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 Gerda Frost

Gerda Frost

The Cold Survivalist (Snow Queen)

Gerda Frost

Portrayed By Jennifer Lawrence

Created By: Panda
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Species: Human
Position: Travel Guide / Survivor
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There are three words to describe Gerda Frost: survivor, stubborn, and socially awkward. The first two tie together, being someone who refuses to give up and die to the elements she often is faced with. As a travel guide around Ga'leah, she faces her work with a drive to succeed and get people from point A to point B safely. No matter what revelations come she will glare right back. The third point is how she deals with people, and on a whole, that isn't very great. She is best in a professional capacity, where her bluntness and efficiency can be appreciated. Otherwise, Gerda is awkward around others and finds it difficult to warm up to people she does not know. The young woman does have a heart and will show it if she's in the mood or the conditions are extreme enough.

Her current goal is still to find her best friend Kai, although with the end of the Blight she fears the chances of success seeing her friend alive is decreasing.



Class Standing: Peasant Mountain Dwellers, Hunters
Parents: Tray & Lanwen Frost
Brothers (all older): Jack Frost, Kristoff Frost

Early Life

The Frost family once had three children, and the family lived contently in a village in the Hyadies. Gerda was the youngest, and the only girl. While she enjoyed her life in the mountains as a child her personality and bearing were lighter than later in life. The workload she took in was low, and for the most part had very little to worry about. She enjoyed navigating and reading the land most, having a knack for it. However, she is also adequate at hunting. The playful attitude she had disappeared the day one of her older brothers, Jack, ‘died.’ Since he drowned trying to save her, Gerda since became more serious and shouldered more responsibility. She hunted more, and often if not helping with the food-producing, Gerda went with hunting parties and found the best routes for them to track and travel safely. She was not the greatest at it, and quickly became cold to others, yet she pushed herself until she reached an acceptable outcome.

A couple years after Jack’s disappearance, Gerda found a best friend in Kai, a child a couple years older than her. It was with the friendship that young Gerda honed her skills to a sharp edge. They first met when Gerda was ten and slid down a hill colliding with the older boy. He had a warmer reaction to the accident then she expected, and they quickly became friends, sharing their knowledge of the land together. The young girl learned how to hunt, read the terrain, and master the several paths through the Hyadies from Solhara to Calladahn better. Kai kept her company as in both work and play, and Gerda thought that she figured out a routine that worked in her life.

Teenage Years

Broken Family

There were few years in her life where Gerda was in a functioning family. Those were the years before Jack's disappearance, where they all worked on their duties and care for each other, and their care was genuine. Then, after Jack was gone, their parents started to become despondent, and it was not helpful that their daughter started to shut herself off. As well as her parents, Gerda also stopped cooperating with her other brother, Kristoff. The two younger siblings were never especially close, and when it became a strain on the whole family, Kristoff left. Gerda was fifteen at the time, and while she doesn't know why her brother left, she does blame him for it.

Work as a Guide

She was sixteen when she took up the business as a guide. One reason was to help her parents after she essentially became their only child. She also wanted to make a living; she wanted to survive in the world. The best way she could do that was off the land. Her people skills need work. However, Gerda is the best in the business when it comes to leading people though the mountains and not to their death, although that is not always out of the question. Gerda’s fare is cheap and her business is no-nonsense. She kept to small groups, typically families and groups of close relations, instead of bigger trading and merchant caravans. This is largely due to the fact Gerda is not best with larger groups of people.

Before the Blight, one found her either working around the village center of her birth to find travelers needing assistance. To help with this, she tacked on notices to places she thought prevalent. Gerda had a secondary residence across the mountains, on the Calladahn side, where she stayed for a few days a week to see if anyone needed help to travel south. Unlike at home, this secondary residence stands outside any village and instead sits near the main path's entrance to the Hyadies. Two years on the job and in the scope of the Hyadies she is one of the best in the business.

At this time, her expertise and range as a travel guide stayed within the Hyadies, and she never saw much beyond the mountains; nevertheless, she did hear stories and being integrated in trading routes she stayed on top of general news.

The Schism

Her life took another change shortly before the Blight hit, when she was nearing 18 years old. The meeting was with her best friend Kai and, what was a casual get-together after several weeks not seeing each other, he turned on her when he pushed her away. Stunned was one way to describe how Gerda felt and another way was angry. Kai helped her in the past while she worked in the mountains. His easy and genuine attitude and added skills to hers helped in her work, and more importantly she enjoyed his company. Her stubbornness came to play, and she's determined to find her friend.

She checked all the areas she knew in the mountains with no luck. That was when her mission in her life turned to finding Kai and to snap him back to his senses. The sense of loyalty she owes her friend is too much for her to ignore. In efforts to locate him, Gerda extended her guide services to include all of Ga’leah and has since been all over a few times already. It was not easy going at first. Gerda only heard about the rest of the lands from travelers; she made a poor guide in areas unknown to her. Most of the time, her life was about survival as much as finding work. She hunted for her own food, and either camped out or found inns and places to stay. However, within a month or so, Gerda adapted and started to offer guiding services with a frequency to survive off of.

The Blight

Unfortunately, Gerda was not able to get into a rhythm with her search for Kai or as a guide across all of Ga'leah. She was in Calladahn, near the Dokrayth border, when she first encountered the Walking Starvation. Her prior instinct was to brush off the stories of the living dead infecting others. She was alone in the encounter but managed to come out of it unharmed, with only facing a couple of the Infected. She took the stories seriously after that, and while she preferred to live off guide services, more often than not she joined with different groups with no cost and the simple goal of survival. Throughout the Blight, she kept to herself and went on a dogged continued search for Kai.

There were times, when she needed money and to see her parents again, she returned home to the Hyadies. She helped out a few days at once and on the familiar territory she was able to offer business services across the different paths of the Hyadies. This would go on for a couple weeks, until she split the money she earned with her parents and went on the road again.

A couple of these times, Gerda had a couple encounters with the Spirit of Winter, Jack Frost. Unbeknownst to her in the beginning, he was the same Jack Frost as her brother. Her heart wanted to make the connection, yet it was overwhelmed with the annoyance concerning the former fae of winter as he tried to stop her progress and destroy the parties whom she promised safe travel. The times she met him face to face, she was alone, and Gerda grew comfortable with their antagonism. It was not until the end of the Blight when she realized the connection to her lost brother, and she's been in a confused off-kilter state ever since.

The last few months of the Blight, Gerda kept close to Caerleon and helped out where she could there. Mainly though, the young woman kept to herself and made ends meet staying in a small inn as she kept incoming refugees that stopped by informed if she heard anything about their relatives. What she hoped for was news on Kai in return but was unsuccessful. When Solhara fell to the Blight and the dragons came, Gerda helped a number of groups to Caerleon.

In the months after the Blight ended, Gerda wanders around Caerleon and sometimes ventures out to the Wastes and haunted lands. None of these trips last long though. She has become distrustful of magic, blaming it for Kai’s original disappearance, her brother’s disposition and the Blight. However, she does not actively bother to voice her displeasure.

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