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A Town in Xehacora

A Town in Xehacora

Location:Extreme Northern Xehacora
Associated Canon Tales:Emperor's New Groove, Zorro
See Also:
The Cult of Veritas
Bellazmar is the modest hamlet located in extreme northern Xehacora not far from the capital of Fynnon and on the northern peninsula directly opposite the Pride Lands of the Skinwalkers.

Sparsely wooded and extremely warm, Bellazmar is hugged on either side by the coast and the Maritanis beyond. It was spared the brunt of the Blight due to Queen Maleficent's protective barrier. Since the end of the Blight, it has been seeking to carry on with life, but has since found life disrupted by orators from the organization known as 'Veritas' attempting to turn the people of Bellazmar against the gods and magic in general.


Bellazmar is located in extreme northern Xehacora on a thin peninsula opposite to the southern peninsula on which the Pridelands can be found. It is only a short ride from Bellazmar to the capital of Xehacora, Fynnon, and the hamlet itself is hugged on either side by vast coastlines.

The temperature in Bellazmar is warm year round. Snow is an extremely rare sight. However, their close proximity to the sea does cause some strong storms to blow through the settlement in the late summer and early autumn months.


Bellazmar was one of the first places colonized in Xehacora. Early ruins of the first settlers, the Xeharcans, can still be found in the countryside directly outside the city.

Since its inception, the town has been under the leadership of the noble House De La Vega whose castle, The Swells, is one of the oldest and most remarkable structures in the city.

Bellazmar has sought to keep the peace with their Skinwalker neighbors and did not take part in any of the skirmishes for land nor the War of the Pridelands.


The town of Bellazmar was largely unaffected by the Blight. It remained protected under the barrier of Queen Maleficent and its people were kept uninformed about much of the suffering in Ga'leah during the Blight. They did see the fall of the oceans, but the Barrier protected from them any creatures which might have attacked from the Realm of Monsters. Even the loss of the sun went unnoticed due to Maleficent's replacement sun which warmed and brought light only to the areas of Xehacora where she held sway.

Since the fall of the Blight, the people of Bellazmar simply desire to return to their normal lives. Instead, they found their town accosted by representatives of Veritas, a new cult founded on the principle of freeing the people of Ga'leah from the oppression of magic and the gods.

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