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A Kingdom of Ga'leah

A Kingdom in Ga'leah

Location:Easternmost kingdom in Ga'leah
Associated Canon Tales:Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Emperor's New Groove, Frog Prince, Zorro
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Xehacora has become the cultural and spiritual center of Ga’Leah. It is within Xehacora that Lake Lyndai and the Isle of Affalohn lie. Hence, it is Xehacora where one will find what is believed to be the only passage into Allutheria, the world of the Fae. Because of this, the population of Fae and Half Fae is greatest in Xehacora. The kingdom also boasts the most temples to the deities of Ga’leah, many of which had a steady attendance before the Blight.


Xehacora has a beautiful, but unremarkable landscape of wooded wetlands, sweeping grasslands, rocky plateaus, and white sand beaches. The mythical River of Tears, a legendary product of godly heartbreak, forms its northern border with Dokrayth. Although sometimes treacherous, the river is still frequented as a main passage across Ga’Leah. Few, however, follow the River to its end at the Forgotten Swamp, a dangerous wetlands from which few escape unscathed.

It is located to the extreme east and southeast of Ga'leah and has an extensive coastline attributed to several large peninsulas and bays. It's only border is created primarily by the River of Tears and is shared with the kingdom of Dokrayth.

It is also within Xehacora that the Isle of Affalohn, the primary gateway to Allutheria, can be found. The Order of Fate, an organization of Fae from all of the Fae Courts, are responsible not only for protecting the gateway, but also for keeping careful record of the magical objects that find their way into Ga’leah in the hands of the Fae.


Xehacora was one of the first regions settled by the early humans of Ga'leah. The first people of Xehacora face numerous conflicts in the early history of the Kingdom. The Dothycs of Dokrayth attempted to take Xeharcan land but were driven off by the Xeharcan with the aid of the Powhatan of Solhara. A large portion of Xehacora was also claimed by the Skinwalkers after it was given to them by the goddess of the hunt upon their creation.

In 725 AH a plague began to sweep the land of Ga'leah and spread into early Xehacora. The Lennox family saw an opportunity in the face of the plague to spread religious zealotry which would later play a part in the family's rise to power.

Xehacora's extensive coastline and vast peninsulas and bays proved to be a great lure or the pirates of the Maritanis who, led by their current Pirate King Captain Barton, began raiding the coastal towns of Xehacora and claiming the land for themselves. It was only with the help of House Thrane that the Bartons were beaten and forced to return to the sea, but the Thranes actions were not done altruistically. Instead, they began to demand a high price from the same coastal villages they had won back as a reward or Thrane 'protection' from the pirates.

It was in the early 9th century that Daerick Thrane the head of House Thrane used his control of the coasts to bring the people of Xehacora under his strict and ruthless rule, crowning himself king of Xehacora. Although he even attempted to bring the Skinwalkers under his rule, a five year rule saw him losing the right to claim sovereignty over them and a tenuous ceasefire was declared.

Thrane rule was not disputed until the rise of the 'Pius Twins', Margaret and Jon Lennox. Together the Pius twins traveled Xehacora spreading he message of the gods and speaking out against the Thranes. Although a price was placed upon their head, it was not until their entire extended family was imprisoned and tortured that one of the Pius Twins, Margaret, gave herself up to the Thranes. Upon agreeing to marry one of the Thranes, her family was released and Margaret began a life of suffering. Her husband Brandon proved to be as violent as Daerick and the other Thranes, something which eventually led to his assassination and Margaret's unjust execution for the crime.

In time, the Thranes were deposed by Harrison Lennox, known as Harrison the Vengeful, who burned the entire house at the stake in recompense for Margaret's execution in a similar manner. Left without a king, the people of Xehacora attempted to name Harrison their sovereign but were met with a stern refusal on his part. Instead, Harrison turned his attentions towards building a religious center in Xehacora to honor the gods. It was only after it was constructed that Harrison helped to put a religious counsel in charge of the governing of Xehacora in place of a standard king.

The theocracy dissolved after less than one hundred years and House Lennox was finally named the ruling house of Xehacora.

King Fabian Lennox rose to the throne 1737 AH and embraced his family's religious fervor to an almost manic degree. One of his first acts as King was to redidcate Xehacora to the Pantheon, making an edict that only devout worshipers of the Pantheon were allowed to dwell within the kingdom. Anyone not willing to recognize the supreme power and majesty of the gods was instructed to gather their belongings and leave. They were given a period of several months in which to do so.

In the years following this law, Fabian feared that Xehacora was not being blessed or favored by the Pantheon as it should be because of the remaining unbelievers amongst their ranks. A new law was created, stating that any citizen found failing to worship the gods properly would be expelled from Xehacora with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Fabian also extended an invitation to the citizens of other kingdoms, offering a life of piety and devotion to any devout followers of the Pantheon who wished to settle in Xehacora where their faith would be adequately rewarded.

What followed was known as the Egress, a span of twenty years in which a great number of people were forced to flee to Calladahn, Dokrayth, or Solhara after being expelled from their home in Xehacora. Sometimes whole families were forced out of the kingdom while other times children were taken from their parents and turned away or husbands were taken from wives.

Although several thousand people were expelled from Xehacora during the Egress, many more sought sanctuary in Xehacora, a kingdom they were led to believe was heavily favored by the gods. People from Solhara, Calladahn, and Dokrayth took up residence in the cities and countryside of Xehacora, bringing with them varying aspects of their own culture. Whole neighborhoods in the major cities of Xehacora now greatly resemble cities in Solhara, Calladahn, and Dokrayth. Because of the Egress and the new residents welcomed into Xehacora, the youngest kingdom Ga'leah also boasts the most diverse culture with influences from all other kingdoms in Ga'leah evident in their cuisine, music, and architecture.

Fabian spent much of the wealth of Xehacora on erecting grand temples to the gods and goddesses of the Pantheon as well as hosting lavish festivals in their honor. At the time of his death in 1787 AH, the royal family of Xehacora was bankrupt and the stability of the kingdom was perilous.

House Marillac who had immigrated to Xehacora during the Egress to take advantage of the low taxes and the king's religious zealotry took this opportunity to rise above their station. King Fabian's son died of an illness not long after ascending the throne with his own infant son following not far behind. The Marillac's advantageous marriage to Fabian's only daughter saw the end of the Lennox dynasty and the advent of the Xehacoran monarchy under House Marillac.

Thirty years ago, the dark Fae Maleficent left Allutheria. She bewitched the recently widowed King into falling in love with her and birthed him three children, two sons and a daughter, all the while waiting for the chance to seize control of Xehacora from him. That time came with the Blight.

The Blight

Xehacora had very few outbreaks of the Walking Starvation during the Blight. Most were restricted to outlying areas of the kingdom near the southwestern portion and in the Pride Lands.

At the advent of the Blight, Maleficent worked her magics, imprisoning the King in the dungeon, wiping all memory of him from the minds of his subjects and the King himself, and crafting a magical barrier that stretched over the most populated areas of Xehacora in the northeastern area of the kingdom, most specifically the areas of Fynnon, the Pride Lands, and Bellazmar. The barrier would not allow any individual affected by the plague to pass through it, but the magic had to be fed with regular human sacrifice. Though Maleficent attempted to keep that a secret, the disappearances of young women in Xehacora did not go unnoticed.

Following the Ocean Blight, Maleficent feigned an inability to protect the Skinwalkers and the Pridelands and drew the barrier away from their lands, exposing them to the Blight. This action later caused the evacuation of the Pride Lands. Most Skinwalkers made their way from the Pride Lands to Deepwood to find refuge with the druids.

When Solhara, too, fell to the Blight, Maleficent offered refuge to any willing to bend the knee to her ultimate rule, forsaking the High Court and any ruler to which they had previously sworn fealty. Although many took her offer of protection, it proved unwise when Maleficent was revealed as the mastermind behind the Blight and was slain for her crimes by the High King, Arthur Pendragon with the help of many other brave souls.

Since the Blight, the Xehacoran people have become increasing distrustful of magic, blaming it for the Blight and the destruction of much of Ga'leah. Even the temples of the gods which used to be plentiful in the most religious and culturally important kingdom in Ga'leah have been vandalized and abandoned by people who no longer trust the Pantheon to protect and care for them. This has spawned a new movement called simply 'Veritas' which promises to 'free' the people of Ga'leah from the oppression and danger of magic once and for all.

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