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 Knights of the Round Table

Knights of the Round Table

Heroes of Caerleon

The Knights of the Round Table are based in Caerleon. True to the name, each knight has a seat at the Round Table, which Arthur put into place so that no one person could sit at the head or be considered more important than the other.

The Knights of the Round Table is an organization that was formed by Arthur Pendragon in the sixth year of his reign. It is an order of elite fighters that stand separate from the other knights and soldiers of Caerleon and the other kingdoms of Ga’leah. Hand picked by the High King, they stand as commanders of Ga’leah’s armies in Arthur’s absence, and also represent the High Court among the people. They are the highest standards of soldiers and civilians, and represent what Arthur and the High Court stands for.

Currently, the Round Table Knights have been thinned considerably. Only a handful of the numbers which sat at the Round Table remain, whether they were claimed by the Blight or worse things. Lancelot in particular has been exiled from the order, originally upon his being consumed by the Blight, and later due to his treasonous actions. With the Blight vanquished, but Ga’leah still battered and torn, Arthur is seeking worthy people to take the oath and become a Round Table Knight, as there are seats that need filling, though it is to be noted that Arthur would rather have small numbers of outstanding quality than let desperation choose ill suited candidates.


The Round Table Knights serve the High King Arthur Pendragon and the High Queen Gwenhwyfar Pendragon. They are also subject - on occasion - to the court sorcerer Merlin and the Lady of the Lake Nimue, but no others in Caerleon rank higher, and they will not take orders from anyone else.


The Knights of the Round Table were founded in 1982 A.H. At twenty years old, Arthur was still young for a king, but he was recognizing that because of his father’s history, he still did not have the trust or respect of many of his soldiers. While traveling to a gala in Calladahn during that particularly frigid winter, he and his party were caught in a wretched snow storm, and so made shelter in an old, dilapidated castle near the foothills of the Hyadies. Long forgotten, it was no doubt the home of a wealthy noble, or even a king once, but usually was not seen due to the wealth of moss and the greenery around it. However, as they found shelter from the icy wind, they explored the ruins and stumbled across a strange table. Almost twenty feet wide, damaged by frost and certainly old, it was circular in shape, so that when everyone sat down to rest, Arthur noticed that nobody appeared to be at the “head”.

This gave the young king an idea which he ran by Merlin. He had the table brought back to Caerleon a month later, and during that time had devised a plan. The best way to gain respect was to show them he was their equal, and most importantly, proving that he had no intention of lording over anyone. So, choosing some of his closest friends - few as they were - Arthur named them knights of a higher order. Among the first were the elder knight Sir Tristran as well as his favorite sparring partner, Sir Lancelot. Arthur devised a code which they would stand by, and let time do the rest of the work. Word spread that the young king sat at a table with his soldiers, a table with no head, and no man appearing any more important than the one they sat beside.

It took a few years to catch on, but eventually the people began to see how Arthur interacted with his knights, not speaking to them as subordinates but as partners. And slowly, the table began to grow as Arthur became more popular, and soon the Knights of the Round Table became legends. Under their king’s leadership, they became an example of equality and nobility. However, they also became some of the most formidable soldiers on the battlefield. For several years, Arthur sent out, and often accompanied his knights to patrol highways and smaller towns, and during that time flushed out hundreds of highwaymen, thieves, and shady operations. For much of his reign, the order thrived and when he welcomed Gwenhwyfar to the ranks, his bold opposition of tradition made him and the knights even more popular among the common folk.

Only when he was betrayed by one of his closest friends, Sir Lancelot, and when the Blight was unleashed on the world did the order begin to crumble. The knights were picked off one by one, and by the time it was defeated, only a small handful of them survived. However, despite the trials, and the betrayals, the purpose of the knights did not fade, and the ideals that the remaining members stand by still hold as strong as ever.

Current Leader

Arthur Pendragon, High King of Ga'leah and ruler of Caerleon

Members of Note

Lancelot - One of the first members, and a close friend of Arthur until his affair with the Queen, in which he was banished from the order and has not been reinstated.

Tristran (deceased) - The first member, and a mentor to Arthur in his youth. Killed in battle not long after Arthur’s marriage to Gwenhwyfar.

Gawaine - Add description here.

Galahad - Add description here.

Kay - Arthur’s “brother” from childhood, a recent member who joined during his self imprisonment, authorized by Gwen.

Tristan - Add description here.

Bors - Brother of Merida, using an assumed name, also a recent recruit.

Percival - the brother of Rapunzel.

Gaheris - Add description here.

Bedivere - Add description here.
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