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A Canon Tale of Calladahn

Where it comes from

Locations:Deepwood, Pride Lands, Yarrow
Characters:Bambi, Faline, Flower Thumper
See Also:
Bambi was a 1942 Disney animated feature based on the book Bambi, a Life in the Woods by Felix Salten. It is a much beloved movie which was voted the third best cartoon of all time by the American Film Institute.

Bambi was combined with Lion King and added to OUAN as a chance to expand upon our Skinwalker plotlines and potentially draw more people to these characters. To provide as much plotting as possible, it was decided to combine Bambi with Lion King and to center the Bambi Skinwalkers in Deepwood.

Canon Tale

Skinwalkers were once the followers of the Huntress. Long before the alliance of the kingdoms under King Arthur, the Skinwalkers had grown tired of human society. They begged the Huntress to allow them to live as the animals did, free of the constraints of human existence. She gifted them with a new life and a new form in the wilds of Xehacora where they established their own society founded very much on the same principles that governed the animals.

Mufasa led the Skinwalkers without incident until the birth of his heir caused his brother Scar’s jealousy to become unbearable. With the help of outcast members of the Skinwalker society, Scar plotted the death of his brother and exile of his nephew, Simba. Without outside interference, Scar was able to take control of the Skinwalkers’ lands and begin a tyrannical reign with seemingly no one strong enough to oppose him.

Controversy erupted shortly after Scar’s coup when a young man’s mother was murdered by one of Scar’s followers. When no justice was offered for Bambi or his mother, the boy’s father took many of the non-predatory Skinwalkers with him to the Yarrow to found a new Skinwalker society based on principles of peace and justice instead of the concept that only the strong survive.

Since the Bight, many have become wary of magic and its users. A cult calling itself Veritas and crying for magic to be purged from the land to 'free' Ga'leah and humanity from it's influence has begun to increase fears and the Pride Lands with its magical inhabitants may well prove too easy a target to ignore for long. While the Pride Lands was damaged severely in the Blight, it was never truly consumed and has proven to be habitable...for now.

Simba, now grown, left the Skinwalker society behind after he was convinced that he was the one responsible for the death of his father. Nala and others still loyal to Mufasa seek someone to lead them in taking back their society from the one who has ruined their idyllic existence. Scar continues to rain his tyranny down upon them without anyone strong enough or brave enough to openly oppose him.



  • Bambi - Known as the Prince of the Forest, his mother was killed by Scar and his father took him and many of the other peaceful skinwalkers to go live in the Yarrow. Since the Blight, they have made their home in Deepwood.
  • Faline - One of the peaceful skinwalkers who followed Bambi's father to the Yarrow and then Deepwood.
  • Flower - One of the peaceful skinwalkers who followed Bambi's father to the Yarrow and then Deepwood.
  • Thumper - One of the peaceful skinwalkers who followed Bambi's father to the Yarrow and then Deepwood.


Bambi is a story still being explored on OUAN.


Related Stories

Bambi - Bambi and the other Yarrow Skinwalkers are outcasts from the Pride Lands.
Red Riding Hood - The Big Bad Wolf killed the Huntress and had her godly powers transferred to the Alpha of his Envy Pack, the Huntsman.
Snow White - The Huntsman who was sent by the Evil Queen to kill Snow White is now the new god of the Hunt after the murder of the Huntress by the Big Bad Wolf.
The Pantheon - The Skinwalkers worship the former goddess of the hunt, the Huntress, who also gave them the power to shapeshift.

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