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A Species of Ga'leah

Lupin are found predominantly in Ga'leah but since the end of the Blight may have found their way into Allutheria.
The Lupin are the newly reborn species of wolf shapeshifters created from the tatters of the Lycan scourge. Where the Lycans were a stain on Ga'leah, the Lupin are protectors of mankind and warriors of the Pantheon who fight for the gods and those who need them.


Unlike the Lycans, Lupin have only two distinct forms: their human form and their wolf form. On average, their wolf form is much larger than a natural wolf and is more comparable to the size of a small horse. Their human forms can vary in size and complexion just as any human could.

Those Lupin in good standing with the Pantheon and who are attempting to live their lives in service to and in honor of the Pantheon are also gifted with the ability to control their transformations, halting them at any juncture to allow for the sudden growth of claws, fangs, or a half-shift between man and wolf. Because this state blurs the line between man and wolf, it is only truly granted to those the Pantheon feel can wield it responsibly. This quasi-morphed state is still manageable by those Lupin who are not in good standing with the Pantheon, but acting against the pantheon while in a pseudo-form is one of the quickest ways to lose all sense of self and could lead to Moon Madness from which there is no return.


Lupin, like wolves are pack animals and prefer the company of others. If they cannot be with other Lupin,most seek out other like-minded individuals. Their new status as agents of the Pantheon rather than murderous beast has afforded them the chance to join the residents of Deepwood or swear themselves to fight for various forces around Ga'leah. Besides this, there is an elite pack to which very talented or accomplished wolves might belong. The Blood Moon Pack is group of Vampire hunters, wolves who excel at tracking and combat and are committed to protecting the people of Ga'leah against the vampire threat.


First known as Lycans, they originated with Actaeon, an arrogant hunter who was cursed by the great goddess The Huntress for his offenses against her. His curse of lycanthropy resulted in his new moniker, The Big Bad Wolf. Cursed for his sins, the magic of the curse strengthened the sins within him and soon he was overcome by his vices. As it often does, the actions of the goddess were not fully understood until much later when the Big Bad Wolf's curse was found to be contagious. Slowly over several centuries, the Big Bad Wolf and his Alphas, named for the seven deadly sins they embodied, built an impressive army that became a great scourge in Ga'leah. However, after the Big Bad Wolf took the life of the Huntress and had his second in command crowned as the new god of the hunt, the Pantheon had finally tired of him and his Lycans and imprisoned The Big Bad Wolf in a location from which he could never escape.

Now without the leadership of their forefather, the Lycans were lost. Some fell to chaos while others attempted to integrate themselves into new societies, but most found themselves unwelcome because of their past reputation.

It was not until the Huntsman was tasked with healing the injuries caused by the Big Bad Wolf and his Lycans that he devised a plan to absolve the Lycans of their curse and instead present them with a blessing which would allow them to become the Lupin. Taking the spirit of their wolves into himself, he then imparted the new blessing which allowed them to be free of the sinful urges that had once plagued them in favor of a more pious existence as agents of the Pantheon. Unfortunately, his first true act as God of the Hunt also became his last. It took so much of the god's already depleted powers to perform the action, that there was nothing left upon its completion and the newest God of the Hunt was no more.

While not all Lupin were expected to serve the Pantheon as hunters or soldiers, they were all expected to utilize the gift given to them by the Huntsman to turn their curse into a gift, forgoing the sins that once defined them and re-entering human society as a being who could live within the laws of it. Some, however, were tasked with specific jobs. Among them, were those Lupin tasked with hunting down the unfortunate souls who suffer from Moon Sickness or the madness that accompanies an attempt to return to their former Lycan ways. The other was an even more elite group of hunters who called themselves the Blood Moon and took it upon themselves to fight the new, emerging scourge in the world...the Vampires.


Reproduction among Lupin is perpetuated only by the bite. Although Lupin can have sexual interactions with other species, any children will either reflect the other parent's species, or in cases where this is not possible, will default to human. Female Lupin who wish to bear children must find a way to completely forgo any transformations during the entire course of their pregnancy and will still not have naturally born Lupin children.

Simply being bitten by a Lupin does not guarantee that you will become one. Unlike the Lycan curse, the Lupin state is a gift. It can be accepted or returned. Those who choose not to accept it will suffer from a mild flu-like set of symptoms for several days following the bite and will return to normal, no more the worse for wear. Those that wish to become Lupin will, in fact, become Lupin following the same set of flu-like symptoms that accompany the change in species.

Siring a Lupin depletes the power of the Sire and so most Lupin are very careful about who they sire and how many they sire. The power depleted from the Sire at the moment of bringing a new Lupin into the fold is never returned to them through any means.


In honor of the Moon Maiden who was murdered by the Lycans, a Lupin's strength is directly related to the moon. The fuller the moon, the less powerful the wolf within them. On the new moon, the Lupin is at its strongest and nearly all Lupin are forced to take their wolfen forms. On the full moon, however, the Lupin is at its weakest and totally unable to transform.Those in good standing with the Pantheon are able to maintain a quasi-transformed state with no fear of developing Moon Madness.

Lupin also have increased senses with hearing, smell, and night vision that is several times greater than any human regardless of what form they are currently using.

In addition, the Lupin have the ability to scale walls and find purchase in ceilings to allow them to seemingly 'wall-crawl'. This is done through use of their claws which are incredibly strong and can dig in, even into solid stone. This is best achieved in wolf form, but can be done in a quasi-wolf form as well.


Moon Sickness is a mental affliction that strikes those who do not live their lives in the manner that the Pantheon has decreed. Excessively giving into their sins and causing harm to innocents is a surefire way to contract Moon Sickness. Overusing the Quasi-Transformation form while doing these things is all but a death sentence. Characterized by bouts of madness, Moon Sickness comes with a loss of control that makes them very dangerous. To avoid regaining a bad reputation as Lupins, some of the Lupin have taken it upon themselves to hunt these creatures down and exterminate them before they can do much harm.

Aside from Moon Sickness, a Lupin is still susceptible to the same things which could injure it as a Lycan. Wounds inflicted by Silver will not heal and cause death if the wound is lethal. Similarly, Wolfsbane is still a poisonous substance that can kill a Lupin if ingested.

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