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A Species of Allutheria & Ga'leah

Description of Habitat and kingdoms where found.
The Fae were the first creations of the gods that were believed to be intelligent enough to worship their creators. They were given great beauty and access to the magic that ran through the world around them, a gift that the gods later regretted when their creation turned on them as was expelled to the prison of Allutheria. Since their exile, the boundary between Allutheria and Ga'leah has begun to weaken, first with the portal on Affalohn, and during the Blight with other smaller portals in various locations around Ga'leah.


The Fae can range in appearance from any combination of human coloring and physical features to more exotic color combinations. All Fae are beautiful, however, and many possess a beauty that some Humans find irresistible.

The Fae can live for thousands of years. Most reach maturity at roughly a millennia in age. As youths, a fairy is roughly the size of a human hand with iridescent wings which can be utilized for sustained flight. It is only when a Fae reaches the onset of puberty, at roughly four hundred years of age, that they are able to assume normal human size for short periods of time. When a Faery is about one thousand years old, they shed their wings and remain the same size as a human for the rest of their unnaturally long existence. However, some believe that certain plants or springs in Allutheria allow anything, even adult Fae, to change size simply by ingesting them. Since Fae do not reach full maturity until one thousand years of age and are a long-lived species, they are not capable of reproduction until this age either.


The Culture of the Fae is as varied as the culture of humans. It is dependent upon their family and the area from which they hail. Different Courts and Freeholds have different values and customs.


Beginning with the four Seasonals and the four Elementals, the Fae were the first sentient inhabitants of Ga’leah, created by the Pantheon, they were blessed by the gods with long life spans, great beauty, and supernatural abilities that made them formidable creatures. But it was these gifts which, over time, corrupted the Fae. They grew enamored with their own power and turned their backs upon the gods. When their treachery was realized, the Pantheon declared war upon their favorite children and a great battle was fought. The Fae lost and were driven into a void they named Allutheria.

Within the void, the Fae created their land of wonders, a place where their powers shaped everything into a paradise…but they were greedy creatures, and they hungered for more than Allutheria could give them. They longed to return to Ga’leah. So, many among them began to work on the barriers that held them within Allutheria, until they had worn away a doorway into Ga’leah, a portal that opened onto the Isle of Affalohn. Unknown to the gods, there the Fae began to influence the Pantheon’s newest children, humanity.

For well over a thousand years this was the Fae's only way to travel between realms. But, with the beginning of the Blight and its attack on the Gods at Caelum, the power that sustained the barrier between Allutheria and Ga'leah began to wear away creating several new portals all over Ga'leah allowing more and more Fae to travel between realms.


Fae are able to reproduce with many other species. Typically, their ability to reproduce is dictated by the second species more than by the Fae. Children of the Fae and Humans will be Half Fae with all of the features inherent to that species while children of Fae and Gods will be Demigods with all of those attributes and weaknesses. Other hybrids will be dictated by the rules governing those species reproductive abilities.


All Fae are capable of glamour, or a supernatural ability that allows them to cloud the minds of humans to see only what they want them to see, allowing a young Faery to hide their wings or appear as a human’s friend or loved one for the purpose of trickery. In their natural form, they can have any skin, eye, or hair color, but all share an unnatural beauty.

All Fae are also capable of wielding magic, but to what extent is determined by what Magic they choose to dedicate themselves to and how long ago they or their parents were created. The older a Fae, the more powerful they and their offspring will be.

Next to the Gods and the Demigods, the Fae are the most powerful creatures in the universe. They can wield a great deal of magic, but it always comes at a great price. For example, they can be immortal, and even grant immortality to others, but might then be forced to feed upon the life force of another in some capacity to maintain it.

No magic the Fae perform comes without payment or consequence that is not always foreseen and is inescapable. This is true even of the creatures and objects within Allutheria. It is why the Order of Fate was established to locate and gather magical objects before Humans could unwittingly use them in a detrimental way.

The Blight did not affect the magic of the Fae, although, some Fae seem to have noted that the price of their magic seems to be growing as the effects of each spell, each blessing, and each curse seem to grow more and more serious with each passing day. This has caused many without magic to become even more leery of it.


Magic is composed in such a way that while a Fae may be strong in one kind of magic, there is very likely an opposite kind of magic to which they are susceptible. All magic also comes with a price, this price is not something they can predetermine or affect. Every spell they cast and every enchantment they make will always have an unforeseen circumstance and these circumstances are becoming more and more unpredictable and strong following the defeat of the Blight.

Aside from this, a Fae body is as susceptible to injury from weaponry or physical attack as the Human body. Their ability to heal their body with magic is also dependent upon the magic they have perfected in the course of their lives.

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