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 The Forgotten Swamp

Forgotten Swamp

A Magical Swamp in Xehacora

Forgotten Swamp
A Magical Swamp in Xehacora

Location:Southern Xehacora
Associated Canon Tales:N/A
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Found where the River of Tears empties into the Maritanis, this wetland has a dangerous magical influence on those who find themselves within the swamp. The longer someone remains within the Swamp, the more they forget. If they stray too long, the effect may become permanent.

The origin of the Swamp is the subject of many a legend and song, but it is said that only the gods themselves truly know what occurred there and why the land is cursed.


The Forgotten Swamp is found on a small island created by the delta of the River of Tears. It is found in southern Xehacora near the border with Dokrayth and the Hyadies mountains. One who attempts to travel through the Swamp to the east will eventually find themselves in close proximity to Lake Lyndai and the Isle of Affalohn.


It is said that only the gods truly know the true origin of the Forgotten Swamp. It was not found in Ga'leah during the the time of the Fae and was not a direct result of of the War with the Fae.

Some oral history provided by the early human settlers of Xehacora, the Xeharcans, suggests that it came into being at some time during the early days of their exploration and colonization. A swamp that had been no more treacherous than any other wasteland became a place of great danger and sometimes life changing enchantment.

Even questioning the gods about the origin of the Swamp may result in several different accounts attributing it to any number of factors. Perhaps, as the name of the swamp would suggest, even its creation has been Forgotten by everyone including the gods.

Effects of the Swamp

Drinking water or eating vegetation from the swamp causes minor memory loss even when water and vegetation is harvested and taken far from the swamp itself.

Prolonged exposure to the wetland causes disorientation. Many a poor soul has found themselves in the wetland, losing themselves more and more with each passing moment. Remaining within the Forgotten Swamp for too long could cause complete amnesia from which there is no known cure, magical or otherwise.

The wetland is a common place for the criminals of Xehacora to be punished or for unwitting victims of thieves or highwaymen to be bound and abandoned. Even very few magical creatures are immune to its effects.

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