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A Species of Ga'leah

Though they nest in the Hyadies, Griffins can be seen in almost all locations in Ga'leah.

Physical Characteristics

Griffins are taller than lions but are typically much leaner as well. Most Griffins could almost look a Thoroughbred horse in the eye when standing directly in front of one. Female Griffins are usually taller and swifter than their male counterparts, but the males are usually much more muscular and therefore stronger.

Griffins have the hindquarters of a lion, and the head, wings, and talons of an eagle. Griffins also have elongated, feathered tufts on their heads that resemble the 'horns' of a Great Horned Owl. Often mistaken for ears, they are in fact just feathered tufts that are typically indicative of their mood based upon their body language.

Griffins have no inherent human form unless they have joined the Sentinels of the Pantheon.


Griffins are capable of true flight. They can take off from the ground with no running start and are able to fly for long distances provided that they have are well nourished and rested before their journey began. Griffins are even agile enough to fly upside down for short periods of time, allowing them to come up from beneath airborne prey and snatch them unawares. Typically Griffins can maintain flight at around 32 miles per hour though when 'sprinting' or diving for prey they have been known to travel at bursts of 100 to 150 miles per hour.

The Griffins' eyesight is nearly eight times better than a human's. A griffin could spot a rabbit on the ground nearly two miles from their position, and a griffin in flight could potentially see perfectly for three square miles from their position.

Griffins can hear at a frequency both higher and lower than human beings. They can also determine the origin of a sound within only a split second. This is done by instinctively determining the time difference of a sound reaching each ear. If a sound reaches the right ear a fraction of a second before the left, the sound is coming from the right. This allows them to also locate prey in darkness or dense foliage where their eyesight is not an advantage.

Although Griffins tend to prefer hunting from the air, they have been known to also hunt from the land when necessary. They can run at speeds of roughly 30 miles per hour and are nearly as adept at stalking and camouflage as the lions which contributed half of their biology.

Griffins are also capable of a vocalizations, though their complicated and intricate language cannot be imitated by human vocal chords and is nearly impossible to learn unless one is an actual Griffin.

Griffins have no magical abilities.


Griffins are wild creatures created by the Huntress as a gift to her father, the Forebearer. They are impossible to domesticate and characterized by a complex society and extreme intelligence as well as a love for shiny objects.

Griffins are extremely social animals. They live in groups called 'Eyries' which typically comprise both mated couples with offspring and as yet unmated youths. All of the female members of an Eyrie are typically related, but the males are not. It is customary for male griffins to seek mates outside of their birth Eyrie and to relocate when a mating takes place.

Griffin society is very typically socialist with every member of the Eyrie working for the common good. Everything is shared from food to responsibilities such as guarding and raising young. When a Griffin becomes too old to contribute to the society as they should, it is customary for them to say their goodbyes to the Eyrie and fly off to attack a village or military group...an attack that they will very likely not win due to their advanced age and therefore have a courageous death that does not harm their Eyrie by forcing the young to care for the old.

Griffins value strength, honor and bravery above all others. Laws are upheld through the honor system and mostly obeyed. To be dishonored by the Eyrie is often to find oneself forced to leave the unit and survive on their own as an outcast (a fate most consider worse than death).

Griffins reproduce sexually and lay egg from which their young (Eyass) are hatched. Griffins mating season begins in early spring with the hatching occurring in early summer. Griffins mate only once a year and have only one clutch of eggs every five years as it often takes that long to raise the Eyass to maturity.

Ceren the Huntress created the Griffins as a gift to the Forebearer by combining the 'King of the Beasts' with the "King of the Air'. The result was a vastly intelligent creature with advantages from both of their parent species, a very intimidating predator indeed.

It is believed that a Griffin's lifespan would be very similar to that of a human being if they lived long enough to die of old age. Instead, when their physical stamina begins to impose on their ability to contribute to the Eyrie, Griffins are expected to leave the Eyrie and provoke combat until someone or something ends their lives. This can occur anywhere from the age of forty to sixty but most Griffins do not wait much longer than this to unburden the Eyrie of their presence.

Griffins are flesh and blood creatures. They have no armor and their skin is as prone to being pierced as any lion or eagle. They can be injured just as any creature.

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