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A Canon Tale of Xehacora

A Fairy Tale

Characters: Cinderella, Xehacoran Prince, Stepmother, Stepsister 1, Stepsister 2
See Also:
The Order of Fate, The Xehacoran Barrier, House Marillac
Cinderella is a European folktale with many variations across the continent, though the German and French versions are the most well known. The most famous retelling of the fairy tale was Cendrillon by Charles Perrault which introduced many of the concepts inherent to the Disney cartoon and live action film. The moral of the story is that beauty is a gift but that graciousness of spirit is a treasure to be cherished and fostered even amidst suffering.

Once Upon a Nightmare's adaption maintains many of the traditional elements, but with a typically darker twist. In our version of Cinderella, she is a Half-Fae adopted by her Fae father's new Fae bride upon his second marriage. She is mistreated by the woman, as Cinderella often is, and the ball to which she is invited is a front to get as many of the magic wielder's in Xehacora into one place where they can be 'freed' by the cult that has risen in Xehacora which greatly opposes magic. It was also combined with the Frog Prince to give the prince in Cinderella a plotline of his own.

Canon Tale

There once was a Fae man who volunteered to serve the Fae in the Order of Fate, an organization of Fae from every Court and Freehold in Allutheria dedicated to safeguarding magic in Ga’leah by patrolling the only known portal between the lands and by collecting any magic objects which strayed into the wrong, human hands. Through his service he met and and fell in love with a beautiful human woman who in time bore him a beautiful Half Fae daughter. The Half Fae were not smiled upon by the Order of Fate, so he kept the child and her mother a secret. Even after the little girl’s mortal mother died of an isolated incidence of Dokyth Fever, he merely paid a human staff to care for the girl. Until the day he met and fell in love with a beautiful Fae Woman on the Allutherian side of the portal.

She was a woman dedicated to enhancing her own power by any means necessary and believed that by marrying an upstanding member of the Order of Fate that she would gain some of the prestige she had always wanted. Instead, she found herself and her two daughters whisked from Allutheria to the human land of Ga’leah and placed in the home where he had hidden away his Half Fae daughter. Shortly thereafter, the Fae man died, leaving his new wife a widow and his daughter an orphan. Unable to gain prestige through her marriage, the Stepmother set her sights on the Half Fae whose parentage had granted her a fair amount of power, more power than she or her daughters possessed even as full Fae. Jealous of the girl’s power, she set about draining them, using it to supplement their own power with the foolish little Half Fae none the wiser.

It was not until the family was invited to a royal ball under the pretense of finding the newly crowned heir to the Xehacoran throne a suitable bride that the Stepmother’s hopes or herself and her children were reignited. Though she tried to forbid her enslaved stepdaughter from attending, one of the Order of Fate, a friend of her father’s, took pity on the girl and gave her the means to attend the ball…an unfortunate thing indeed, for the ball was all a ruse to round up any magic wielding woman in Xehacora so that they could be ‘freed’ of their magic in a great purge…

The Prince had never intended to become King of Xehacora. He was the spare and was quite content to remain the spare, but upon his brother’s disappearance, he found himself thrust into a role he did not covet for himself. He went through great pains to make others believe that he was nothing more than a fop, a superficial nitwit, when the heart that truly beat within him was one of a hero. Caught causing trouble for the Xehacoran Court with his insatiable appetite for beautiful women, one of the Fae advisers to his mother cursed him into the form of a frog until he learned to properly control his libido. Now, everytime he finds himself enjoying a beautiful woman, he transforms into a frog for several hours.

As if this was not bad enough, the growing unrest in Xehacora and the animosity towards all things magical left him uneasy and fearing for the well being of so many in Ga’leah. When he caught wind of the plans for the ball being thrown in his honor, he was determined to save those that he could. Those that he was certain would not use their magic with ill intent. The lovely Half Fae was one of them, a young woman that bewitched him with her beauty and whom he was determined to help escape the ball with her life. For his effort, he was granted only a glass slipper by which to locate her, and locate her he must before those that wish to liberate her find her first…



  • Cinderella - The Half-Fae daughter of a member of the Order of Fate hidden from the other Fae in Xehacora until her father's second marriage to a cruel Fae Woman who treated her as a servant after her father's death.
  • Xehacoran Prince (Percius Marillac) - Middle son of Maleficent and the King of Xehacora he was known as a foppish young man whose ridiculous exterior hid the heart of a hero. He is currently suffering from a curse that transforms him into a frog whenever he allows himself to be attracted to a woman.
  • Stepmother - A power hungry Fae woman who thought a marriage to Cinderella's father, a high ranking member of the Order of Fate, would elevate her own status. Instead, he died and she gained a Half-Fae stepdaughter who was more powerful than her own children.
  • Stepsister 1 - The eldest, weak, full Fae daughter of Cinderella's Stepmother whose power was supplemented by the spell her mother used on Cinderella.
  • Stepsister 2 - The youngest, weak, full Fae daughter of Cinderella's Stepmother whose power was supplemented by the spell her mother used on Cinderella.


Cinderella is a plotline that has yet to be fully explored on OUAN.


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Emperor's New Groove - Kuzco is the oldest brother of the Xehacoran Prince and the heir to the throne of Xehacora.
Frog Prince - This Xehacoran Prince in Cinderella is also the Prince in Frog Prince.
King Arthur - Cinderella's father was a member of the Order of Fate over whom the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, presides.
Rapunzel - This Eugene Marillac (aka Flynn Rider) is the youngest brother of the Xehacoran Prince in Cinderella.
Zorro - Diego De La Vega was the Xehacoran Prince's fencing mentor.

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