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 Magoffin Castle

Magoffin Castle

The Beast's Former Castle & Prison

Magoffin Castle
Former home of Morgana and Mordred

Location:Eastern Dokrayth
Associated Canon Tales:Beauty and the Beast, King Arthur
See Also:
Tsukumogami, Curses

Magoffin was once the stronghold of the first family to seek to unite Dokrayth under their rule. Although it remained in their possession for a millennium, it eventually fell into the hands of the sorceress Morgana and remained so until the Ocean Blight caused it's abandonment along with the rest of Dokrayth.


Magoffin Castle is located in northeastern Dokrayth between the village of Aeswick and the city of Soristine. The land surrounding Magoffin is a sparsely forested plain not far from the beaches of the Maritanis and the northern reaches of the River of Tears.


Magoffin Castle was once the home of the Magoffin family who attempted to use violence to unite the early settlers of Dokrayth, the Dokyth, under their rule in 684 AH. It is one of the oldest human castles in Ga'leah and has stood for over 1000 years through plagues, wars, and natural disasters aplenty.

The Castle remained in the possession of the Magoffin family for nearly the entirety of its millenia of existence until the last living Magoffin found himself indebted to the sorceress Morgana. To pay his debts, he surrendered the castle, but rumors abound that this was not sufficient to pay his debt and that he remains within the castle as a prisoner or victim of the sorceress herself.

Mordred, Morgana's son, was raised in Magoffin Castle. When he found himself cursed, into a hideous beast, he was also imprisoned there with the magical objects that had served mother and son for many years. He remained there until the Ocean Blight caused creatures from the Realm of Monsters to rise from the deep and attack the mainland of Ga'leah. For the first time, Magoffin Castle was not able to withstand the onslaught and Mordred and the servants of the Castle were forced to flee.

Since the Ocean Blight, Magoffin has seemingly remained abandoned and uninhabited.

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