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 Briar Keep

Briar Keep

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Briar Keep
Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Location:Southern Dokrayth
Associated Canon Tales:Sleeping Beauty
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House Vauclain

Briar Keep was the former House Seat of House Vauclain before they became the rulers of Dokrayth. It served as a second home for non-ruling members of the family as well as a prison for family members who proved troublesome. When Aurora succumbed to her curse, it became her resting place and has for the last one hundred years fallen into a state of disuse and decay.


Briar Keep is located in the foothills of southern Dokrayth between the deltas of the Zaffre River and the River of Tears. It is also within close traveling distance of the Hyadies Mountains and the Kingdom of Xehacora.


Briar Keep was built in 712 AH as the house seat of the Vauclain family before they became the ruling family of Dokrayth. It remained in the possession of the Vauclains even after the founding of the capital city of Soristine.

Besides being used as a home it was also a makeshift prison used to house members of the Vauclain family against their will, most notably Frederick the Cruel's sister Thalia who disapproved of his tactics to unite all of Dokrayth under his rule by whatever means necessary. It was later given to younger siblings of the Vauclain family who did not inherit the crown as their private estate.

When the Princess Aurora fulfilled the curse placed upon her by Maleficent, her sleeping body was housed within Briar Keep to protect it while a solution to the curse was found. No such remedy was discovered.

Since her interment, the castle has fallen into disrepair. Much of it is no longer inhabitable. Only the East Wing has been kept up by the priestesses who guard Aurora's sleeping form.


Many individuals in Ga'leah believe that Briar Keep is haunted and superstitiously avoid it. There are many stories of seeing the ghostly spectre of a young woman in or around the grounds, as well as strange dreams, and strange behavior associated with those who find themselves too close to Briar Keep.

Briar Keep was also unaffected by the Blight. No creatures ever attacked the castle and even the undead were not seen wandering near its grounds. There have been, however, several dragon sightings in the skies around Briar Keep since their return to Ga'leah. Neither of these facts help the superstitions surrounding Briar Keep and its most famous resident.

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