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Capital of Dokrayth

Capital of Dokrayth

Location:East Central Dokrayth
Associated Canon Tales:Anastasia, Sleeping Beauty, The Three Musketeers
See Also:
The Blight, House Vauclain, The Musketeers
Soristine was the capital of Dokrayth before the Blight and was known for its large marketplace and its talented craftspeople. Most notably it was the site of a purge of the textile injury upon the cursing of Aurora Vauclain on her name day nearly a century ago and was the first metropolitan area to fall to the Blight. It has been abandoned ever since.


Soristine was founded on the ancient remains of a Fae city in east central Dokrayth. It is located not far from the River of Tears which cuts through the eastern portions of Ga'leah and forms a natural border between Xehacora and Dokrayth.


Soristine was founded in 746 AH by Frederick Vauclain on the abandoned remains of a Fae city once found in the same location. Taking advantage of previously abandoned structures, Frederick Vauclain (otherwise known as Frederick the Cruel) expanded upon these construct to make a vast city with the largest free marketplace in Ga'leah.

Soristine's wealth was built on the back of the tradesmen's guilds that followed the artisans welcomed to the city by a promise of lower taxes and a free marketplace. It became the center of trade and craftsman. Even those who did not make Dokrayth their home often visited Soristine for their market or to attempt to garner entry into one of their tradesmen's guilds.

After the curse was placed on Aurora Vauclain, the textile industry in Dokrayth suffered greatly under the paranoia of King Stefan and Queen Leah. The weaving and tailoring guilds within Soristine were raided and all spinning wheels and instruments of tailoring where confiscated and burned in a bonfire in the center of the marketplace. Afterward, all such instruments were banned as was the weaving or tailoring of cloth or garments. Wagons and visitors to the city were searched for such contraband and the laws were enforced mercilessly.

Although subsequent rulers attempted to reconcile things with the weaving and tailoring guilds after Aurora's curse came to fruition and King Stefan died, these guilds have never returned to Soristine and the marketplace is now distinctly lacking in any kind of cloth or clothing.


Soristine was the first metropolitan area to fall to the Blight. The Walking Starvation was relatively unheard of at the time, only Caerleon had as yet experienced the rising and reanimation of the dead.

The Blight began in Soristine as what was believed to be a citywide infection which sprang from a baker who had been in Caerleon at the time of the High Queen's intended execution and had been bitten by one of the Starving. Acting as a vector for the disease, he infected many in Dokrayth who sampled his breads, cakes, and cookies, and within a week's time the death toll had become a cause for some concern. No one, however, thought the disease was the Walking Starvation come to Dokrayth until it was too late.

The city was unprepared for the sudden uprising and quickly fell to mass hysteria and a disorganized military response. Even the King and Queen were believed lost in the attack that decimated the city and left it uninhabitable and overrun with Blight.

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