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 The Pride Lands

The Pride Lands

A Land of Xehacora

The Pride Lands
A Land of Xehacora

Location:Southeastern Xehacora
Associated Canon Tales:Lion King
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The Pride Lands are a vast region of rolling hills, intermittent forests, and a grassland with sparse trees which was gifted to the Skinwalkers by the Huntress as their refuge from humanity.

There are no human settlements within the Pride Lands. No human shelters or towns. Because of the nature of the Skinwalkers, most outsiders rarely brave the wild and dangerous nature of the Pride Lands and those who do are sometimes never seen again.


The Pride Lands are found on a large peninsula in the extreme southeast of the kingdom. Most of it is encompassed by a large grassland with sparse trees and infrequent ponds and waterways, but the Pride Lands also contain several small woodlands and a series of rolling hills that separate it from the rest of Xehacora.

The capital of Fynnon is the location in the closest proximity to the Pride Lands while the small town of Bellazmar was built on the northeasterly peninsula directly opposite the Skinwalkers' home.

The weather in Xehacora is typically warm year round with rainy seasons that occur in the spring and fall that are sometimes accompanied by flash flooding.


The Pride Lands were first settled in 310 AH after the first Skinwalkers were created by the goddess of the hunt, the Huntress. The Skinwalkers claim to the land was largely unchallenged for the next several centuries with most conflicts coming from internal factors when clans and individual family unites fought over settlements and hunting ground.

It was not until 805 AH when then ruler of Xehacora, Daerick Thrane, attempted to conquer the Skinwalkers and bring them to heel. The War of the Pridlands lasted for five years before the Skinwalkers were able to fully drive Daerick Thrane from their land and come to a tenuous peace agreement with the humans. The War o the Pridelands did suffice to bring a consensus amongst the Skinwalkers that unification was needed. The lion skinwalkers were found to be the most capable leaders and strongest hunters and were quickly dubbed the monarchs of the Skinwalkers and the Pridelands.

Although the War of the Pridelands was over, border disputes with the humans continued for generations to come until the religious zealotry of King Fabian Lennox brought an end to the squabbles. His devout belief in the gods caused him to declare the Skinwalkers a holy people, blessed by the Huntress, and that their land should be respected. This ruling was carried out by the humans of Xehacora until the Blight.

The Blight

Although the Pride Lands were originally protected under the magical barrier erected by Maleficent at the beginning of the Blight, after the Maritanis fell to the Blight and the Yarrow came under attack, Maleficent withdrew the barrier and left them vulnerable to attack. With the Pride Lands in jeopardy most of the Skinwalkers were forced to evacuate, many of them seeking shelter in Deepwood with the equally religious Druids.
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