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 Alexandrea Morana

Alexandrea Morana

King Arthur

Alexandrea Morana

Portrayed By Rose Leslie

Created By: Bones
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Species: Fae/Human (Skinwalker)
Position: Assassin/Mercinary
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Alexandrea Morana was born under the name Iseult to a skinwalker mother and a fae father. For most of her life, she has traveled unknown by most of Ga'leah's populous. To most people, she is a bit of an enigma, having spent the majority of her life on the road, hunting for a living, and moving on before anyone could get to know her or even remember her after she'd disappeared.

In the darker alley's of Ga'leah, her reputation is a bit different. She is known for her ability to hunt both animals and people, going after anything that will fetch her a large purse, and not have half the kingdom demanding her head. Her reputation generally came with the rather astonishing jobs she has been able to pull off, as well as her near perfect record. How she accomplishes such challenging tasks remained a mystery to those who knew to hire her, however, her recent activities have brought a little more light to her secret than she would care to admit...



Born to a fae and a skinwalker, Alexandrea was guaranteed a strange life from the beginning. As toddler and a young child, she had a fairly normal childhood, or rather, as normal as one can have. Her mother, along with many other women and a few men took the form of a horse, living in a tight knit group in the foothills of the Hyadies of Calladahn. When she met Viktor, an estranged and lonely fae, the two captivated each other and he became an honorary member of the tribe, as well as their main protector. When their daughter Iseult was born, it was much to the delight of the tribe, and for six years she spent her time surrounded by people who adored her. Those distant, happy memories are part of what keeps her sane to this very day. When she was six, her mother, and most of the tribe was killed by raiders while Viktor was otherwise occupied. Iseult, whose powers had manifested in the equine form of her tribe's signature skins, had wandered off - as youngsters do - and was spared the attack.

Viktor in the mean time, did not take the death of his beloved well. Already an outcast of his kind, his history was "strange" at best. He was a mad scientist, fascinated by the bodies of mortals and fae alike, but more than anything, he was fascinated (to the point of obsession) by dragons. Before he had met Mara and been consumed with a life surrounded by living, breathing creatures he had been obsessed with finding dragons and convinced that he was one. He had attempted for many years to perfect a dragon form, and while the blood of a dragon ran through his veins, he failed time and again.

His daughter's natural shapeshifting ability had already intrigued him, as she had been capable of it at four years old, but as the madness of grief threatened to consume him, he turned it into a thirst for knowledge, a quest to complete his own transformation, and to give his daughter the ability to never need his protection like her mother did. So he took the girl, and turned her into a monster. This was aided by several things: the tenacity of the fae, and the strength of his offspring. For Iseult had another gift, and that was to repair herself. Not immortal like the fae, but able to recover from wounds and illnesses that would be fatal to humans, or skinwalkers for that matter. He tested the limits of what she could survive, and then stretched them even farther with his own magic.

For ten years, he experimented on her, and transformed her. The equine shape that had once so resembled her mother was sliced and stitched into something almost completely different, giving her scales, claws, sharp teeth and eventually...wings. It had been the wings which had been Viktors undoing for so many years, but once he was able to successfully shape them to his daughter's equine form, he had discovered the recipe for success. However, his broken child, forced into a stupor of fear and insanity for an entire decade finally regained enough of her senses to break free and take flight. In her crazed, desperate escape she fled all the way to Solhara,where she spent an entire year hiding between the Oasis and the Sanctuary, spending most of her time in trees, and flying over the open ocean. Her only contact with other people was with the Powhatans of the Oasis, who gave her provisions as a beast, but she never once showed her human form to them. After a few months, they found her less of a threat which needed to be appeased, and more of an odd stray that begged for food and sometimes killed wild beasts for them.

This odd, but mildly symbiotic relationship brought back some of her sanity, as well as teaching her how to use this frightening new form of hers. She spent several years roaming the Oasis and the Maritanis, as well as the varying port cities until she was struck down by a storm en route to the Oasis from the Sanctuary. After spending the better part of a day being tossed like a leaf in the heaving sea, she wound up on the shores of Xehacora.

Adult Life

After a brush with death on the sea, Iseult wasn't keen on going near the ocean again, and determined to put her past behind her, spent the next few years trying to find a new lot in life. Disgusted by what she was, but also well aware of its power, she sought out a use for it. With no money, she had to come up with a way to provide for herself. Her mother had been a skilled bow hunter, so she took to teaching herself the skill.

After fleeing her father, she had a great deal of learning to catch up. The first few years were hard; there were many social norms and behaviors that she had not acquired over the years. However, while her father had been a mad scientist who used her as a subject, he had also made sure she was educated - she could read, write, and knew the basic workings of the natural world around her. So she read, watched, and learned quickly as she learned her place. Within five years of her escape, she had more or less brought herself up to date. During that time, she became a skilled thief, being small in stature and excellent at moving quietly; a skill she acquired through trying to avoid her father, despite always being found.

She spent most of her twenties traveling and training, and doing very little else. She came up with a new name; Alexandrea after one of her mother's friends, and the surename Morana after a farmer she met in Xehacora shortly after her brush with death. Early on she was able to use her skills to create an income for herself; while hunting was a common sport among the high class, it was something people would pay a few coins or more for if she brought back some passable game. However, it wasn't until she caught wind of a large bounty that was placed on the head of a nasty livestock killer and thief that she realized her skills could bring her a great deal more income than killing game. She took the challenge, and when she returned victorious and brought in her first pile of money, a whole new world opened up for her.

After that, she worked her way into the shadier parts of the kingdoms, and her expertise soon expanded. She did hits, retrievals, delivered messages and packages, all while still hunting on the side. This allowed her to live far more comfortably, and for another decade or so she built herself a reputation and could almost consider herself to be happy.


Now, her life has changed significantly. Since the onset of the Blight, she has found herself in quite a few difficult situations. With the Blight making corpses out of most of her targets before she can even get to them, and the increasingly dangerous creatures rising out of the Blight has drawn her into close quarters with people she normally would be careful not to get too close to. Fighting alongside fae and humans alike, and after an unhappy reunion with her father, staying neutral is becoming more challenging every day, as is staying hidden and unknown to the world as she has grown so used to over the years.
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