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 The Maritanis

The Maritanis

Ocean of Ga'leah

The Maritanis is the kingdom of the sea. It surrounds the land of Ga’leah and extends in every direction for unknown lengths. Even the small islands that can be found off the coast of Ga’leah are claimed by the kingdom of Maritanis, who is home to two separate realms, the Pirates and the Merkind.

The waters of the Maritanis are subject to high and low tide. The waters nearest Xehacora and Solhara are known for their warm temperatures while the waters nearest Dokrayth and Calladahn are much colder. While the waves are much larger and more treacherous in the cold waters, storms are much more common on the warmer end of the Maritanis and provide their own dangers for boats and wildlife alike.


The Maritanis is a body of saltwater that surrounds the continent of Ga'leah. It stretches in an unknown length in every direction. Few save the Gods have ever ventured far into the Maritanis much past sight of the mainland or surrounding islands. The Realm of Monsters, found in the deep Maritanis a distance from the land, is a very dangerous expanse of water populated by huge creatures that defend the Maritanis with their lives.

Peoples of the Maritanis


Below the waves, Merkind rule the ocean itself. For the most part before the Blight, Merkind attempted to live their lives apart from the rest of Ga’Leah. Created by the Coming Tide to safeguard the oceans from Human or Fae harm, they take their God given duties very seriously. The Humans they are forced to have the most contact with are the Pirates who attempt to share their domain. But the Merkind have an intense hatred of the Pirates, one that has caused loss of life and decades of ill will between both peoples. The Blight caused the Merkind to flee their ocean home in favor of the magically created inland sea named the Sea of Lyrielle. They were also forced to give up their solitary lifestyle in favor or working alongside humans. Now that the Blight has receded many have begun to attempt to return to the ocean to reclaim their home.


Above the waves, Pirates rule. No ship can sail across the Maritanis’ waters without running afoul of the Pirate King. The Pirates dock their ships and bury their treasure on the islands they lay claim to. While they sometimes ferry goods and people if the payment is worth their while, they also attack and pillage the coastal cities of Ga’Leah to line their pockets with treasure and resources. Those Pirates which survived the Blight were grounded and forced to abandon their ships for the safety of the land. Now that the Blight has ended, many are seeking to repair their ships and return to the ocean they once called home even it has not yet been deemed safe.

The Blight & Aftereffects

The Blight was a great plague that had a devastating effect upon the oceans. The Walking Starvation, or the disease-like arm of the Blight, proved infectious even among Merkind, some of whom were turned into flesh hungry monsters who hunted for food both above and below the waves. Other monsters also showed themselves, causing terrifying shipwrecks for the Pirates and massive loss of life for both realms of the Maritanis. Perhaps the most frightening of these was a massive, supernatural whale dubbed 'Monstro' who ravaged Pirate, Merkind, and human without discretion.

Eventually the Blight overcame the sea transforming it into liquid Blight or Black Water. It grounded the Pirates and forced the Merkind to flee to an inland sea to survive while simultaneously causing a massive loss of life and destruction to the ocean itself. Even the Sea Goddess lost her life to the Blight.

Although it was defeated and the undead monsters it created were destroyed, the souls of those undead monstrosities still haunt the seas and bring with them a whole host of new dangers including, but not limited to, possessions and Hauntings.

Places of Note


Mahrielle is the capital of the Merkind. Although once located in the Maritanis, it was magically relocated to the inland Sea of Lyrielle during the Blight to save the lives of its inhabitants. Many Merkind wish to return it to the ocean but no definitive decisions upon its relocation have yet been made.

Ningyo No Wan

The Ningyo No Wan is also known as the Gulf of Mermaids. It is found in the large Gulf near the eastern villages of Solhara, an area known as Tienshang Guo. It is incredibly deep and once featured a large swath in the middle of the Gulf that could not be crossed due to the location of Mahrielle. Now that Mahrielle has been relocated, the Gulf can be used freely by ships without fear of shipwreck.


Second largest city of the Merkind, Reeftown was abandoned during the Blight but some brave souls have been attempting to recolonize it since the Blight was defeated


There is only one place where the differences between Pirate and Merkind, ocean and land, are put aside. The Sanctuary is an island whose origin is shrouded in mystery. A place where magic prevents violence of any kind, it has become a place where land and sea can meet for peace talks, trade agreements, and more.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is the mystical Island gifted to the Pirate King by the sea goddess in reward for his devotion. It can be magically relocated to any position within the ocean at the Pirate King's whim and is only accessible with the the magical Compass and Sextant also given to the Pirate King by the Sea Goddess. On the Island one can also find the altar that will crown a new Pirate King and the mythical Golden Fleece.

The Realm of Monsters

The outer reaches of the ocean, the Realm of Monsters is the expanse of sea that stretches from beyond the outer islands of the mainland of Ga'leah into the infinity beyond. It houses within it great, hulking, and often dangerous monsters that have been known to prey upon Pirate and Merkind alike. Some of these monsters were Blighted and came aground in Ga'leah to cause havoc during the Ocean Blight. Though many are now believed dead, their ghosts haunt the seas and can be every bit as dangerous as the actual monsters.

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