Welcome to the OUAN Wiki

Welcome to the OUAN Wiki

The OUAN Site Wiki is a labor of love created by the current members of OUAN for the future members of OUAN. Our goal is to make the canon history of our site as easy to peruse and learn as possible for those of you who wish to join our family. Within you can find everything from species to characters to members to canon tales and so much more.

WE ARE IN BETA TESTING RIGHT NOW. ALTHOUGH 99% OF THE WIKI IS DONE, WE ARE STILL IN THE PROCESS OF FACT CHECKING, PROOFREADING, AND COMPLETING A FEW EXTRA PAGES AS WE REALIZE THAT WE NEED TO MAKE THEM. Please excuse our mess. If you find empty pages, we are working on filling them post haste. If you find conflicting information, we are working on making our facts align across pages and we would be happy to tell you which piece of conflicting information is correct. We apologize for any confusion, with luck Beta Testing will be over the and the Wiki will be 100% done shortly.


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Standing alone is one of the hardest thing a person will ever have to do.

Timezone: a time zone
Contact: Pms or cbox works
Age: 20's
Sabel the Soul Reaper
I am called Fox, and I play the childlike Goddess of Death. I try to help people when ever they need a hand or a lift or a kind word. If i know someone is feeling blue I try to say something nice or kind. Sabel represents my patience and kindness aspects of my personality. These days I'm also grieving my many losses so some days I find muse hard to find. I am also a scatter brain and I forget my place in my posts if i don't get to them very quickly then it is hard to find my place again. To those waiting for posts I'm very sorry It has been a very hard past six months for me and there is no end in sight. I find the one post a month requirement very humane because I can generally manage at least one post a month.

RP stuff


To be honest I'm up for just about anything but i only have one character the slightly mad, very weird Goddess of Death Sabel/Sable the Soul Reaper. Sabel has a mind of her own and I cannot promise that you will like rping with me. Some people do, some people don't.


I dont dislike anything but I'm not sure if romances would work with Sabel. though you are welcome to try.

Other things

I dunno I'll add things as I think of them.
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