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 Melusina Marillac

Melusina Marillac

Original Character

Melusina Marillac
Princess of Xehacora

Portrayed By Alexandra Daddario

Created By: Nyxi
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Species: Demigod//Dragon
Position: Princess of Xehacora//Dragon Queen
See Also:
Melusina Marillac is only daughter of the King of Xehacora and Queen Maleficent. She has a dark soul and a clever mind, however, as a child she mostly kept to herself. She has a deep rooted disdain for her brothers, save for her twin, Percius with whom she shares a complicated magical bond.

Whereas Percy was born weak and sickly, Melusina thrived. She was the stronger of the two of them in words and deeds, but was warned not to flaunt them to her brothers. Her mother told her from the beginning that she was a special child and Melusina believed her. She knew she was something more than ordinary from day one. As she grew, it was discovered she could take the form of a true dragon.

Only a child of Dagon, god of Vengeance, could triumph such a feat and then it was revealed to her that she and her twin were, in fact, of his line and not their human ‘father’. Melusina locked this secret deep within her heart and guarded it as only a dragon could. She did not suffer her mother’s wrath as did her brothers, but instead was beloved. Her imperfection, as all demigods have, are dragon scales that cover a small area of her skin. She was able to hide this from the world thanks to her mother’s expert touch. She knew as a child she was of the line of the mighty dragon, and now she has become The Dragon the land fears. She is terror incarnate and turns everything to fire and ash with one breath. The aftermath of her flame creature pure chaos in the minds of her victims and they generally go mad from the terror they see.

The Priceless Princess

When Melusina was born, her parents rejoiced. Such a strong, healthy child came shrieking into the world and then was followed by one who may not survive. The midwife took her and washed her, wrapped her in a pink blanket, and put her in her mother’s arms. Her weakling brother, Percius, was placed next to her, and though they were of the same parentage, it was clear who the treasured one was. Melusina was gifted, marked by her true father, in that she had the speckling of dragon’s scales upon her skin. The midwife made mention of it and offered to fetch a priest to try and remove such a curse… but she never made it out of the nursery. In reality, Maleficent was delighted to see her daughter so blessed.

While Percy was weak and feeble, Melusina was the opposite of him entirely. Her existence was brought on by the god of Vengeance converging with Maleficent’s dark spirit and together they had produced a monster, though no one could grasp the magnitude of such a beast. The princess would be able to take the form of a true dragon whom would become known as “Darkfyrr”, because of the wicked flaes she could produce. As they grew, Melusina knew her father favored her brothers over herself. He prided himself that ‘his line’ would live on through them, but he was wrong. While the people cried out for “Precious Percy” and his ‘great strength’, Melusina brooded knowing he only lived because her blood flowed through his veins. They said it was a favor from the gods he had survived, but they had no idea the true wonder was in his shadow.

As she grew, Mel became more and more disgruntled with her brothers. Kuzco shared nothing with her, except an eye that would linger too long. Her younger brother, Eugene, was nothing more than a liability in her grand scheme, however, she remained quiet. They teased and taunted her, but Melusina would rarely strike back- after all, that was not for a lady to do. She did share a close friendship with her twin brother Percy for a time, but that too shifted in her adolescent years.

The Bastard

When Melusina was a teenager, her parents held a glorious affair and invited people from all realms to join them. The hidden agenda of this party was never revealed to the young princess, but the guest list was. There was a name she saw upon it and made it her business to meet the man to whom it belonged. The claimed he was a mighty hunter and had the heart of one. Curiosity took the best of her and Melusina demanded that they make his acquaintance. Not only did the princess have a dance with him, but she stole away with him into the darkness for a night. From that union, the seed of the wolf took, and the princess gave birth to a son whose father would become The Huntsman. Melusina named her precious son, Aithusa.

He was a lovely child, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes like his mother but a spirit like his father. He loved the outdoors and nature, as well as animals. Despite the youngest prince’s glorious bloodline, the King of Xehacora kept his daughter’s pregnancy and birth a secret. After all, a bastard child born to his virgin princess- what would people say? The little prince was publically proclaimed the King and Queen’s, however, only a few knew the truth. One of those chosen few was the High King of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon. He, with the aid of his advisor Merlin, knew the monster that hid beneath the princess’s fair skin. He also had learned the true heritage of Aithusa and feared the child would become more vicious than his mother. A young dragon, with a god as a father and a demigod dragoness as a mother, governed by Maleficent would not grow into a benevolent being. The Pendragon King ordered that the child be executed upon sight.

Melusina was devastated when she saw the slain boy of her young son. Her mother did her best to console her in the only way she knew how… she whispered the name of the murder into the dragon’s ears, “Pendragon”. It was in that moment that the war within her heart began, and Melusina vowed to violently kill all the Pendragon’s and end their line as they had hers. Her hatred for them and the god, his father, who did not protect him knows no bounds.

The Dark Dragon


After losing her son, Melusina’s heart burned black. She often takes flight and rains fire and ash upon the lands surrounding Xehacora. She has yet to destroy Camelot, because what fun is killing just the king and queen? She is waiting until they have a beloved child of their own she might slay. Her mother has bestowed her blessing upon her and Melusina’s reign of terror has gone unchecked long enough. Her hatred for the gods had grown thanks to Maleficent’s coaching and the grief she feels from the loss of Aithusa. She feels they should of protected him, as he was one of their own. Instead they allowed a mere human to spill his precious blood, so she will stain the lands with theirs.

The murder happened beneath the stars, so the dragon set out to punish he who created them. She found Aristillus the Starmaker in Zabier and viciously took his life in revenge. Her twin brother, Percy was present, but remained untouched by her due to the magick they share. Upon returning home to Fynnon, Melusina met Morgana, the Dark One, and took an interest in her because of her gifts. The two bonded quickly over the hatred for Camelot and all they stood for and a new and dangerous alliance was formed.

Melusina was also involved in the resurrection of the dragons with her mother, Maleficent. She held the knife that sacrificed her father, Dagon,and restored the dragons to this land. Although it did not go entirely as planned, the dragons rose again and proclaimed Melusina their queen. She leads the dragon army and stands by her mother’s side. In the final war, despite Morgana’s pleading, Melusina took her dragon’s into battle. It was foreseen that Maleficent would lose, but it was not foreseen how. Melusina took flight as Darkfyrr, and charred the land with her flame.

She was wounded badly in the fight, however, Melusina was saved by Morgana. She retreated to the Hyadies mountains in an old citadel. Now renamed, “Terragon” [land of dragons] the place is home to the dragon army. Melusina sits upon the stone throne and is their queen, but her eyes have not left Xehacora and Ga’Leah. Camelot will still burn and the world will be hers to command.

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