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 House Dee Wymond

House Dee Wymond


Dee Wymond
Tueri Semper

Sigil: Bow and arrow on tree
Words: "Always Preserve"
Kingdom: Calladahn
Seat: Wyldgate
Title: Lord
Current Lord: Vacant/Jay Dee Wymond *
Heir: Robin Dee Wymond *since he's been on the run and never took over duties, he still thinks his father as the last head of household
Allegiance: Currently aligned with the High Court
See Also:
Robin Dee Wymond
Marian Dee Wymond
The Dee Wymond family is one of the older noble families in Calladahn. They have stayed loyal to the Calldahn throne for generations, acting with greatest strengths in military and general leaders. They were centered in Wyldgate. Until a decade ago, the Dee Wymond family was active in local politics, but grew lax on the strong connection to the capital Thrine. A fire left the estate burned to the ground, and the last surviving member, Robin, on the outs as an outlaw.


When the kingdom of Calladahn was young, a young ambitious general aligned with the royal family. He served for years in his young adult life, and after his loyalty was proven, he was given a position of power in the new settlement of Wyldgate. The new lord, Edmund, learned the land in the area and with his soldier background helped with one of the first defensive walls around the fledgling city. He had three children, two boys and a girl, and they continued the legacy and values down to their children.

As time passed and Calladahn’s stability improved, the Dee Wymonds kept their estate and continued their duties. With the peace, there was a short period when they made a local unit to scope out the Yarrow for resources. This survived for almost nine years before it was too dangerous for the returns and focused their efforts elsewhere. The majority were philanthropic to help fund the local market and trade, along with producing better crops in the fields. Surplus of the Dee Wymond projects were often given back to the town, or else sometimes to Thrine when asked.

In recent years, the Dee Wymond family has not been considered a noble family by the Kingdom of Calladahn. A fire was designed by another noble family, and only the heir survived. Believing the dissent to come from the royal family and queen, he has assumed the name of Robin Hood and does not consider himself a lord to his family’s name or kingdom. Currently, the last surviving members are aligned to the High Court in Caerleon, hoping to repair the physical and political state of Calladahn post the Blight.

Members of Note

Edmund Dee Wymond (Deceased) - The founding father of the noble family. He earned his spot in Wyldgate for being a military leader early in Calladahn’s history.

Jay Dee Wymond (Deceased) - The last head of the household to hold the title officially. He was a respected community leader. He died in the house fire years ago.

Cailyn Dee Wymond (Deceased) - Short physical and/or general decsription. Repeat as necessary. Link to Character Page if it is a player character.

Robin Dee Wymond - Currently going by Robin Hood, he is the last surviving direct descendent of the Dee Wymond name. He is staying in Caerleon with the alliance to the High Court there.

Marian Dee Wymond - She current lady of the house, she married Robin from House Carver last year

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