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Capital of Xehacora

Capital of Xehacora

Location:Northern Xehacora
Associated Canon Tales:Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Frog Prince
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Fynnon is the vast and culturally diverse capital of Xehacora. Originally built as a religious center for the Kingdom, a city and palace sprang up around the central religious center which at one time housed a short lived theocracy that led the kingdom between monarchs.

Following the great Egress of King Fabian which saw the expelling of any individuals who were not devout followers of the Pantheon and the welcoming of religious souls from every corner of Ga'leah, the city of Fynnon became a tapestry of many different cultures and ethnic groups with portions of the city dedicated to every kind of people found in Ga'leah.

Although Fynnon survived the Blight unscathed, since the end of the Blight the people of Fynnon have become increasingly distrustful of magic and the gods and the main religious structure of Fynnon has been vandalized and largely abandoned.


Fynnon is located in northeastern Xehacora on the mainland between the northerly peninsula on which sits the town of Bellazmar and the southerly peninsula on which one would find the Pride Lands of the Skinwalkers. It is also not far from the Maritanis and the River of Tears which divides the kingdoms of Dokrayth and Xehacora.


The construction of Fynnon was completed in 920 AH by Harrison the Vengeful who originally broke ground to create a religious center not only for the kingdom of Xehacora but for all of Ga'leah.

For less than one hundred years after its construction, the religious center in Fynnon was the headquarters of a theocracy or religious counsel that saw to the governing of the kingdom. When at least the theocracy was dissolved, the new ruling house, House Lennox, began construction of a palace adjacent to the religious structure. The buildings which would later comprise the rest of the city were not far behind.

After King Fabian ascended the throne in 1737 he cast any non-religious people out of Xehacora and welcomed religious individuals from all corners of Ga'leah to settle in Xehacora with a promise of a more pius existence and fewer taxes. The resulting Egress saw many of the buildings in Fynnon abandoned. Though they were later filled by new families, the resulting cultural mixture of individuals from throughout Ga'leah saw the transformation of Fynnon into a much more culturally diverse city.


Fynnon was largely unaffected by the Blight. It suffered no major damages and no impressive casualties. Instead, it was protected under the barrier erected by Queen Maleficent or the duration of the Blight. Even directly following the death of the sun god, Helios, the city of Fynnon did not experience a 'blackout' but was instead met with the rising and falling of what they thought was the same sun that had always filled the sky. They did not recognize it as a result of Maleficent's dark magic, control of the Blight, and murdering of the gods.

In the months following Maleficent's murder, the people of Fynnon have become increasingly distrustful of magic and disdainful of the gods. The main religious center which began the city of Fynnon as well as the newer religious structures constructed by King Fabian have all be vandalized and abandoned.

A new organization which calls itself only Veritas and promises to 'free' the people of Ga'leah from the oppression of Magic has also come into power in the city of Fynnon with desires to spread its doctrine to all corners of Ga'leah.

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