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 House Carver

House Carver

One of the Lords of Wyldegate

House Carver
Pride, Honor, Justice

Sigil: Red and Blue field with a gold Triquetra and a green horse
Words: Pride Honor Justice
Kingdom: Calladahn
Seat: Carver Manor in Wyldgate
Title: Lord
Current Lord: Lord Henry Carver (deceased)
Heir: Sir Thomas Carver (Marian's second cousin)
Allegiance: Royal Family of Calladahn Pendragons
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The Carver family many centuries ago rose up from a middle class carpenter family. They earned their first plot of land in Wyldgate from fighting valiantly during a battle. Through a series of marriages they rose in ranks and are now minor lords in Calladahn. The family is know to be loyal and honorable men and women.


House Carver came from a family of carpenters and horse breeders. They had very humble beginnings. During a war Gregory Carver was called upon to fight for the throne and he brought two of his best horses, one for himself and the other for his liege lord. Gregory earned honor and glory in battle. After the war he was awarded a small title and land. As the generations went by the family increased their status and have now become a minor noble household in Calladahn.

Members of Note

Gregory Carver Deceased - First Notable Carver

Henry Carver Deceased - Marian Dee Wymond's Father

Beatrice Carver Deceased - Marian Dee Wymond's Mother

Marian Dee Wymond nee Carver - Wife of Robin Hood,

Sir Thomas Carver - Heir to Carver Manor

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