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 Lake Lyndai

Lake Lyndai

The Lake surrounding the isle of Affolahn

Lake Lyndai
The Blessed Lake

Location:Lake Lyndai surrounds the Isle of Affolahn. The lake and the isle are both located in Xehacora.
Associated Canon Tales:King Arthur
See Also:
Affalohn, Order of the Fate
Lake Lyndai is the magical lake that surrounds Affalohn. The waters of Lake Lyndai come directly from Allutheria. Olwyn, mother of Magic, filled the collapsed land through a rift in the barrier between Allutheria and Ga'leah. This rift became the only portal between Allutheria and Ga'leah for generations. Olwyn hid the rift as best she could, but still held hope that it would one day be discovered. It was her desire that one day Allutheria would return to Ga'leah and the bond between Fae and God would be mended. The waters, because of their magical properties, fed the Isle of Affalohn and made it grow fertile. The fruit that grows on the trees there holds magical properties due to the mystical water.

The fish, aquatic plants, and other organisms that exist in the lake also contain magical properties. This is the reason some often refer to the Lake as the Blessed Lake or even as a Font of Magic. The Lake continues to be fed from Allutheria through the portal.


Lake Lyndai surrounds Affalohn. It is a part of the territory of Xehacora, but the Order of the Fate hold sovereignty over the lake and the isle.


Lake Lyndai is the site of a great battle during the War of the Fae. The fae were swarmed and surrounded by the armies of the gods during the battle. They retreated to a hill where they set up barriers and a castle. They hoped to be able to withstand the gods, but unfortunately lost the battle. Once the fae were completely surrounded and trapped on the hill in their castle, the gods collapsed the surrounding land so as to trap them there. They then destroyed all the plant life on the hill leaving the fae to starve.

After the war was over Olwyn began healing the land. She chose specific places to lay her touch. With the help of her son, the Green Man god of the earth, she was able to bring back new life. The Yarrow she blessed with her magic to be a sanctuary, but it was the collapsed land that Olwyn marked her hope for Ga'leah. Here she grew back the groves on the island and hid the rift in the barrier between worlds. Water spilled through the rift and began to fill up the concaved earth. She hoped that one day someone would find this rift and the fae would be able to return to their original home.

The Blight

Lake Lyndai, like the Yarrow, remained relatively untouched by the Blight. The Blight was unable to touch the waters and therefore were not able to infiltrate Affalohn. However, when the ocean fell a Con Ra attacked the island. The water of Lake Lyndai had lost it's potency due to the Blight being in Allutheria as well. Ever since then the Order of Fate became increasingly interested in stopping the Blight.
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