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A Species of Ga'leah

Description of Habitat and kingdoms where found.

Physical Characteristics

Kelpies are horses, but with heightened abilities. They tend to be larger than regular horses, rarely standing below 15.0 hands (5 feet) at the top of the shoulder. They can get well above 19.0 hands (6.5 feet), though typically are between 17-18 hands. However, their bodies are still long and fluid like regluar horses. They come in a variety of colors just like horses, move similarly and have similar speech patters but they also make a low, wailing cry that is quite distinct. They also have pointed teeth, and reptilian like eyelids, with vertical pupils. They are not an “intelligent” species, so they do not have humanoid forms but are clever enough to hunt in packs. They are also clever enough to be trained, if caught young, and make excellent war mounts if their weaknesses can be addressed.


Kelpies are excellent swimmers with generally large hooves and webbing on their limbs that cling to their bodies on land, rendered nearly invisible. They can run as quickly as a regular horse, and are smarter than normal horses. They can stay underwater for hours at a time, able to absorb oxygen in the water through their skin, which sustains them. However, they do have to surface for air eventually. They also have teeth structured for eating meat, and can live almost twice as long as normal horses.

In order to be good swimmers, kelpies tend to have long legs with wide feet. This means they can be a bit clumsy on land, so while they are fast they are better at quick sprints on open terrain, especially on beaches and softer footing. However, if it is rocky or there is a fair amount of undergrowth they tend to struggle. Their delicate limbs are easy to break if one can lure them into a snare trap, trip line, or just fighting them with a regular weapon. In fact, while they are larger and more vicious than their landwalking cousins, kelpies are actually more easily brought down than regular horses. In the water however, they are nearly impossible to catch or kill save a direct blow to the spine or head.


See "horses". Everything else is the same.

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