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Capital of the Merkingdom

Capital of the Merkingdom

Location:Within the Sea of Lyrielle
Associated Canon Tales:The Little Mermaid
See Also:
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Mahrielle is the capital city of the Merkind and the home of the royal family. Most of the Merkind maintained a home in Mahrielle and spent at least part of the year there prior to the Blight. In addition to the Merkind, many other types of aquatic creatures, supernatural and otherwise, are welcome within the city limits

Following the Blight, the city of Mahrielle was magically relocated to the inland Sea of Lyrielle to spare them from the plague. Although some efforts have been made to recolonize other parts of the sea now that the Blight has receded, Mahrielle remains the capital and remains in the Sea of Lyrielle.


Mahrielle is located at such a depth that it could not be reached by free-diving. The waters around the city are warmed by hydrothermal vents and since they are at a depth too far for sunlight to penetrate, the city is lit by carefully cultivated colonies of luminescent corals and algae. The city is also located at a sufficient depth to keep the Merkind within it from being heavily affected by lunar tides or storms on the surface of the Sea above.

Mahrielle used to be located in the exact center of Ningyo No Wan, a place where the waters of the Maritanis were said to be so treacherous that even the Pirates avoided sailing directly over the Merkind capital. This may be due in no small part to the patrols of guards kept near the surface of the sea to deter such intrusions with their supernatural abilities.

After the Maritanis fell to the Blight, Lyrielle the Coming Tide gave her life to create the Sea of Lyrielle. This inland sea is located adjacent to the Castle Caerleon. It's location was chosen because of a negotiated truce between the Merkind and the people of Ga'leah orchestrated by King Triton of the Merkind and Queen Gwenhwyfar Pendragon of the High Court of Ga'leah. As part of her final act, Lyrielle magically relocated the city of Mahrielle to the Sea of Lyrielle where she hoped the Merkind and some of her beloved sea creatures would be safe from the Ocean Blight.


When Lyrielle the Coming Tide first created the Merkind, she was so enamored with the first of them that she took the first Merman as her lover. Though their union was short lived and eventually she sent him back to the Merkind with orders to never attempt to contact her again, she held no animosity for Aegaeon or her chosen people. In an attempt to prevent the Merkind from looking upon him unkindly after being forced from her bed and her palace, Lyrielle created for Aegaeon a palace of his own so that he might live comfortably and all of the Merkind would know that he still held her favor. It was around this palace that Mahrielle was first built. She also gifted to him a magical trident that could be used to take advantage of her magic imbued throughout the ocean to perform magic himself. It was because of the trident that he and his lineage were crowned king.

After the coming of the Blight, Mahrielle’s population exploded with Merkind, and other creatures who were not native to the metropolis, seeking refuge within Mahrielle to take advantage of the magical barrier erected by King Triton with the help of the magical trident handed down to him. Initially, the infection had been found only in isolated instances in the outer reaches of the ocean where King Triton and the Merkind were struggling to staunch its spread. However, a supernatural whale, called simply Monstro, had been infected with the Walking Starvation, the zombie plague accompanying the Blight, and was often seen patrolling the outer reaches of the barrier in search of prey.

The Merkind held out for some time against the Blight before it began a full onslaught on the Oceans that the Merkind were helpless to combat it. While above ground many land-dwellers gathered to celebrate the Living Flame's Festival of Flames, below the waves the Merkind of the Maritanis had gathered in Mahrielle to celebrate the spawning of the coral reefs. The attack began with the destruction of the magical barrier and a pod of hungry Blighted whales like Monstro as well as a seemingly organized 'net' of Blighted jellyfish meant to keep the Merkind ensnared within the city. When the Blighted jellyfish appeared to abandon their post providing only a small corridor of escape, some frightened Merkind fled in the hopes of reaching safety. Many of these Merkind have not been seen since. The Merkind that remained within Mahrielle were magically transported upon the death of Lyrielle the Coming Tide to the newly created Sea of Lyrielle where their city and their lives would begin anew.


After relocation, the once solitary Merkind recognized that they needed to continue the alliance with humanity in order to survive. Military deployments were sent to guard freshwater rivers and lakes to combat the Blight and defend the human populations in return for similar aid from the High Court. Now that the Blight has receded, the traditional patriarchy of the Merkind believe that a return to the Maritanis is in order while the female military believes the true future of the Merkind lies in the Sea of Lyrielle working together with the humans hand in hand.
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