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A Species of Allutheria

Until very recently, Selkies were only found in their home of Atlantis in the Allutherian Sea. Now, they can be found anywhere in Allutheria and possible in Ga'leah as well.
Selkie were once Fae who were sworn to the service and worship of Lyrielle the Coming Tide. When they betrayed her during the Great War or War with the Fae, they were cursed by Lyrielle and transformed into the modern day Selkie.


Selkie have two distinctive forms, their human form and their seal form. Human forms vary in size and coloration but are typically of darker skin tones ranging from a light olive to a dark brown with hair colors that are typically lighter than their skin tones. Their seal forms are indistinguishable from the ordinary seals of Ga'leah.


The Selkies have a very isolated culture. Unable to interact with the other Fae for fear of being enslaved, imprisoned, or killed, they remained within the Allutherian Sea and their own city of Atlantis. They did not marry outside of Atlantis, nor did they interact with the Fae of the mainland in any way.

Every Selkie is taught to protect themselves at a very young age, while also being taught to be fearful and cautious of strangers. The loss of their home has no doubt only exacerbated these teachings.


Atlantis was once a civilization of Fae who devoted themselves to Lyrielle the Coming Tide. In gratitude for their love and prayers, the goddess of the sea created an island paradise for them far from the mainland of Ga’leah where the other Fae existed. She invited a few of the gods to contribute to the island, adding plants and animals and providing other such bounties to the Fae, but never did the Atlanteans revere any of them above their ocean goddess.

When the war between the Fae and the Gods began, the Atlanteans agreed that it was best to remain neutral in the conflict. They could not fight their brothers and sisters but they likewise would not raise a hand in anger against their patron goddess. But the King was convinced by other Fae that the gods were going to lose the battle and that when their imminent loss came to pass, that the Atlanteans would be punished as traitors. Fearing the retaliation of other Fae, the King forged a weapon. The great crystal of Atlantis siphoned the magic of every man, woman, and child on Atlantis to create a magical power source he believed was strong enough to injure or even defeat the gods. His plans were intercepted by his own patron goddess, however, and out of anger she leveled a terrible curse upon them, transforming them into selkies.

The Atlanteans inevitably lost the war and were thrust into the world of Allutheria with the other Fae, but Lyrielle’s curse had rendered them all but powerless and out of fear of the predatory nature of the other Fae, the Atlanteans sunk their court below the oceans of Allutheria with the only magic they had left, the magic of the crystal they had once thought to use against the gods. This crystal would sustain the island and keep them hidden, so long as it did not fall into the wrong hands…

Sadly, the crystal was stolen by a chapter of the Virginia Company only a short time after the Blight ended. The Atlantean city was consumed by the Allutherian Sea and those selkies who escaped were forced to seek shelter on land, either in Allutheria or through the ocean portal into Ga'leah.


Selkies are capable of reproducing with Fae and Humans. If a Selkie has a child with a Fae, they will always carry the Selkie curse. The child of a Human and a Selkie will always be merely human. Selkie cannot reproduce with any other species.


The Selkie curse robbed the Atlanteans of their magic. It forced them to live within the skin of a seal when at sea and allowed them to shed the skin when dry only at the peril of being enslaved. A Selkie cannot turn down the request of anyone in possession of their seal skin. The only place the Selkies were able to assume their natural form without fear for their free will was in the submerged and magically protected island of Atlantis. With the Virgina Company’s attack on Atlantis, that safety has been removed and the Selkie are fighting to get their home back.

Selkie do maintain a basic form of empathy that is always stronger the closer to water another creature is located. Though they cannot directly affect the emotions of another, they can sense when another person is angry, scared, excited, etc. When enough water is present, they can even sense emotiosn that others are trying desperately to hide.

It is also very hard to lie to a selkie. Though Selkies do not have any way of forcing another creature to tell them truth, they can almost always tell the difference between truth and fiction. Only a lie of omission can pass a Selkie's natural ability to detect falsehood.


When a Selkie sheds their seal skin on land, the skin can be taken. If the skin is taken, the Selkie becomes beholden to whomever possesses it. They must do whatever the possessor of the skin demands and can even, in this way, be brainwashed into believing that the possessor's demands are the product of their own free will.

Selkie also possess no magic. They cannot wield magic in any form.

Finally, Selkie possess pheromones that sometimes have unwanted affects on others. The pheromones they secrete on land make them extremely attractive to those with a complimentary sexuality. The only exception to this attractive quality lies in with the Matchmaker. True love cannot be polluted by the pheromones of a Selkie. While this might seem like a strength, the unwanted effect increases the chance that they will lose their skin and be inevitably enslaved.

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