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A Canon Tale of Dokrayth

Urban Legend and Animated Film

Locations:Dokrayth, Soristine
Characters:Anastasia, Bartok, Dimitri, Richelieu
See Also:
The Blight, The Cult of Veritas, House Vauclain, The Musketeers
The legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov is best known for it's 20th century fox animated feature adaption. Anastasia Romanov was one of the young daughters of Tsar Nicholas II of Imperial Russia. He and his family were executed by the Cheka, the Bolshevik secret police, on July 17, 1918. Rumors persisted for decades that Anastasia survived the massacre and there were several young women who claimed to be the missing Grand Duchess until DNA evidence in 2007 proved that she perished with the rest of her family.

Once Upon a Nightmare has taken the Fox animated feature as inspiration to adapt this legend to our site by combining it with elements of The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas and by using it to further explore the kingdom of Dokrayth. Anastasia's character is still a princess who escapes the murder of her parents, but the Secret Police and Rasputin are replaced by Richelieu and those loyal to him. Dimitri was also combined with the youngest of the Three Musketeers to provide more desirable plots for his character.

Canon Tale

After Maleficent cursed the Princess of Dokrayth and she fell into an enchanted sleep, her heartbroken mother and father collected an elite group of soldiers and knights to stand as her sentries and protect her both day and night. Though they guarded her for many years, it was decided that these ‘Musketeers’ would be best served as the elite guard of the royal family and not protecting a young woman who was likely never going to awaken from her cursed slumber.

Richelieu was once the most trusted adviser of the Vauclain family and aided the King and Queen in most of their governing decisions, but he secretly craved their power and coveted their throne. When the Blight appeared at the castle gates, he seized his opportunity and slayed the King and Queen in cold blood, letting the Walking Starvation cover his tracks and erase any evidence of his crime. Only, unbeknownst to him, the Princess saw the treacherous act and escaped the carnage of the fall of Dokrayth, aided by a childhood friend and young Musketeer in training. She was so effected by the horror that she witnessed, that her memory of the events have all but been erased and the young musketeer, D’Artagnan, who helped her escape, mistakenly believes that she has succumbed to the Blight.

With the animosity towards the Vauclains and the widely held belief that the heirs of the royal family abandoned their people, the Princess thought it best to conceal her identity and instead determined to find help for her people. With the Blight defeated, she is now equally determined to find a way to make Dokrayth habitable again so that her people can return to their homes and lives even if they no longer recognize her as their princess.

Richelieu, however, is attempting to take advantage of the Vauclain family's absence to instill himself as the new King of Dokrayth with the support of the new formed Cult of Veritas. Only the remaining Musketeers seem to recognize what a threat he is to the kingdom and its people. They are determined to stop him even if they do not yet know that their Princes and Princess are alive and that Richelieu himself is responsible for the murder of the King and Queen.



  • Anastasia Vauclain - 'Anya' is the middle child and only daughter of the King and Queen of Dokrayth who witnessed their murder at the hands of Richelieu and is now in hiding with repressed memories of the event.
  • Bartok A servant to Adviser Richelieu.
  • Dimitri A childhood friend and former servant to the Vauclains, D'artagnan was accepted into the Musketeers as a recruit shortly before the Blight destroyed the Kingdom. He helped save Anastasia's life by aiding in her escape from the destruction.
  • Richelieu Once the most trusted advisers in the Dokraythian Court, he craved power and used the Blight to disguise the murder of the King and Queen of Dokrayth in the hopes that he would be named their successor in the disappearances and supposed abandonment of Dokrayth by the princes and princess.


Anastasia is a plotline that has yet to be fully explored on OUAN.


Related Stories

Peter Pan - Peter Pan is the youngest of the Vaculain children and Anastasia's brother.
Sleeping Beauty - Aurora is a distant cousin to Anastasia.
Snow White - The Prince in Snow White is Peter Pan, the youngest brother of Anastasia.
Swan Lake - Odette's Prince is the oldest child of the Vauclain and brother of Anastasia.
The Three Musketeers - D'Artagnan is a childhood friend of Anastasia and aided in her escape from the destruction of Dokrayth. The Musketeers are all that survives of the former royal guard o Dokrayth.

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