Welcome to the OUAN Wiki

Welcome to the OUAN Wiki

The OUAN Site Wiki is a labor of love created by the current members of OUAN for the future members of OUAN. Our goal is to make the canon history of our site as easy to peruse and learn as possible for those of you who wish to join our family. Within you can find everything from species to characters to members to canon tales and so much more.

WE ARE IN BETA TESTING RIGHT NOW. ALTHOUGH 99% OF THE WIKI IS DONE, WE ARE STILL IN THE PROCESS OF FACT CHECKING, PROOFREADING, AND COMPLETING A FEW EXTRA PAGES AS WE REALIZE THAT WE NEED TO MAKE THEM. Please excuse our mess. If you find empty pages, we are working on filling them post haste. If you find conflicting information, we are working on making our facts align across pages and we would be happy to tell you which piece of conflicting information is correct. We apologize for any confusion, with luck Beta Testing will be over the and the Wiki will be 100% done shortly.


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Member since April/2014


I don't miss.

Timezone: GMT -9 (Alaskan)
Contact: PM/PM or Ask for Discord
Age: 20s
Robin Dee Wymond
Gerda Frost
Avilon Vaughn (NPC)
I am a random Panda. This random Panda has been on OUAN since April Fools, 2014. Therefore, I am old on OUAN, but still clueless. Yays. I love archery, forests, and like to ramble. That will show in a lot of my characters, but mainly Robin, my first baby. I also love giving out cyber cookies. Don't worry, they're safe.

I love family-driven and enemyship plots. Friends do count as family. Also: drama, sometimes over the top, sometimes not. Honestly though... drama is lots of fun. I'm fine with violent mature threads. I'm awkward with sexual mature threads and prefer to keep it to subtle and faded out.

Quick Rundown of Characters:

Robin: Snarky Asshole Rebel w/ a Heart of Gold
Gerda: Survivalist, Stand-offish, sister to Jack and Kristoff Frost
Avilon: A Literal Precious Cinnamon Roll
Eilonwy: A Lost Fae Princess just out of centuries of being locked in some dungeon or another

Years on OUAN

Year One on OUAN

Not really a big fan of zombies, but dark fantasy canon re-imaginings? Sounds like fun! So much hard work put in here you guys are amazing.

Year Two on OUAN

I love you all so much.
Small Stint as Ad Mod
Later Hiatus for Personal & School Reasons

Year Three on OUAN

I'm back, boo-ya!
...omg, I've been here for 3 years.

Former Characters

List of Former Characters

IMPORTANT NOTE: These characters may no longer be canon or else have a different canon interpretation played by someone else after I was no longer able to play them. The notes here should not be used as canon information. Rather, this is a simple list of what kind of characters I used to play and fun little notes that still give them a place in my heart.

Jasmine Nejem - Princess of Solhara (Aladdin)
cold, poised, badass princess. was stuck with marriage to jafar because of batshit crazy father. jas sure the oldest prince only sane one in this family
Gawain Orcadian - Knight of the Round Table (King Arthur)
mr. grumpy knight. fell into a dip of depression after the blight and death of his youngest brother. avid devotee to helios the lightgiver, former god of the sun.
Katherine Tremaine - Cinderella's evil step-sister. Twin. (Cinderella)
younger of the twins of madame tremaine. loved her sister. despised cindy. after sister was sent away for marriage before blight, hated the thought of marriage.
The Red Bull - Former Prince of the Court of the Bull, Royal Guard of the Red Court (The Last Unicorn)
mr psycho. betrayed his family to the goblin king, jareth. former court is now the labyrinth. bounty hunter to amalthea, the last unicorn, and anastasia, the princess of the court of hearts. still had soft spot for his little sister eilonwy (black cauldron).
Arawn - Fae who abstained from the War with the Gods. Leader of the Wild Hunt (Wild Hunt)
stoic animal and nature lover. sold part of his soul to the goddess of war to stay in ga'leah. hunted damned souls.

NOTE AGAIN: Noncanon information above. Formerly canon, but not necessarily anymore. See canon tale pages or new character pages if someone has since taken up any of these characters.

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