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 The Merry Men

The Merry Men

A bunch of pure-hearted self-righteous assholes

The Yarrow Camp(past)/Caerleon/Deepwood

The Merry Men was originally founded by Robin Hood several years ago after he spent a few years on the run. Accepting the fact that he needed help, a group of misfits eventually formed lines of loyalty and started to make a name for their cause helping the people of Wyldgate. It is not uncommon for the members to have some kind of reward on their capture under the Calladahn throne, and for this reason, membership is only sought for those with a righteous cause and sense of freedom. To become a member is an informal process, one must first befriend and help the current members in their missions and eventually without any fancy ceremony, the new member will be accepted with more dangerous/trustworthy missions. Prior to the Blight, the Merry Men helped distribute money and then food resources to the people of Wyldgate, along with occasion robbery of the armory to keep stacked up on weapons.

With the coming of the Blight, the Merry Men opened their camp in the Yarrow to refugees from Calladahn and elsewhere. They helped with security and feeding of the refugees along with their continued acts to help the people of Wyldgate. The refugee camps eventually spread across the Yarrow, and while their main camp remained the same, they kept tabs to help the other refugee camps as well. When the Yarrow fell to the Blight, due to a prior forming alliance with the High Court, the Merry Men escaped to Caerleon. Their efforts to help those who need it have extended to refugee camps in Caerleon and the forest of Deepwood, where the former Sheriff of Wyldgate continues his display of power in the region.




The Merry Men were founded on grounds of friendship and loyalty to the people of Calladahn. Since the Queen of Calladahn fell to corruption, Robin started to oppose the royal and local government from a base in the Yarrow after his family died. Over the first couple years, he became friends with others for a desire to help others and started to work together for their cause. The camp could be found a couple miles into the Yarrow, where it held the comfortable few core members before the size exploded with the Blight.

As an informal group, times came and went to joke on whether who had the most posted for them with wanted posters. They are infamous in the wealthy circles of Calladahn, but knowledge on their tactics is elusive to come by. The basics come down to stealing grain and other food and redistributing it to the poor who do not have the money to feed themselves. Communication comes by a series of whistle commands with a code they only share with few others. While the Merry Men are known negatively by the laws of Calladahn, they have made a positive name for themselves for the lower classes of the whole kingdom as well as neighborhood kingdoms of Dokrayth and Caerleon. The former especially when they helped assist the refugee camps on the other side of the Yarrow.

Within the trees themselves, the Merry Men have come to terms and lived in coexistence with other groups in the woods, including an uneasy truce with the lycans early on. Others who lived in the Yarrow with knowledge/acceptance of the Merry Men were a number of fae and magical beings who made it their home.

A few months into the Blight, Robin ran into the High Queen Gwenhwyfer Pendragon and from that meeting a basis of an alliance and cooperation was met. In return for helping the High Court if called upon, immunity was given to the Merry Men for their lists of crimes in Calladahn. With the fall of the Yarrow, the group moved to Caerleon and helped evacuation out of the enchanted woods. Continued help is offered to the Caerleon refugees and their focus goes to them and stopping the Sheriff’s work in Deepwood.

Current Leader

Robin Dee Wymond - founder and leader of the Merry Men. He's snarky with a pure heart and expert archer. He has been on the run for the last decade since his family died. After evacuating his camp in the Yarrow, he now helps the refugees in Caerleon as well as stopping the Sheriff's intrusion at Deepwood.

Members of Note

Little John - Formerly Angus Dunbroch, he is Robin’s second-in-command and close confidant. He went into hiding after his Berserker curse took over and has been a member for years.

Friar Tuck - A part of the religious soul of Wyldgate, for years he was one of the closest connections the Merry Men in Wyldgate. Now, he helps closer to home around with spiritual support to his fellow members and those around Deepwood.

Marian Dee Wymond - Robin’s life-partner and wife, she was another close connection that assisted from the sidelines in Wyldgate. When she and Robin got married, she moved to the Yarrow and now lives with her partner and helps the cause there.

Will Scarlet - One of the youngest members of the Merry Men, he is a distant relation of Robin’s who wanted to join for years. He’s only officially been a part of the group for a couple years though. His full name is William Scarborough, but everyone keeps to calling him by his nickname.

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