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 Half Fae

Half Fae

A Species of Allutheria & Ga'leah

Description of Habitat and kingdoms where found.
Half Fae are part Human and part Fae. Half Fae are a result of the union between a Human and a Faery


The Half Fae are gifted with great beauty. While it is not as refined as that of their Fae parents it is still quite more so than a regular human. They can come in any size and shape much like their Fae and human parents.


Half Fae can be as outgoing or as introverted as any human or Fae, it depends on their personality. However, there is somewhat of a stigma about Half Fae amongst the Faeries. It is somewhat present among humans, as well, but is even more prevalent among the Fae. They are often seen as being inferior to other Fae. Most Half Fae are raised among humans and thus develop a stronger connection with the human world than with the Fae one.

Their cultures and customs are as diverse as any cultures in the Fae or Human world depending upon Court or Freehold of influence or Kingdom of origin.


Half Fae were a result of a cross-species breeding between Fae and Humans. This was not possible until 450 AH when the portal between Allutheria and Ga'leah was first discovered and the Order of Fate was founded.

After 450 AH, it was possible for Fae to venture into Ga'leah if they could pay the price exacted by the Order in exchange for passage between realms. Once in Ga'leah, they could meet and breed with humans.

Instance of Half Fae were incredibly rare until the more modern age with more Fae venturing into the land in the last 200 years and thereby fathering more offspring. Until that point, Half Fae were a seldom encountered oddity in Ga'leah.


Half Fae can reproduce as any human does. Their power, however, will always be reduced by half in their offspring. Two Half Fae can create another Half Fae whose power would reflect half of each of their parents.


Half Fae due to their Faery blood have the gift of magic. However, it is not as strong as that of their Faery parent or other Faeries. The strength of their magic is usually dependent on how strong their Fae parent's magic was. Typically Fae with less magic are more likely to mingle amongst humans, while most Fae with stronger magic see humans as inferior and are not as likely to sire Half Fae offspring. However, there are some cases of a strong Fae mating with or even falling in love with a human. These unions result in particularly strong Half Fae but are incredibly rare.

They live much longer lives than humans but not as long as the Fae. Because of their Faery blood Half Fae age at a much slower rate than humans. A Half Fae typically ages at roughly the same rate as a human does until they reach the end of puberty. At that point, their bodies start to age and grow much more slowly. Female Half Fae typically finish puberty around 15, but they can finish as late as 17. Male Half Fae typically finish puberty between 16 and 18. Due to this slow aging process, it is hard to say exactly when a Half Fae will die. However, no Half Fae has been known to live longer than a 1000 years. As a Half Fae reaches death, there is no way of escaping it until they are given a choice. They can choose to be healed and remain alive as a full Fae or to perish as a human. Usually Half Fae choose to die since most grew up among humans and have no desire to continue to outlive friends and family as they have for their unnaturally long lives, but if one does choose to become a full Fae then their bodies are healed of all ailments. Their beauty, grace, agility, etc. is restored to perfection. Not only that, but they reach the full potential of a full Fae. So the strength of their Fae parent will determine how powerful they will be as a full blooded Fae. However, those Fae who bring about their own deaths in pursuit of this choice are passed over for such an honor and are sentenced to a full, human death with no option to return as Fae. Only those who encounter death of natural causes or by no cause of their own are given such a choice.


The Half Fae have a wide variety of weaknesses ranging from simple character flaws, to fears, to lack of skill in certain areas. The strength of their magic is comparable to the strength of their Fae parent’s magic, though diluted because of their human parentage as well.

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