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A Canon Tale of Dokrayth

An Animated Film

Locations:Aeswick,Dokrayth, The Yarrow
See Also:
Berserker, House Dunbroch, Knights of the Round Table, Merry Men, Musketeers,War with the Fae
Brave is a 2012 PIxar animated feature film that was met with critical acclaim. It was also adapted for use in the television show Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Nightmare adapted this tale and combined it with the well known fairy tale, Goldilocks, to make a unique variation featuring a new shapeshifting species, the Berserkers. It was decided for the sake of plotting and to make characters more attractive to players, that the triplets would be older than Merida in this version of the tale and that all three would be given their own plot line. Elinor and Fergus were also integrated into Robin Hood to allow for maximum plottage.

Canon Tale

During the war with the Fae, the Huntress sought to contribute to the forces fighting on the front lines. So, she fashioned a curse that would transform a Fae into a mighty warrior of the Huntress, a Berserker, a creature of fury who assumed the form of a bear when enraged. When in bear form, they could be controlled by the Huntress, and so the soldiers were used as infantry, fighting a war against their will in a form that had been forced upon them. When the war ended, only the Fae, Mor’du, escaped the Huntress by hiding himself in the Yarrow and entering into a magical hibernation, one that would last for nearly two thousand years.

When Mor’du awoke and stumbled out into the woodlands angry, hungry, and confused, he came upon a human hunter in the forest and a battle ensued, one that saw the hunter injuring his leg and contracting the curse that the Huntress had thought died out with the end of the War.

Fergus unknowingly brought the curse home to his family. The first time he grew angry after returning home, he accidentally infected his oldest triplet son with the curse. Though he tried to control his temper from that point forward, his son was just a boy and it was much more difficult.

Merida knew nothing of her father and brother’s condition, nor did she understand that they were anxious to marry her to another nobleman and send her away before news of their condition became known to others and they were hunted to extinction. After a fight with her mother, Merida left with her bow, desperate to find someone to help her escape her fate as a wife. When she returned home, she found it in a shambles and most of her family missing. Only two of her triplet brothers remained, both with the same story about bears attacking and their mother being injured and dragged away. For the last five years, Merida has sought any sign of her father, brother, and mother, but to no avail. Meanwhile, her other two brothers have made lives for themselves under aliases as a Musketeer and a Knight of the Round Table and seemingly gave up on ever knowing the truth of what happened to the rest of their family. Meanwhile, Fergus, Elinor and their infected son fled to the Yarrow where they hoped to hide until a cure for their condition could be found. Unfortunately, this did not prove possible. Calling himself John Little, Fergus nonetheless found an ally in Robin Hood.

Goldie Locke was a young woman in Aeswick tasked with helping to find food for her village, she ventured into the countryside, the Yarrow, and smaller, less enchanted forests quite frequently. On one such trip, she encountered a home in the woods where a strange, new family had taken up residence. The Dunbrochs had taken to hiding in the woods far from human civilization to protect their shameful secret until a cure for their condition could be found. They had thought their home a perfect hideaway…until Goldie stumbled upon it. Although Goldie thought she escaped them with nothing more than a scratch, she was wrong. That scratch had transferred their curse to her, and with each day that passed Goldilocks came closer to embracing her fate as one of the Berserkers…Now the Dunbrochs find themselves hunting her, both to save her and to spare them the shame of their secrets being realized…but with the Blight destroying much of Ga'leah, they were forced to re-enter human civilization. Now, between the concentrated population of refugees in Caerleon and Goldie's infection with the Berserker curse, they fear that their secret will not remain so for much longer.



  • Elinor DunBroch - Fergus' wife and the mother of Merida and the triplets, she was infected with the Berserker curse by her son before the three fled their home in Dokrayth and left behind their daughter and two other sons.
  • Fergus DunBroch -Elinor's husband and the father of Merida and the triplets, he was infected with the Berserker cure by Mor'Du shortly before he and his wife and son were forced to flee their ancestral home. He is now a member of the Merry Men using the name Little John.
  • Hamish DunBroch - The oldest triplet son of the DunBroch family who was infected by the Berserker curse by his father shortly after encountering Mor'Du.
  • Harris DunBroch -The middle triplet son of the DunBroch family who was abandoned when his parents were infected by the Berserker curse. He is now using the name Sir Bors and has become a well known knight of the Round Table.
  • Hubert DunBroch -The youngest triplet son of the DunBroch family who was abandoned when his parents were infected by the Berserker curse. He is now using the name Porthos and has become a well known member of the Musketeers.
  • Merida DunBroch - Youngest child and only daughter of House DunBroch, Merida was abandoned when her family was infected by the Berserker curse and she attempted to escape an impending arranged marriage. She is now desperately seeking any information about her missing family.
  • Mor'Du - A Fae who was cursed into a Berserker during the War with the Fae, he avoided execution by entering hibernation only to awaken in a strange new world two thousand years later.


Brave is a plotline that has yet to be fully explored on OUAN.


Related Stories

Goldielocks - Goldie Locke was infected with the Berserker curse after breaking into the DunBroch home in the woods.
King Arthur - One of the un-cursed triplet sons of the DunBroch household has made a name for himself under the alias Sir Bors in the High Court as a Knight of the Round Table.
The Pantheon - The Berserker curse originated with the Huntress the now deceased goddess of the Hunt.
Robin Hood - Fergus DunBroch is now going by the name 'John Little' and has been working with the Merry Men since he left Dokrayth.
The Three Musketeers - One of the un-cursed triplet sons of the DunBroch household has made a name for himself under the alias Porthos in the Dokrayth as a member of the Musketeers.

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