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 House Pendragon, High Kings and Queens

House Pendragon

Ruling Family of Ga'leah

House Pendragon
1976-present house sigil

Sigil: 1694-1976: White flag with a red dragon in the middle, grasping a spear in its claws and breathing fire, its wings curling around its body. 1976-present: Green flag with a red diamond and a golden dragon's head in the center. Behind the dragon is a blue sword.
Words: United we stand.
Kingdom: Caerleon
Seat: Name of Manor/City/Town
Title: High Kings/Queens of Ga'leah
Current Lord: Arthur Pendragon
Heir: None
Allegiance: Caerleon
See Also:
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House Pendragon is the current ruling family of Ga’leah. The only member of the bloodline currently alive is Arthur Pendragon. The line can be traced back with certainty to 1751 when the brothers Kyros and Warren Pendragon secured a large part of Calladahn, and through the writings of their mother Terese Pendragon, who recorded much of the events that occurred prior to her sons ascent to power.


Alastor Pendragon: 1653-1714
Reign: None

The first of the Pendragon line to be recognized in historical records, Alastor Pendragon put himself of the map in his early twenties by defending a large mining camp from mountain raiders at the head of a small troop of mounted swordsmen. Upon successfully defeating the raiders, Alastor quickly took control of the camp, and it was here that the Pendragon coat of arms was first erected. A powerful orator, and expert swordsmen, he was able to make followers out of the miners, providing them with protection and provisions in exchange for the vast amounts of silver that came from the mountains in the far west of Calladahn. Even so, much of the silver was spent on provisions and building up the colony, further establishing himself as a leader, and significant power in the Hyadies.

Soon after this surprisingly bloodless takeover, the sudden change in the silver trade was noticed. Tradesmen who relied on the silver and the freedom of the western roads began to catch wind that there was a man responsible for bottlenecking their trade. Sending a party of bold mercenaries to remedy the situation by removing the Pendragon from the picture, the “remedying” went south when half a dozen of them had a change of heart. This was due largely in part to a woman named Maria Wilfred, who caught wind of Alastor’s peaceful reign and refused to attack. She convinced five of her party of this, and boldly took the initiative to see this Pendragon for herself. She spoke to Alastor in person, and a peaceful resolution was reached to remedy the imbalanced trade routes. A year after this encounter, he married Maria, thus allowing the Pendragon line to continue.

Second Born Son of Alastor Pendragon: 168?-1724
Reign: None

When Alastor died, his second eldest son took over managing the mines. The firstborn was killed before he could take over his father’s work. The event of his death was never quite clear, as he was reported to have fallen from a ledge, but there was always suspicion among the locals that it had been the only witness to the tragedy, his younger brother, who had pushed him off it. It was said that some sort of demonic creature had taken root in the boy’s soul, rendering him harsh and merciless to the point where local townsfolk would not even speak his name, and to this day there are records describing the horrors of the second born Pendragon child, but whose name was blotted beneath thick black ink. He expanded the circle of power, unraveling his father’s peaceful transaction, enraging the citizens of Calladahn and inciting a number of brief, ugly conflicts over the course of a decade. His mother eventually put an end to his reign of terror by sending him on a fool’s errand into a cave in the mountains, and then sealing him inside by collapsing it with catapults.

Terese Pendragon: 1694-1792
Reign: None

After destroying her own brother, Terese Pendragon took over management of the mines for ten years, quelling the fighting started by her murderous sibling, reestablishing trade routes and once again maintaining a friendly alliance with the other colonies of Calladahn as her father did before her. Yet one of her most notable accomplishments is her writings. Terese was well educated by her father, and much of her father’s, brother’s, and children’s histories exist as a result of her own record keeping. She is also the longest lived Pendragon to date, living to meet her great grandson Saul Pendragon.

Kyros Pendragon: 1718-1801
Reign: None

See Warren.

Warren Pendragon: 1718-1809

Reign: None
After Terese was ready to give up the leadership of the western mines, she turned their management over to her two sons, the near identical twins Warren and Kyros Pendragon. While they were certainly more harsh than their mother or grandfather had been, the Pendragon brothers were just as skilled of horsemen, orators, and commanders as their kin, and continued to expand their control over the western mines of Calladahn. This joint effort is likely the reason that the Pendragon name became famous. Kyros and Warren Pendragon swiftly expanded their iron hold to other mines, trade routes, and villages. Over a span of twenty years, they stealthily took over the majority of the western country, having amassed an army of followers, many of whom were worthy soldiers and horsemen. They both married into wealthy noble families, which allowed them to begin expanding south as well. However, it was Warren’s bloodline which continued the Pendragon rule as he was the first to have an heir.

Rowan Pendragon: 1755-1789

Reign: None
Not much is known about Rowan Pendragon, as he is mentioned in only a few manuscripts, and generally in reference to trading deals and minor skirmishes with highwaymen. It is believed that these years were spent simply maintaining what his father and uncle had put into place. He was killed after taking a fall from his horse, allowing his young son to take over the rapidly expanding.

Saul Pendragon: 1772-1850
Reign: None

In 1789, the royalty of Calladahn finally saw these would be rulers of the west as a threat. For years, the Pendragons had “reigned” in a fairly self-contained manner, establishing themselves as traders and peacekeepers. With a great deal of politics and trading issues with other kingdoms keeping them busy, and a steady supply of silver coming from the western mines, they had believed for years that the Pendragons were simply powerful nobles who knew their trade well. This was not wrong, but it was Saul Pendragon who moved to take it a step forward, rallying a growing army of soldiers to his cause. The combination of skills was deadly, and in a bold move by eighteen year old Saul Pendragon, he captured a large town not far from the capital city of Thrine. The resulting retaliation from Thrine sparked over fifty years of violent conflict, through which thousands of Calladahn civilians were killed and tens of thousands displaced. The bloodshed finally ended in 1850 when Saul, after executing thousands of people was publicly beheaded by what was left of the Calladahn court. However, it was a hollow victory, annd with the entire Kingdom was tattered and worn, an uneasy truce was met for a few decades.

Eleanor Pendragon: 1821-1899
Reign (Calladahn): 1850-1892

Eleanor Pendragon was responsible for holding the Pendragon half of Calladahn together during the cease-fire, and managed to keep the peace with success that was not appropriately recognized at the time. Present day legends say that she stepped up to the executioner’s block, right beside the basket holding her father’s head and stopped those loyal to the Pendragons from rushing up to take revenge at only nineteen years of age. Stories aside, she did manage to maintain a peaceful relationship with the royal family during the years of truce, and even established trade with them. Because of this, she has been recognized as a ruler of Calladahn, since she managed nearly half of it almost completely by herself, as well as directing her own troops and was also known to ride to battle with them on occasion. However, that all began to fall apart in 1892 when a battalion of her soldiers captured another town, very much under Calladahn’s control, which angered the royals and lead to her son Aren shoving her aside to take control of his mother’s armies.

Aren Pendragon: 1857-1903
Reign (Calladahn): 1900-1903

In 1892, Aren Pendragon, frustrated by the stalemate, and bolstered by the fact that despite the brutal fighting, his family had still managed to secure half of Calladahn, he began to rouse up discourse. Despite his mother’s control, he lead a batallion of soldiers to sieze another town well within the Calladahn Royal’s boarders, thus creating a new swell of ill feelings. He seeded a hatred for the royals of Calladahn through a series of speeches laced with accusations and lamentations, how the royalty lounged in luxury while the people suffered, decimated by years of terrible war and gaining no support from the capital city. Aren was generous with resources, helping people to rebuild and finally amassing a force great enough to march on the city of Thrine. In 1900, he crowned himself king of Calladahn. However, power corrupted him, and he fell away from his promise to the people, which instantly sparked a ferocious rebellion that ended in his assassination three years later.

Alexander Pendragon: 1875 - 1946
Reign (Calladahn): 1910-1920

After Aren’s assasination, the kingdom once again fell into discord, and it remained so until the late ruler’s only child Alexander recaptured it several years later. Alexander was the oldest Pendragon to come to the throne, having watched his father’s downhill progression and realizing he would have to take a different path if he was going to successfully move beyond his father’s deceit to keep the Pendragon’s legacy alive. So he worked directly with the people of Calladahn, carefully regaining their trust and reunified the kingdom under his leadership. He maintained control of the kingdom for ten years, and while many of Calladahn’s citizens were fond of their new king, it was much more difficult to gain and retain the resepect of the surrounding kingdoms. They ridiculed Alexander, calling him a cowardly excuse for a ruler, and that if the Pendragons were going to be in control of Calladahn than it had better be prepared to fight off invasions. Indeed, both Solhara and Xehacora were interested in expanding to the vast forests and silver mines held in Calladahn, and might have invaded if Uther had not taken his father’s place.

Uther Pendragon: 1905-1962
Reign: 1940-1962

Uther Pendragon was without doubt the most ruthless of the Pendragon line. Some say that this was what empowered him to conquer all of Ga’leah, and whether or not this is true remains a mystery still. He is best known for his ambitious nature, and for the infamous Reign of Terror. He rose to claim power over Calladahn from his father in 1925, reasserting Calladahn as a dominant force in Ga’leah. His skills as both an orator and a commander allowed him to create an army that he believed could take over the world - and take it he did. In 1930, with a force of nearly ten thousand strong, he marched on Ga’leah, and did not stop until he’d conquered every independent Kingdom. The result was one of the bloodiest conflicts in Ga’lean history, if also one of the shortest. Uther’s five year conquest brought all four kingdoms under one flag, however reluctant they might have been initially, but as the new High King of Ga’leah constructed the grand city of Caerleon and began his rule, certain benefits began to emerge. He called for troops form all four kingdoms to unite under the flag of Caerleon and the sigil of the Pendragons, so for the first time, soldiers who had once fought each other patrolled the roads and cities. Uther reestablished trade routes that had long since disappeared due to kingdom conflicts and highway men. For a while, the four kingdoms began to accept this new arrangement. In 1941, he married the young Lady Ygraine, a Dokraythian noblewoman who, for a time, tempered her husband’s ambition and arrogance.

However, it was not to last. From 1940-1945, Uther’s reign as High King resulted in peace and stability, but Uther’s ambition got the better of him. After hearing reports of unrest in Dokrayth and Solhara, and after failing to quell them immediately, Uther became paranoid about an uprising. His paranoia lead to mistrust of his subjects, which lead him to begin the Reign of Terror in which he hired mercinary magicians to act upon his every whim. These magicians helped him to see much farther than he should have, and he began to kill masses of those who showed even the slightest unrest. This bred fear and protest, which gave rise to the rebel movement known as the Red Dragon, who sought to unseat Uther Pendragon and begin afresh. The conflict between the Pendragons and The Red Dragon continued right up until the birth of Uther’s heir, Arthur in 1962, shortly after which he was poisoned and assassinated. The fate of Queen Ygraine is unknown, but it is assumed that she too was killed in the chaos following Uther’s death. The Red Dragon ruled Caerleon briefly, but ultimately failed and was left in the care of Uther’s advisors until Arthur claimed the throne in 1976.

Arthur Pendragon: 1962 - Present
Reign: 1976 - Present

Arthur Pendragon is the only child of Uther and Ygraine Pendragon. His heritage was hidden from him after his father was assassinated mere days after his birth, and was kept that way until he was fourteen years of age. He lived as a servant boy in a noble household during a time of fragmented peace in which the kingdoms more or less ruled themselves. During this time, much of the structure set up by his father was muddied until Arthur emerged as the heir to the throne of Caerleon. Arthur is best known for his tempered practices in comparison to his father, and a slightly more idealistic style of ruling. During the first ten years of his rule, he finessed his natural talents as a swordsman and commander, and put into place an elite force of knights called the Knights of the Round Table, an invention of his own acting as a symbol that none who sat at the table could be considered more important than the other. With these knights, who also were his close friends and most trusted soldiers on the battlefield, Arthur cleared up the highways, unseated corrupted noblemen and began a more even distribution of wealth and foodstuff to the people of Ga’leah. He married Gwenhwyfar of Gwent, making her the High Queen in 1990. and the ten years following their marriage saw the longest stretch of uninterrupted peace in Ga’leah since the beginning of Uther’s reign.

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Arthur Pendragon Alive - current High King, he strong, he toll(ish), he brown haired, he green eyed, he pretty. He derp. Here link: LINK HERE.

Uther Pendragon Dead - He toll. He strong. He mean. He look like Arthur, but he hav brown eyes. He ded.

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