, Grandmother Willow, John Smith, Kocoum, Meeko, Nakoma, Pocahontas, Powhatan, Radcliffe
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Pocahontas was a Native American woman who heavily impacted the colonial history of the United States in the early 17th century. Her life was loosely used as inspiration for a Disney animated feature in 1995. There was also a more realistic motion picture adaption of her influence on Jamestown and a fantasy film blockbuster inspired by her life.

Once Upon a Nightmare seeks to draw inspiration from a variety of different cultural sources, and so it was decided to adapt Pocahontas to the site's mythology. They were originally placed in Solhara where the society was more tribal and they could be given a land provided them by the Green Man. However, when problems arose with plotting the characters, it was decided to move them into a more populated area and combine their tale with that of the druids. Some characters were taken from the Disney animated feature.

Canon Tale

The Druids were a private group who lived in the sovereign society of Deepwood within the borders of Caerleon. Although they were not forced to recognize the authority of anyone aside from the gods, they chose to show respect and honor to the High Court that in turn respected and honored them. Descended from the magical Dryads that now protect their village in tree form, they were people who have learned a little magic and lived in harmony with the world around them. Led by a High Priest and Priestess, their seclusion was been sacrificed during the Blight in favor of helping refugees. Crysta, an apprentice of the High Priestess, Magi, was particularly active in aiding those stranded outside of Deepwood to acclimate to the druid lifestyle and find some manner of comfort and safety there. This was how she first encountered, Zak, a young man working with the Virginia Company, a group of Mercenaries hired by the nephew of the Evil Queen of Calladahn, Lord John, to find him food, resources, and a land to rule. The Virginia Company may have bitten off more than they could chew, however, for they are not the only ones seeking to battle the druids of Deepwood. In addition the Virginia Company, the former High Priest of the Druids, Hexxus has returned. Infected by the Blight and left for dead, he survived and joined the cult of Veritas, determined to remove all magic from the world, including that of the druids.

The Druids are no longer alone in Deepwood. The Powhatan were a tribe whose loyalty and worship to the Green Man was rewarded with the creation of a special oasis in the Solharan desert. Sadly, their Oasis succumbed to the Blight and the Powhatan were forced to flee. They salvaged cuttings of what plants they could and fled, seeking refuge with the Druids. Pochontas, the daughter of their chief, believes that peace with the Virginia Company can be achieved and she is determined to bridge the divide between them, beginning with one of their warriors, a man named John Smith.



  • Flit - A Yarrow Skinwalker who has befriended Pocahontas.
  • Grandmother Willow - Priestess of the Green Man who serves the Powhatan and is also the fore-mother of the Druids.
  • John Smith - A mercenary of the Virginia Company.
  • Kocoum - A Powhatan warrior and the future chief.
  • Meeko - A Yarrow Skinwalker who has befriended Pocahontas.
  • Nakoma - A Powhatan woman and friend of Pocahontas. She is currently studying to be a Priestess of the Greenman/a medicine woman.
  • Pocahontas - Chief Powhatan's daughter. Pocahontas is trying to end the violence with the Virginia Company has been invited to join Queen Gwenhwyfar at the Round Table as a representative of her people.
  • Powhatan - Chief of the Powhatan.
  • Radcliffe - Nicknamed 'The Sheriff', he is the leader of this chapter of the Virginia Company and an old foe of Robin Hood.


The Powhatan were forced to leave their ancestral home, the Oasis, after it was consumed by the Blight. They now life with the Druids in Deepwood where they are attempting to assist them in their fight against the Virginia Company who wishes to take their magical woodland and in their fight against Vertias who wishes to take their magic all together.


Related Stories

Atlantis - The Atlanteans are also being victimized by the Virginia Company.
Fern Gully - The Powhatan now reside with the druids of deepwood.
King Arthur - Gwenhwyfar has extended an invitation to Pochontas to join the Round Table as a representative of her people.
The Pantheon - The Green Man is the deity who gave the Powhatan their magical Oasis.

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