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 Emperor's New Groove

Emperor's New Groove

A Canon Tale of Xehacora

Emperor's New Groove
A Disney Animated Film

Locations:Bellazmar, Fynnon
Characters:Diego De La Vega, Malina, Kronk, Kuzco, Yzma
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Emperor's New Groove was a 2000 animated Disney Film told in the style of a 'buddy comedy'. It spawned a direct-to-dvd Sequel and a television series based upon the main characters' adventures at a modern school set in the Incan empire of the film.

Emperor's New Groove was added to Once Upon a Nightmare as a Canon Tale for the heir to the Xehacoran throne. It was combined with the tale of Zorro to give Kuzco's 'buddy' a fun and more heroic background than the llama herder from the original film. Malina, the love interest from the television series, was also added as a character to the Canon Tale to provide a possible romantic avenue for Kuzco if the his player is so inclined.

Canon Tale

Kuzco was the eldest son of the Xehacoran King from his first marriage and therefore the heir to the throne of Xehacora despite his father's second marriage to Maleficent and the three children she gave him. Kuzco was a vainglorious prince who believed he was entitled to everything his heart desired and who cared very little for anyone or anything he deemed beneath him. LIttle did he know that his existence interfered with his Stepmother's plans for the world. Just as the world was seemingly about to fall to the Blight, Kuzco found himself transformed into a llama by one of his mother's Fae advisers, Yzma and a royal guardsman known as Kronk. By the terms of the curse, each time Kuzco did anything cruel and selfish, he would become a llama. Only by then doing something selfless and kind would he once more become a man. Abandoned in the middle of the countryside, he was left to die as the helpless, hopeless fool that he was.

Diego was the lord of Bellazmar, a small town on the outer coasts of Xehacora. He tried to be a fair and just lord despite the reputation as a scoundrel he had garnered in his youth before his father's death. In his younger days, he had abandoned Bellazmar for the bustle of the city of Fynnon where he had plied his craft as a swordsman in many a duel to achieve wealth through wager. It was in this manner that he first met and befriended Kuzco's oldest stepbrother. After his father died, Diego returned to Bellazmar with the reputation of a gambler and a playboy, one that he soon learned to live with and even exploit for his own desires. When the Blight threatened them all, he donned a dark costume and ventured out to protect them as a man who only called himself 'Zorro' eager to keep his true identity a secret to retain his ill gotten reputation to avoid detection by the cruel and tyrannical Xehacoran Court led by Queen Maleficent.

After the Blight was defeated, he thought the days of Zorro were behind him, until he found a llama wandering frightened and alone and claiming to be the crown prince...and before the Veritas emerged as a dangerous cult of individuals determined to free the land of magic...



  • Diego De La Vega - Lord of Bellazmar, he helped to rescue the cursed crown prince of Xehacora and was at one time the mentor of the middle prince o Xehacora. Diego has long opposed the oppressive rule of the monarchy as the masked hero, Zorro.
  • Kronk - Yzma's assistant and henchman, also one of the royal guard of Xehacora.
  • Kuzco - Eldest son of the Marillacs and crown prince of Xehacora, he was the son of the first Queen of Xehacora and was despised by the second queen, Maleficent. Cursed by Yzma, when he displays acts of vanity or selfishness, he transforms into a llama, only to become a man again when he performs a similar act of kindness or sacrifice.
  • Malina - Kuzco's long lost childhood friend and a resident of Bellazmar.
  • Yzma - Adviser to the Court of Xehacora, Yzma is a weak Fae who followed Maleficent to Ga'leah and remained after her death. Since the people of Xehacora began speaking out against magic, she has begun to lay low and downplay her magic.


Emperor's New Groove is a plotline that has yet to be fully explored on OUAN.


Related Stories

Cinderella - Kuzco is the stepbrother of the Xehacoran Prince in Cinderella.
Frog Prince - Kuzco is the stepbrother o the Xehacoran Prince in Frog Prince.
Rapunzel - Kuzco is the halfbrother of the Eugene Marillac (aka Flynn Rider).
Zorro - Zorro rescued Kuzco from death after being transformed into a llama.

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