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The Isle of Apple Trees

Affalohn is a small island in the middle of Lake Lyndai located in the kingdom of Xehacora. The island is the home of The Order of Fate, who are the primary guardians of the first portal to Allutheria. Before the Order settled on the island it was covered completely by groves of fruit trees. The most prominent of the trees were the apple trees. The island has many magical properties because of the portal, and it was once believed that the fruit grown on the isle had the ability to grant the consumer one wish.

Affalohn The Isle of Apple Trees

Location:In Lake Lyndai in Xehacora
Associated Canon Tales: King Arthur

Affalohn is the name of the island where the first portal to Allutheria appeared. It was on this island that Etain an ancient elemental fae came back to Ga'leah after the War with the Fae. She resided on the island for a time until others began coming through the portal. She and a few others established the Order to keep a close eye on the magical creatures and objects that entered into Ga'leah. As long as they protected mortals from the wrath of angry fae the gods would allow them to stay on the isle.

On the isle the Order watches over the portal to Allutheria. They guard it and only through speaking with the Order can someone enter into Ga'leah. Mortals are not allowed to cross through the portal, however some have been able to bribe the guards on duty to get through. Beneath the Order's castle are a series of vaults that contain various magical artifacts and objects.


Affalohn is located in Xehacora in the middle of Lake Lyndai.


Affalohn was at first a large grove of the trees that stretched for miles, but when the War with the Fae came to Ga'leah those trees were destroyed. A large battle between fae and gods took place in the grove of trees that resulted in the fae being completely surrounded. The gods, having won the battle, collapsed the land around the fae trapping them on the little island and killing off the fruit on the trees. The fae eventually starved and died on the island.

After the war, the Source filled the sunken land with water and blessed the waters and trees. The fruit on the trees would never rot or go to waste. The trees in that grove on Affalohn would always yield fruit. It was atonement for the cruelty of the gods.

What she never told a anyone, was that the water that fed Lake Lyndai came from Allutheria itself. She let it trickle through the small crack so that fae magic would never fully leave Ga'leah. Her hope was that one day the fae would find it and come back.


Affalohn was devastated by a Con Ra that attacked as the Ocean fell. The Order was able to rebuild, but they were severely weakened.
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