Welcome to the OUAN Wiki

Welcome to the OUAN Wiki

The OUAN Site Wiki is a labor of love created by the current members of OUAN for the future members of OUAN. Our goal is to make the canon history of our site as easy to peruse and learn as possible for those of you who wish to join our family. Within you can find everything from species to characters to members to canon tales and so much more.

WE ARE IN BETA TESTING RIGHT NOW. ALTHOUGH 99% OF THE WIKI IS DONE, WE ARE STILL IN THE PROCESS OF FACT CHECKING, PROOFREADING, AND COMPLETING A FEW EXTRA PAGES AS WE REALIZE THAT WE NEED TO MAKE THEM. Please excuse our mess. If you find empty pages, we are working on filling them post haste. If you find conflicting information, we are working on making our facts align across pages and we would be happy to tell you which piece of conflicting information is correct. We apologize for any confusion, with luck Beta Testing will be over the and the Wiki will be 100% done shortly.


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Initially joined 9/14. Rejoined 6/17

She / Her

"Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten." G.K. Chesterton

Timezone: Eastern
Contact: PM
Age: 46
Tweedle Dum

I'm Falcon, and I joined Once Upon a Nightmare way back in 2014. My first character was Tweedle Dum. Eventually, I also started playing the Sultan of Solhara and Delirium. My fellow members were great, I really loved writing with everyone, and I had some fantastic plots going. Unfortunately, in late 2015 my dad suffered from some serious health issues. I was too busy taking care of him to keep up with my threads, and despite everyone being really understanding, I eventually chose to leave the site.

Fast forward to 2017, when I decided to pop in and see how the site was doing. I'd really missed playing here, and was already pretty tempted to rejoin. And then I saw that Zev had put up a wanted ad for Tweedle Dum. That decided it. No one gets to play Tweedle Dum except me! LOL!

For now, I'm sticking to just one character. I don't want to risk getting overwhelmed and being forced to abandon people like I did before.

More About Falcon

The Writing Details

I'm pretty comfortable with graphic sex or graphic violence. If the story calls for it, I'm inclined to play the scene out, rather than fade to black. But my partner's enjoyment of our thread is my highest priority! I'll always check in with them when it seems like things are going to a dark place, and if they'd rather skip over the gritty details, I'm happy to accommodate them.

I don't have any true triggers that I know about. But I am a little sensitive when it comes to violence against animals. (The only thing I was thinking the first time I watched Alien was "Save the cat! Save the cat!") Something like "he shot the rabbit and they ate it for dinner" is fine. However, if you want to lovingly describe every detail of killing and skinning it, I'd appreciate a warning.

My dad's health still isn't great, so my replies may come slowly sometimes, depending on what's going on with him. And my coding skills are nonexistent, so you won't be seeing any pretty templates in my posts. But, if none of that bothers you, I'm sure we could have fun together!

I enjoy all sorts of plots, from the frightening to the fluffy. At the moment, my main focus is continuing Tweedle Dum's plot arc. I feel like he's come a long way from his beginnings as a naive and subservient changeling. He's learned to stand up for himself, which taught him that he's capable of far more than he ever imagined. He's earned the respect of his brother, found out that he's a father, and discovered important truths about the nature of love. I want to see him fully develop into the hero he was always meant to be.

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