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Welcome to the OUAN Wiki

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 Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger

Flagship of the Pirate Kingdom

Flagship of the Pirate Kingdom, it was once known as the Walrus but was renamed after the mutiny and murder of Pirate King, Captain Flint.
Once the flagship vessel of the Pirate Kingdom known as the Walrus, after Long John Silver, now better known as Captain Hook, led a mutiny against the Pirate King with his own crew, it was re-branded the Jolly Roger. Grounded during the Ocean Blight because of the unsafe nature of the Blight, with the recession of the Blight the crew has been working hard to make it seaworthy once more. Their mission upon returning to sea is simple; locate Treasure Island, crown their Captain the Pirate King and split the bounty of the Island among them.

The flagship of the Pirate Kingdom was originally gifted to the first Pirate King by the sea goddess herself. Thusly, many believe that the ship itself is magical and may even have a soul of its own. Some Pirates warn that the ship will rebel against a false king, but no such event has ever occurred. Yet.

Crew Manifest

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