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A Kingdom of Ga'leah

A Kingdom of Ga'leah

Location:Central Ga'leah
Associated Canon Tales:Anastasia, Beauty and the Beast, Brave, Goldielocks, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, The Three Musketeers
See Also:
Aeswick, Briar Keep, Magoffin Castle, Soristine
Dokrayth was once the wealthiest and most learned country in all of Ga’leah. Their treatment of merchants and lenient taxes upon merchant guilds made them a favorite home of the tradesmen of Ga’leah. It was in Dokrayth that the best armor was forged, the loveliest garments crafted, the softest fabrics woven. Many merchants from the other kingdoms of Ga’leah would come to Dokrayth to train with one of their master craftsmen. Many others would come to the kingdom to earn certification by the Dokraythian guilds to prove their skill and then returned home to ply their trades amongst less competition.


Bordered in the north by the magical woodland of the Yarrow and the Maritanis. To the south and west lies the mythical River of Tears.

Dokrayth is a kingdom of sweeping meadows and peaceful forests. It's climate is prone to the season with the northern reaches of the kingdom experiencing heavy snowfall during the winter and the southern areas experiencing blistering heat waves in the summer. The rest of the kingdom experiences light snowfall or moderate heatwaves depending upon the season. Rainfall is also common but not as frequent as in other locations in Ga'leah.

Dokrayth surrendered part of it's lands to Caerleon upon the founding o the Ga'leahan capital and now shares a western border with Calladahn and Caerleon, an eastern border with Xehacora, and boasts coastline both to the extreme south and north of the kingdom.

Most of the population resides within towns or cities built to aid the craftsman with their trades. It was not uncommon to find a town in Dokrayth where Blacksmith, Ferris, and Silversmith worked side by side in friendly competition.


Dokrayth was first settled in 205 AH by a group of early humans who called themselves the Dothycs when they wished to separate from what was then Cahld territory and create a homeland of their own. The borders of Dokrayth were forged following a confrontation with a group to the south who called themselves the Xeharcans.

The Dokyth remained a disparate group with a variety of small settlements and clans that did little more than occasionally meet for trading purposes or to fight over territory. Andrick Magoffin the leader of one such clan sought to change all of that by uniting the Dokyth people by choice. By 685 AH, Andrick had named himself king of the newly named land of Dokrayth. He ruled the Dokyth people ruthlessly until he was poisoned by his wife Grania Magoffin who later remarried the son of one of the founding members of the village of Aeswick, Godric Wick.

In the 8th century AH, Dokrayth was the origin of a great plague that swept through the land. Dubbed Dokyth fever, it caused a massive loss of life that effected every country in Ga’leah. Though no such widespread instances of the disease have been seen since, it is still known to spawn small, localized epidemics from time to time.

With the death of Andrick Magoffin, much of Dokrayth returned to its disparate ways. It was not until the rise of Frederick Vauclain, dubbed Frederick the Cruel, that another individual attempted to once more unite all of Dokrayth under a single king by following the violent example set by Andrick Magoffin. It was only due to his sister, Thalia, whom he tried to imprison, that Dokrayth was eventually granted a kind and just ruler. After escaping her prison in Briar Keep, she escaped to Xehacora until she had gathered enough support to overthrow her brother. Adopting his son Eddard as her own, she raised him to be a good king who cared about the well being of his people and earned their respect and loyalty without the use of violence.

After Eddard and his descendants rose to power, Dokrayth was a place of little suffering. It was only when King Stefan and Queen Leah proved unable to provide an heir to their family line that suffering once more found its way to Dokrayth. After entering into a deal with Maleficent to garner a babe, they proved unable to appease Maleficent and found their new daughter cursed for their lack of effort. Trying desperately to stop the curse, the King and Queen decimated the textile industry in Dokrayth by raiding artisans all over the land and confiscating instruments such as spinning wheels to be burned in public squares. What followed was exodus of weavers and tailors from the land of Dokrayth to the surrounding lands of Caerleon, Xehacora, and Calldahn. Despite their best efforts, Aurora was still cursed and their cousin ascended the throne after Stefan Vauclain’s death. Aurora Vauclain remains in an enchanted slumber and has for the last one hundred years.


The kingdom of Dokrayth was the first to fall to the Walking Starvation. It had no defenses against the ravenous hordes that descended upon village and city alike beginning with the city of Soristine.

Some of the Dokraythians were able to escape into the neighboring kingdoms of Caerleon, Xehacora, and Calladahn, but many more lives were lost. Chief among those who perished were the King and Queen of Dokrayth who were said to have been consumed by the Starving. The whereabouts of their children the princes and princess are unknown and nearly all of the surviving refugees who once called Dokrayth home share a healthy disdain for the royals who seemingly abandoned them at their hour of need. Though there is a great desire to one day return home to Dokrayth, there is a collective hatred for the Vauclain that will require much hard work on the part of the royals to regain their loyalty and respect.

The last remaining populated stronghold in Dokrayth was the town of Aeswick who managed to outlast even the capital. They, too, eventually fell to the Blight however shortly after the oceans fell.

Now the kingdom of Dokrayth has become part of what the survivors un-affectionately call 'The Wastes'. It is unpopulated and only visited by those brave enough to face the new haunting terrors that reside there.

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