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 The Ocean Blight

The Ocean Blight

Birth of the Black Water

Although the Maritanis was not immune to the horrors of the Blight and the disease like arm of the Blight, the Walking Starvation. They were not victimized as heavily as the land until the advent of the Ocean Blight. On the morning of the Festival of Flames, or the spawning of the coral reefs below the surface, the Blight set its sights upon the oceans.

It transformed the creatures of the sea into terrifying killers, twisting such mundane creatures as jellyfish, sharks, whales, and mermaids into the undead and crafting amalgams of new horrors like the Tiamat and Leviathan. Lastly, it reached it's fingers into the Realm of Monsters were it infected the hulking nightmares that lived in the infinite seas beyond the mainland of Ga'leah and its surrounding islands. For the first time in recorded history, the people of the mainland saw the creatures they had heard about only in frightening tales around campfires and in taverns over mugs of warm ale.

The Ocean Blight saw the burning of Aeswick, the last surviving settlement of Dokrayth. It caused the grounding of the Pirate ships and those individuals who called them home. And, most importantly, it heralded the deaths of King Triton of the Merkind and Lyrielle the Coming Tide, Goddess of the Seas. As her dying act she gave her body to her children, creating the inland Sea of Lyrielle outside Castle Caerleon where the Merkind city of Mahrielle and those within it were magically transported to save them just moments before the entire ocean fell to the Blight.

The Maritanis was gone. Left in its place was liquid Blight that many called 'Black Water'.

By Location


The citizens of Aeswick fell victim to the Fetidsoul who carried with them new and horrifying mutation to the Walking Starvation. The town attempted to rise to the challenge but the settlement that had managed to withstand the fall of Dokrayth was not able to survive the Ocean Blight. Fires erected to celebrate the Festival of Flames were used to burn the Fetidsoul in an attempt to overcome them. Instead the flames consumed the town and the citizens were forced to flee for their lives.


Caerleon escaped much of the Ocean Blight and many thought they would be spared, until the great Leviathan emerged from the Ocean and set it's earth-shaking course directly for the capital of Ga'leah. The people of Caerleon led by the High King and Queen, Arthur and Gwenhwyfar Pendragon, as well as their resident wizard, Merlin, Lady of the Lake, Nimue, the valiant Knights of the Round Table and many who merely saw the need to defend the last sanctuary in Ga'leah felled the mighty creature and saved the capital, though part of the city's defenses were damaged and in need of vast repairs as a result.

Lake Lydnai & Affalohn

Lake Lyndai was targeted by a great Blighted Con Ra who carried with it a host of Blighted sea spiders known as Makara. The Fae fought valiantly to save the Isle of Affalohn but there were massive casualties.

Magoffin Castle

Magoffin Castle, former home of Morgana and her son Morded was set upon by the Fetidsouls whose noxious odor brought with them the fearsome Pycon. Though the denizens of the castle fought valiantly, all were forced to flee when the fight proved to be too much for them.

The Maritanis

Pirates still sailed upon the Maritanis even in the face of the Blight. Some valiant souls braved the waves and the Pirates in search of fish to feed their families. These poor fisherman instead encountered Blighted Mermaids rising from the depths, laying siege to any vessel which rode atop the waves. Just when it seemed they had seen the worst the sea had to offer, the Scry eruptted from the sea. If a vessel managed to survive the Blighted Mermaids and the Scry, most did not survive the Blighted sharks that circled waiting to devour any soul that ventured too close to their maws.

Strangely enough, many of beasts seemed to be corralling the Pirate vessels into the same inlet off of Solhara that the Merkind were led to through their veil of Blighted jellyfish. Here, the Pirates were forced to watch the death of their goddess and the loss of the oceans to the Blight.


While above ground many gathered to celebrate the Living Flame's Festival of Flames, below the waves the Merkind of the Maritanis gathered in Mahrielle to celebrate the spawning of the coral reefs. A great celebration was planned, culminating in a hunt to take advantage of the many sea creatures which emerge to feed during the spawning. Unfortunately, the festivities were interrupted by a pod of Blighted whales that attacked those Merkind unfortunate enough to to be hunting beyond Mahrielle's protection. Meanwhile, a veil of Blighted jellyfish descended to trap the Merkind still remaining within the city.

After some time, the Blighted jellyfish began to move away, but only in one direction, and only in a small corridor. Those Merkind who attempted to escape the city through this small window were led down a thin corridor in the ocean to an inlet of Solhara near the Hyadies. Here, they were forced to bear witness to the death of their Sea Goddess. Some managed to make it to land before the ocean itself became Blighted, but many including King Triton are believed lost.

For those who remained within Mahrielle, a great Belua arrived by the cover of darkness through the corridor in the Blighted jellyfish, blowing past any defenses the Merkind might have had and entering Mahrielle to go on a rampage. It was only stopped when the city of Mahrielle was magically relocated from the Maritanis to the Sea of Lyrielle following the Sea Goddess's death.

The Pride Lands

Although, until the Ocean Blight, Maleficent had been able to protect all of Xehacora from the Blight with her magical barrier, the strength of the Blight being released from the ocean was said to have caused her to withdraw the barrier to the more populated areas of the kingdom, those directly around the city of Fynnon. Sending word to all corners of Xehacora, she invited any who needed protection to shelter themselves within the barrier and promised that she would do what she could to help others fight to protect Xehacora from the Blight.

Unfortunately, the Pride Lands were one of the locations she could no longer protect. Two great Belua left the oceans and slithered their way onto land, ready to attack the Pride Lands and fell any who crossed their paths. The Skinwalkers fought them off without Maleficent's aid and feelings of animosity towards the Queen only grew within their ranks as a result.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary was supposed to be protected against acts of violence, magical or otherwise, but with the attack of the Blight on the ocean, the island became susceptible to monsters. The High King and Queen, Arthur and Gwenhwyfar Pendragon were enjoying a rare and short-lived vacation on the island when the Blighted Skrag emerged from the depths of the sea to converge upon the island. Although they were able to fight their way to their boat, they were once more accosted at sea where the High Queen almost drowned in the fighting and the High King was forced to slay a terrifying Scry to save her.


The Capital City of Calladahn behind whose walls lurked the richest and most powerful people in the kingdom was supposedly safe from the Blight, the Walking Starvation, and the nightmares that stalked the countryside. It was not, however. A Sea Wyrm departed the Maritanis at dusk and nearly destroyed the stronghold, causing great damage to the structures of the city and weakening its defenses greatly. Thrine survived, but barely.


Early that morning, some citizens of Wyldgate were dispatched to the beaches to fetch fish and oysters for the Festival of Flames. Many of them returned with strange wounds they attributed to jellyfish washed onto the beach. Most retired to their homes to treat their wounds and rest, but emerged hours later as Fetidsouls. Robin and Marian Dee Wymond struggled to help the town. Marian was too late to save her parents and was forced to deal the killing blow to each.

In their wake came the gruesome Tiamat who climbed the walls of Wyldgate with ease, snatching sentries from their posts with tentacles and leaving the city ripe for the killing. Though the guards were able to slay the beast, they did so at great cost.

As night fell on Wyldgate and the Festival of Flames was truly supposed to take place, the city was once more set upon, this time by monstrous Pycon on whom the small but terrifying Sea Slakers had hitched a ride from the ocean depths in search of ways to propagate and lives to destroy. Alexandrea Morana and Robin Dee Wymond set about dispatching the Pycon before Wyldgate had to be evacuated.


Although previously untouched by the Blight, the capital of Solhara was accosted by two great Brachuyra who were fought off by the brave Solharans. Unfortunately, even though the city was saved, the Brachyura brought with them the Walking Starvation, the undead plague that had not yet made its way to the desert kingdom.

The Blighted


See Zoology of the Maritanis

Blighted Eel

Physical Description: Blighted eels appeared much as their healthier counterparts, although the Blight caused them to grow to much larger and more terrifying proportions. The Blight also sustained them as they left the water for short periods of time, slithering up beaches and down fresh waterways for a small jaunt in search of prey.

Danger: Blighted eels used their powerful jaws, strong tails, and electric charge to take down prey both on land and in the sea.

Weakness: These eels were Blighted, and as such, the only way to completely stop their onslaught was to destroy the head. No other injury besides fire would result in death.

Blighted Jellyfish

Physical Description: Blighted jellyfish appeared much as they did before they were Blighted though with mutations and aberrations to their natural forms which made them easily identifiable as sick.

Danger: Blighted jellyfish worked as a unit, forming walls or living nets in the oceans through which others were forced to pass. Being stung by a Blighted jellyfish was extremely painful and caused temporary paralysis in the limb affected. Being stung on the head or face would result in infection and would Blight the creature attacked. Blighted jellyfish were also known to allow themselves to be washed ashore where they appear as gelatinous puddles until someone or something happened nearby. Blighted jellyfish did not die on land, though they would dry out and become nearly immobile if they were not carried out to sea again on the next tide.

Weakness: Jellyfish have no brain, so Blighted jellyfish could only be destroyed with fire and magic.

Blighted Merkind

Physical Description: The basics of what used to be a Merkind remained, although their skin became translucent, allowing anyone to see what lay beneath.

Danger: Sharp nails and teeth could easily slice through flesh. Their tail, though not as strong as it was before, was still quite powerful when used as a weapon. They lost their ability to speak and instead, issued a loud screeching noise as a distraction. They also preferred to attack at night or in the dark but would attack at any time of day to sate their hunger.

Weakness: Most weapons worked against them. Blades still easily slashed through their skin and fire could be very effective as well. Their eyes were more sensitive to light and they could be momentarily blinded with it. To kill the Blighted Merkind and stop their advance entirely, one must have destroyed the head.

Blighted Shark

Physical Description: Blighted sharks came in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, just as true sharks do. However, the Blight gave them an insatiable hunger, and turned their skin to solid stone.

Danger: Just like true sharks, the Blighted sharks had an electro-receptive organ on their noses which allowed them to sense the electromagnetic fields of living creatures, extreme night vision and enhanced eyesight, and enhanced smell that could sense one drop of blood in a million parts water (or liquid Blight). However, their Lateral Line was covered by stone and so they were no longer capable of sensing vibration or pressure.

Weakness: With skin made of solid rock, a Blighted shark could no longer be killed very easily. Attacks had to be aimed towards the eyes, the inside of the mouth, and the end of the nose where the electro-receptive ampullae remained uncovered by stone and therefore rendered the tip of their noses soft and unprotected.


See Zoology of the Maritanis


Physical Description: Chuul were a horrible mix of crustacean, insect and serpent that were bout 8 feet long and weighed about 650 pounds.

Danger: They were sometimes known to lay in wait by the shore, partially submerged in murky water for prey to walk past. They had long tentacles that whipped out and could paralyze, and incredibly strong claws that could virtually cleave a person in half should they catch them. They were not solitary creatures, usually moving along coasts or in temperate marshes in groups of half a dozen or more.

Weakness: They were far from impervious, and though they were fast if enough damage was dealt to them they would fall. They were especially weak against fire and electrical attacks, and sensitive in the eyes, face and underbelly.

Con Ra

See Zoology of the Maritanis


Physical Description: An Emogob was roughly the size of a human child with scores of barbed tentacles erupting from their chests and three appendages tipped with poisoned barbs exploding from their backs.

Danger: The Emogob clung to parts of the Leviathan, appearing as nothing more than a scared and possibly infected child. They dislodged and fell from the creature at different intervals. They emitted a cry very similar to that of an injured child, but when someone moved to check on the child, the monster within exploded outward and went on the attack, attempting to sting the human with one of its three stingers.

Weakness: The Emogob had a soft underbelly, and if an attack could be aimed at that soft flesh past the scores of grasping tentacles, they could be killed.


Physical Description: They began appearing as a Human that fell victim to the Ocean Blight. The basic Human form remained although a few changes had begun to occur. What remained of their hair appeared like seaweed and one or both limbs were often replaced with long, slimy tentacles. They quickly decayed, leaving a rancid smell and obvious signs of wear and tear.

The longer they remained in the sun, the more they bloated, doubling and sometimes even tripling in size. Their limbs and body ballooned to incredible sizes until eventually, they exploded.

Danger: They used the tentacles on their limbs as a whip and had a ravenous hunger making them incredibly dangerous with their razor sharp teeth.

Weakness: Capable of being killed in the same way as any human, their state of decay compared to other Blighted creatures made them more susceptible to blade attacks. The larger they bloated, the slower they moved.


Physical Description: The Leviathan was a creature crafted from the Blight, an amalgam of animals from the deep sea who were merged into one horrifying creature of the Blight and sent to land to do its bidding and destroy the capital. There has never been a creature like the Leviathan in Ga'leah...and there likely never will be again.

It stood at around 90 feet or roughly 30 meters with six long, double-jointed legs. It had hundreds of multi-jointed appendages on the underside of its body, and barbed tentacles above its head. The Leviathan's body was composed of a tough exoskeleton that was weak only at the places from which its appendages erupted from the body. It was so dense and large that it's footsteps caused small tremors in the nearby land and it's footprints sank several feet into the fresh dirt.

Danger: The Leviathan could shake the ground simply by walking and leave large, treacherous footprints in it's wake. The jointed appendages on its body were tipped with a poison not unlike that of a jellyfish, and the tentacles contained sharp claws within each sucker that could rip or puncture flesh if they are allowed to wrap around something.

Weakness: Aside from the soft spots in its exoskeleton where the appendages erupted outward, the Leviathan's joints were also not as heavily fortified as the rest of its body. They could be punctured or even severed with repeated trauma or enough force, though the creature posed as much risk on the ground as it did aloft on all six legs. It's head was also semi vulnerable. Although the head itself was not armored, it was protected by several plates of armor that jutted outward from the body's exoskeleton and made it difficult to cause damage to the more tender tissue beneath.


See Zoology of the Maritanis


Physical Description: Once a Sperm whale, Monstro was warped by his infection of the Blight into a truly terrifying creature with enormous razor sharp teeth and a thirst for blood. He also passed on the infection to a whole pod of other Sperm and Baleen Whales which also became known as Monstros.

Dangers: Monstros depended upon their sheer size for attacks. They could swallow groups of attackers, allowing the living Blight within them to warp those unfortunate souls into other Blighted creatures to be spit out again to spread the infection. They could also easily destroy structures such as buildings in Mahrielle and Pirate ships with those selfsame jaws and enormous bodies.

Weakness: Monstros were Blighted, and as such, the only way to completely stop their onslaught was to destroy the head or burn them alive. No other injury would result in death.


See Zoology of the Maritanis


See Zoology of the Maritanis


See Zoology of the Maritanis

Sea Slakers

See Zoology of the Maritanis

Sea Wyrm

See Zoology of the Maritanis


See Zoology of the Maritanis


Physical Description: A Tiamat was a Blighted amalgam, a combination of a Blighted Mermaid and a Blighted octopus. Their bodies were ringed by strong, muscular tentacles the size of tree trunks that could extend some 10 feet from their bodies. They were capable of some rudimentary speech and came with a truly terrible odor.

Danger: The Tiamat attacked with its tentacles which were large and incredibly well muscled. It could squeeze and even rip it's prey apart with said tentacles. Some of these tentacles were capped by spines that dripped with a paralytic agent. In addition, a Tiamat had a terrible smell which they could control at will, consciously increasing the smell until it reduced those in the vicinity into a sickened state.

Weakness: The Tiamat's body was surrounded by a ring of heavy, muscular tentacles that had to be cleaved off, one by one, to reveal the soft and unprotected body within. Once exposed, the Tiamat was easily debilitated and slain by targeted attacks to it's body.

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