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A Canon Tale of Allutheria

An Animated Film

Characters: Audrey Ramirez, Helga Sinclair, Joshua Strongbear Sweet, Kashekim Nedakh, Kidagakash Nedakh, Lyle Tiberius Rourke, Milo Thatch, Vincenzo Santorini,
See Also:
Selkies, The Virginia Company
Atlantis: the Lost Empire was an original Disney Animated motion picture, their first science fiction cartoon and the only one filmed in anamorphic format. It took advantage of cgi more than any other Disney animated feature had before but received a lukewarm reception due to its lack of songs and undefined target audience.

Atlantis was added to Once Upon a Nightmare to allow us to explore the oceans of Allutheria while also expanding upon the villains of Pocahontas, the Virginia Company. It was decided to also incorporate selkies as the curse leveled upon the Atlanteans to further set them apart from the Merkind and the Fae.

Canon Tale

Atlantis was once a civilization of Fae who devoted themselves to Lyrielle the Coming Tide. In gratitude for their love and prayers, the goddess of the sea created an island paradise for them far from the mainland of Ga’leah where the other Fae existed. She invited a few of the gods to contribute to the island, adding plants and animals and providing other such bounties to the Fae, but never did the Atlanteans revere any of them above their ocean goddess.

When the war between the Fae and the Gods began, the Atlanteans agreed that it was best to remain neutral in the conflict. They could not fight their brothers and sisters but they likewise would not raise a hand in anger against their patron goddess. But the King was convinced by other Fae that the gods were going to lose the battle and that when their imminent loss came to pass, that the Atlanteans would be punished as traitors. Fearing the retaliation of other Fae, the King forged a weapon. The great crystal of Atlantis siphoned the magic of every man, woman, and child on Atlantis to create a magical power source he believed was strong enough to injure or even defeat the gods. His plans were intercepted by his own patron goddess, however, and out of anger she leveled a terrible curse upon them into selkies.

The Fae inevitably lost the war and were thrust into the world of Allutheria with the other Fae, but Lyrielle’s curse had rendered them all but powerless and out of fear of the predatory nature of the other Fae, the Atlanteans sunk their court below the oceans of Allutheria with the only magic they had left, the magic of the crystal they had once thought to use against the gods. This crystal would sustain the island and keep them hidden, so long as it did not fall into the wrong hands…

Milo was a scholar who had spent much of his human life dedicated to learning what he could about the Fae and their war with the Gods. One of his favorite subjects was the lost Island of Atlantis of which there was very little known. When he was approached by the Virginia Company who wished to head an expedition into Allutheria through one of the many portals that had opened during the Blight in order to find the lost city of Atlantis, he could not refuse and joined the other civilians who had been conscripted into the Solharan mercenary group as their journey to Atlantis began.

Though Milo believed they were on an educational and diplomatic mission, he failed to realize that the Virginia Company was after something else all together. The moment they found the city, Milo and the others were abandoned as the mercenaries stole the crystal that protected the city and the waters of the Allutherian sea swept in to devastate it. The Atlanteans are now displaced and unprotected, the Princess Kida is determined to recover the crystal and save her people, and Milo and his compatriots find themselves in a world of faeries and magic with very little to protect themselves…



  • Audrey Ramirez - A young female blacksmith recruited to the expedition to tend to weapons and horses.
  • Helga Sinclair - A member of the Virginia Company and the second in command in the expedition.
  • Joshua Strongbear Sweet - A half-skinwalker/half-powhatan healer recruited for the expedition.
  • Kashekim Nedakh - The King of Atlantis and the reason the Atlanteans were cursed into Selkies.
  • Kidagakash Nedakh - Princess of Atlantis on a mission to retrieve the crystal and save her people.
  • Lyle Tiberius Rourke - A Member of the Virginia Company and the leader of the Atlantis Expedition.
  • Milo Thatch - A human historian from Ga'leah recruited by the Virginia Company to help locate Atlantis in Allutheria.
  • Vincenzo Santorini - A weapons master recruited to the expedition.


Atlantis is a plotline that has yet to be fully explored on OUAN.


Related Stories

Bambi - Joshua Strongbear Sweet is half skinwalker.
Lion King - Joshua Strongbear Sweet is half Skinwalker.
Pantheon - The Atlanteans were cursed into Selkies by the Coming Tide for their plots against the gods in the war with the gods.
Pocahontas - The Virginia Company is also the merceneary group that is attempting to displace the Powhatan and Druids to take control of Deepwood. Joshua Strongbear Sweet is also half Powhatan

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