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 Sabel the Soul Reaper, Goddess of Death

Sabel the Soul Reaper

Canon Role

Sabel the Soul Reaper
Stealer of Souls

Portrayed By Jodelle Ferland

Created By: Fox
Gender: Female
Age: 4000 years old
Species: Goddess
Position: Goddess of Death
See Also:
Aethanryke the Forebearer,The Afterlife, Reapers, Vampires
Sabel is the Goddess of Death, ruler and keeper of the Afterlife. She keeps the souls of the dead in her realms. The Blight was not something she could control and the Blighted were not included in her influences.That bothers her and she doesn't understand why they can't be simply Reaped with a flick of her wrist. Some creatures belong to her falling under her world of death, the non living and all that is not life.

Not all of her creatures worship her. All of the creatures that she claims as hers share one point, though, they are not alive in the traditional sense.Spirits, Ghosts, Ghouls, Reapers, Vampires (Reapers who steal life and abandoned her), at best these creatures are mostly harmless, at worst they steal life.

Her servants include her living priests and priestesses and the Reapers who serve as her semi permanent companions and helpers during her time of weakness. The Blight drained her strength, drawing the life out of her, her very Essence the magic that bound up her being. The Blight consumed life like her and the creatures under death's sway but unlike them it didn't go back into the magical void it caused the Blight to feed hunger and rage.

Who is she?

Her physical form

Sabel's physical form changes depending on her needs, she is a shapeshifter like her Reapers. Her basic form is that of a young child about 8 years old with long black hair flowing down her back. Her eyes are silver and shift in color with her moods. Her feet walk barefoot through the streets and fields wielding a wooden staff which could bloom under the influence of her brother Sage the Green Man.

She is made of ashes and will devolve into ashes and shadows if she runs too low on energy. She can also turn into a non humanoid killing mist or fog which could kill at a touch. Sabel is childlike in her love of playing pranks on people who annoy her.

The shadows are her mode of fast travel and she can create things from them, her clothes and hair are shadow based. Her staff is real wood that she picked up from an ash tree, a new one every few years she rots wood if she handles it for to long.

Her family and family tree

The Pantheon

Sabel is one of eleven siblings, children of magic and time. The first ten including Sabel herself were born 4000 years ago after her parents had lived alone for a thousand years. The last of her siblings was the God of Knowledge born 1000 years after Sabel and the rest. All of the first generation of gods are her siblings. Second generation is made up of her Sibling's children and more recently the third generation is made of formerly mortal receivers of divine power aka new gods. The first of these was the Huntsman.

Whether or not Sabel's sibling's liked her or each other depended a lot on the timing and circumstances of their meetings.Her personal favorites are Time, Chaos, War, the Moon, and more recently the Huntsman. She considered the new born gods her family, younger siblings. They didn't replace her lost loves but added to her world of happiness.

A few months ago when she had been low from Reaping her sister of the Sea she spoke to her father. She had asked him to make sure to help her replacement if something happened to her.He had reluctantly agreed to treat them with respect but told her he would still miss her and they would not be her. She has had to reap the Matchmaker, the Death Dealer, the Moon Maiden. Sabel's told the Pantheon that she had Reaped Adora, but all of the currently live gods have met Maleficent who is a fallen god.

Claiming their souls after they gave the last of themselves to kill the horror that was the horseman of death. She held onto them long enough for her father to reach them and claim their godhood's for himself. War and Love/Emotions were not lost to the world or force to fight against all their family stands for.

Only three other gods are strong enough to cross the void to her realm.The Source, Time and possibly Chaos are strong enough to reach her in the void space where she keeps the souls of those who have passed on recently.


The demigods are the half mortal children of her family the Pantheon. Born cursed to not fit in anywhere, to be forever hunted . they were born because one of her family was in love or lust with a mortal. Sabel has no Half mortal children of her own. She doesn't understand why her family could risk the mortal and the child just for their own pleasure. If she finds the child it must die, that is the law according to her Father. She never asked why he made this rule, it was practically the only actual rule that the Pantheon had to fallow.

The demigods are not something she likes to think about, they make her sad in her secret soul.The half mortal children of her siblings must die just for being born. They are too powerful but not bound by the laws that governed either of their parents. Sabel is required to Reap them when she finds them. It is a task that she doesn't take pride in and something she wants to be sure of.

Relationships of Death

Sabel is the Goddess of Death, she has a soft spot in her heart for the young and the weak. Children are her favorites, Sabel is gentle with them and instructs her Reapers to also be gentle with them. There is no time limit when a soul has to leave Limbo, the world where she judges the souls of all. Often children stay for a time playing with her and each other. They wait for their parents to join them or just want to have fun. Limbo rings with the laughter of spectral children free of pain or care..

She doesn't have any lovers at this moment, Sabel doesn't see the point as all those who were mortal would be Reaped by her people at the end of their lifetimes. Besides this there is a restriction against her family loving their creations in a romantic away. The only ones they were allowed to love was other gods and she was Death. That made her unpopular at best and out right hated at worst. Only a few gods even liked her, she could count them on one hand. Her brother Lash is one of the exceptions and the brother she is closest to, they share a bond that could develop into love. Chaos being chaos her brother also is at some points her sister..

Her father Time was one he was spacial to her and they shared a bond that was different than most of the gods. He was faithful to her mother and besides he and the Source had made her and her siblings..

War was another, she fallowed in Andraste's steps when her sister took the field of battle. They have a mutual respect for the responsibility of the other. Sabel walked the battlefields of armies with her Reapers' blood coating her feet and the whimpers of those who were hurt. .

Her brother Chaos might make a suitable mate but he was lost to the darkness. She had known that her Brother the Sun and Sister the Moon had fallen in love but Sabel didn't really think it was for her.

Worship of the Dead and Dying

The Priesthood

The Priesthood of the the Death Goddess is not a popular place to serve. But it is a necessary position, keeping her alters and maintaining the graveyards. She also claims the healers in the last year or two of their training. They need to know her to best serve the people so healers spend a year or two in her service to be considered a finished healer. Some of her priests also help her on the battle field soothing the mortally wounded.

Her priesthood handles the dead, loss and grieving. They also hold a copy of the wills in the area if one exists.The mortal priest's hand any orphans over to the priesthood of the Matchmaker if there isn't any family to take them. Sabel accepts acolytes into priesthood who are ideally teenage or older.There are exceptions to any rule, she will accept younger applicants under special circumstances.

The Soul Reapers

Sabel created the Reapers to serve several purposes. She wanted a companion after spending two thousand years alone. She provided each Reaper under her with a piece of her own soul to sustain them in exchange for theirs for all time. Its how a Human or Fae becomes one of her children, their memories and soul are claimed by the gods in order to keep the Reapers impartial. This is a process which takes the cooperation of the Soul Reaper, Forebearer, Matchmaker, and the Source, mother of all.

There is a flaw in using her own life force to sustain the Reapers, if she dies they revert to their previously dead state. Their souls get transported into the Afterlife. The Reapers are not alive but they are not dead either, they are somewhere in between tied to Sabel. Reapers can be any age or gender but they need to have a personality that suits the work.


Birth of a god

In the void the magic ripples, shadows gathering into the birth on a new concept of the universe. A god was being born. The source of all magic was her mother and her brother stood beside her. The child god stood up slowly testing it's new legs. It was trying to decide wither or not it wanted to be a girl or boy. A few of the others when she looked around it looked like they were fighting about something. Mother shifted the fighters apart and had everyone line up. Everyone would be given a realm of influence and they would pick.

It was her turn to talk with mother about what she wanted to be, looking over the choices she chose death as her realm of influence. Her mother knelt down and told her that death was a frightening realm ,even the gods wouldn't be totally comfortable with her. She would be alone for death was a lonely place. Th little god nodded said that she wanted death to be her realm. With that determined smile her body disappeared in order to take on the powers needed to be death. She had turned into ashes and crumbled away.

The first thing that becomes clear of the tiny gods life is a staff wrapped up by a black cloak. The cloak and staff lay there for a few seconds motionless. This child is the concept of death, the soul stealer. The shadows swirled around the staff and cloak thinking about it. The cloak filled with a shape, pale hands took up the staff and feet used it a leverage in order to stand up. A small solemn face looked out from the overly large hood long hair flowing like water out of it. She would be a girl, in this life and her name was Sabel the soul stealer.

The fae rebellion

It was also a very dark time for sabel, all of the death in the war made her into a demon of death. Sabel went mad with all the death. She became a killing mist which sucked the soul out of you if you happened to stray into her field of influence.It was frightening to enjoy ending the lives of all who dared to stand in her way, it didn't matter to her if they were fighting they were in the way so they died.She did enjoy it even if she would never admit that. Giving herself up to emotions isn't something that Sabel would do lightly again. She created the reapers and instituted Laws of Death.

Recent past

Running from the Blight(sabel's leaving Caelum)

Waking up in middle of the night Sabel sat up on her throne, her dark hair flowing around her. She usually slept if you could call it that on her throne. This place was her place where she felt safest and it was here she liked spending her time. Blinking slowly she yawned and rubbed sleep from her eyes in no hurry to move. Climbing down from her throne Sabel wondered why she was awake now, she usually slept for at least a few more hours wandering around in dreams where she thought about those she judged.

Her senses told her that she wasn't needed for the moment so there was no reason for her to be up. It took a moment for her brain to catch up with her and the she felt and heard the shifting shadow. It was coming to devour everything, she had to leave. Sabel was the goddess of death, she could feel that the shadow wasn't a good thing. Walking into her room she grabbed the two things she couldn't do without her staff and cloak to keep her warm.

Barefoot she walked out of her home and made her way to her corner of the world using her staff to open a portal into the void which would protect her. Her portal flared into life and she turned back to take one last look on everything she loved about this world. Standing on the edge of ruin and thinking about whether she wants to stay or leave Sabel makes the decision to leap. The void catches her as she free falls into it, curling up into a ball. Her hair flows around her and she seals her doorway so that the shadow couldn't fallow her out into the void.

Sabel hangs there for a while just resting, the void was a comforting place for her and ripping open the fabric of the universe took energy. She slept for a while, resting in the void before traveling down to her new home. Sabel decided she would wander the world of the fae for awhile roaming between lands and being where she is most needed. She wanted to explore and figure out what was the shadow that consumed thier home.

if i could make you

Father time

Into the wood

Selene's Baby Shower

Lost in the woods

Reaping a farmer]

A Stranger

Death by the sea

Looking through a Mirror into Madness

Yarrow Arc

Sabel found her father ready to commit suicide to try and destroy the Blight. She wouldn't let him try alone, she swore to him that she would stand by him even if she stood alone. Perhaps Death and Time would be enough to give the world a chance to recover. It was a hopeless chance last ditch effort but she had to try. It was her duty, to comfort, to end, and bring peace. Risking everything without fear of losing it all, because if they failed time and death would unravel.

There would be no end to suffering and no beginning past present and future would become one and the dead would be freed to find the strength to fight the Blight. Even if they lost Maybe it would be enough to help someone else to win in the end. That was the goal she was now fighting for, she was willing to kill for it and go to war for it.

To that end Sabel put her final plans into action in case she lost everything. Nothing was guaranteed and she knew that better than anyone. She hunted down the love of one of her Reapers Eurydice.Making sure of him she quietly used her powers to make sure at least Eurydice would be maintained if everything went wrong. To do that she stole the gift she had given her unborn niece and imbued a stone with part of her essence. Concealing the stone deep within the stuffed toy she returned it to her sister's nursery with no one the wiser.hopefully she wouldn't need to use it.

Her plan was no less than insane, joining her father in the timeless void between worlds. Before she left she left two letters one to Eurydice detailing what she wanted done should she fall and the Reapers survive. The other was a letter to Eurydice's lover Oprheus repeating the requests to locate the new god or goddess of death when they reappeared if neither survived. Sabel begged him to help her replacement in the terms of desperation and hope that he would never need to fulfill it.

There Will Be Time (Takes Place Between Chapters 1 & 2), Tags to Any Interested Gods

Awaking Of life and death

Darkness under trees

Fallen Reapers becoming Vampires

Losing thier souls to feed on life

The first thing that Sabel felt was heartrending pain, her mind and soul was being ripped apart. When her reapers abandoned her, and fed on life…becoming something else. She screamed her loss and pain to the stars and the moon. Then something snapped inside Sabel, as the power she had supplied to those reaper’s who had abandoned left her all together. She disappeared into a pool of ash and magical energy in her weakened state she completely lost her humanoid form. Slipping into a shadow of the rock wall she was resting beside Sabel hid in the void trying to figure out what was happening. Reforming in the void Sabel floated weightless curled up in her robe. A small orb of light sparkled into life in her hands the only light in the darkness. It glowed softly silver like her eyes as she focused.

She could feel the lost ones, it felt like she was missing pieces of herself it was odd to feel only an empty void where their lights once stood. Each of her reapers gave her something in return for functional immortality. Sabel had placed them in-between life and death answerable only to her. For that they offered up their selves as a willing sacrifice. Memories were gotten rid of so that the new Reaper would not have regrets over leaving everything behind.

Calling the reapers

And then there was an end and a new begining

Solhara arc

The future is Darkness

Alternate Future Arc

Sabel the Soul Reaper

Joining her father in the void between worlds Sabel used her strength like she promised him. She was unable to go into the future, because she already existed there. Sabel holds her father’s hand in the void as she spoke to her other self via a mirror explaining their hopes. The combination of the powers of Death and Time sent souls forward in time into an alternate future.

Sabel is the witch of the waste, wandering Death hunting the humanoid Blight. Her physical form is that of a dark haired young woman wielding a sword at her waist and a scythe strapped to her back. When her sister stole the Source’s, powers killing their mother and assuming her power Sabel claimed the waste as her own disappearing into the darkness to hide. It was two years in hiding before she realized that she was pregnant.If Adora knows that Sabel is alive, which she probably does so far she hasn’t done anything. they have created an uneasy truce so long as neither attack each other then they leave each other alone.

Ashes, son of The Soul Reaper

Ash is the son of the Goddess of Death, he doesn't know who his father is. His mother never said, he grew up in a hovel in the Wastes. They were waiting for something, his earliest memories included his mother talking to a man in the shadows. They both glowed with power, and he was afraid when he felt a nothing flowing around their small hut. The only person who knows what Ash is whether Demigod or God is Sabel herself. He believes he and his mother are human and that his mother is a witch or something of the kind. He can see the dead, and the Reapers who still come to his mother.
Ash has never seen the sun,he was born and raised in the Wastes. He loves playing ball under the shine of the moon. It was his favorite time when he feels free to play. Ash is a small time thief, stealing food and disappearing in the blink of the eye. His bag is full of food for the outcasts, he had been taught to give away all of the food he takes except one small fruit each for his mother and himself. He doesn't need much food but that doesn't mean he is allowed to be idled when there are others to be helped.

Physically Ash is a skinny small twelve year old boy with grey fluffy hair and violet eyes. Both of his two outfits consist of an over large shirt and pants held up by a rope.

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