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 The Five Corners

The Five Corners

New Capital City of Ga'leah

The Five Corners
Capital City

Location:South of Castle Caerleon
Associated Canon Tales:King Arthur
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The Five Corners is the diplomatic center of Ga’leah. It was created by the High Court of Caerleon, and serves many purposes; it is where meetings between the leaders and diplomats of the five kingdoms are held, as well as being used for ceremonies, galas, as well as being the testing ground for knights and new rulers. Practically, it is also a massive trading center where goods and services from all over the kingdoms are exchanged, and is the center of information exchanged between the kingdoms.


The Five Corners is located just south of the city of Caerleon, and while it is well within the Kingdom’s borders it is a shared territory. Even though the castle can be seen from any point in the town, it is far enough removed to be considered separate from the capital city.


The Five Corners was created by the High Court of Caerleon as a common ground for all of the kingdoms to meet. After the destruction of the Blight and the chaos and destruction, the kingdoms of Dokrayth, Solhara, and Calladahn fell yet their people and cultures remained. Without a proper home to return to, they were forced to remain primarily in Xehacora and Caerleon. However, as the Blight was a product of Xehacoran deceit - or so some say - there was also a significant amount of distrust, and so Arthur and Gwenhwyfar Pendragon decided that there needed to be a common ground for all of the kingdoms to dispute, discuss, and share in commerce.

The location was chosen so that it could be in close proximity to the capital city, thus serving as a reminder as to who the ultimate power was in these lands. However, it was also meant to be distanced enough so that it could be run separately and autonomously. The High Court never intended for their presence to be seen as a show of force or control, as the only instance in which they would make any such display would be a significant act of violence between the represented kingdoms. With that in mind, the town was built up to include tournament grounds, well equipped stables and a large dining hall in more central, neutral locations while other parts of the city were left to the decision of the respective kingdoms.

Despite scrutiny from all parties (and even the High Court had their doubts) as the city fell into place, it began to take shape as something that could actually work. It did experience growing pains, including several minor “boarder” disputes about who got what portion of the town, at which point Arthur was forced to come down into the city and draw out the lines with his sword in a terrific temper. Under his supervision, the city grew, and colorful markets began to appear, people who had not had proper homes in almost a year found work and shelter again, and despite th occasional scuffles and skirmishes, the Five Corners became a common ground for all the people of Ga’leah

Extra Stuff

Currently, the population of the Five Corners is booming with a strong economy, however space is rapidly becoming a problem, as it is not quite large enough to host all the peoples trying to make a life there. In order to control the demands, the High Court has bumped the priority of restoring the other outlying villages of Caerleon, as well as setting to work on rebuilding the nearest cities of Calladahn and Dokrayth. It is also now more significant in a political aspect as well. Due to the shortcomings and deaths of the royal courts all across the Kingdoms, the Pendragons had special weapons crafted, and taking inspiration from the Sword in the Stone, how Arthur was found, they have been enchanted only to show their true colors to those who are worthy to rule their respective kingdoms. Arthur has made it clear that it could be anyone, commoner or noble who could take up the sword and to prove his neutrality in the situation allowed representatives from each kingdom to witness the enchanting of each weapon so that it could be conformed there was to be no bias. This has made the Five Corners even more packed than usual, but it is a necessary task if the kingdoms are to be restored to their former glory once again.
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