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A Species of Ga'leah

Habitat: A relatively new species, they can be found anywhere in Ga'leah and perhaps travel as far as Allutheria.
Vampires were once Reapers who served the Pantheon and the Goddess of Death. Doubting the power of the gods, they turned their backs upon the Pantheon and discovered that by drinking the blood of the living they could live without the god's blessing and even gain new and untold powers.


A Vampire’s physical appearance can vary greatly depending upon the vampire and the ways in which they feed. In all cases, the Vampire retains the last physical form they wore as a Reaper before turning their backs on the Pantheon even if this was not their original appearance when they were alive.

A Vampire’s visage is directly affected by their feeding preferences and can change in subtle or drastic ways over even short periods of time. It is the emotion within the blood of a vampire’s meal that affects how they appear. For example, if a vampire’s meal has been attacked and is fearful or angry, they often warp the Vampire’s appearance into something more bestial and frightening. Or, if for instance a Vampire’s meal has been seduced, typically their blood will enhance the beauty of the Vampire. Such changes to appearance last until the Vampire’s next meal and can sometimes make it difficult for a Vampire to change their hunting methods, since seduction is not always easy for a monster and fear is not commonly felt when gazing upon something beautiful. However, it can be done.


Vampires are an entirely new species and have only just begun to emerge in Ga'leah. For this reason, their culture is still being discovered.


After months of the Blight chipping away at the land and destroying even the gods themselves, many began to doubt the effectiveness of the Pantheon. As more and more gods fell to the darkness, even the Reapers who had sworn themselves to the Soul Reaper’s service were concerned that their goddess, could no longer protect them.

It was only by chance that one of their number learned that it was possible to turn his back upon the Soul Reaper and the Pantheon and yet live. He learned that by drinking the blood of the living, his abilities as a Soul Reaper were perverted in such a way as to allow him to harvest life from the living and thereby live without the blessing of the Pantheon. This knowledge he took back to the Reapers, some of whom followed him into a life of sacrilege against the gods.

Dracula was the first of the Reapers to become a Vampire. The second to join him was a former Red Riding Hood who he took as his first 'bride' and Queen. Other Reapers soon followed.


A Vampire cannot reproduce sexually. Since the Reapers turned their backs upon the Pantheon, the gift of children has been revoked. The only way for a Vampire to make another Vampire is to drain the other creature of blood and ‘Reap’ the soul as they would have done once as Reapers of the Goddess of Death. Once Reaped, it is up to the soul of the individual in question. They can either drink blood and become a Vampire themselves, or wait for a Reaper to take them to the Afterlife. A Vampire cannot physically force a soul into choosing to become a Vampire, and a Vampire cannot remove the soul of an individual they have not personally killed and exsanguinated.


A Vampire’s existence in the limbo between the living and the dead carries with it many boons. Vampires are fast, agile, strong, and stealthy. Vampires also have enhanced senses and can see and hear much better than any human or Fae even in complete darkness. They cannot, however, taste food and their sense of smell is muted. They can smell blood, but little else.

Just as when they were Reapers, Vampires are capable of being incorporeal. However, unlike Reapers, they cannot go undetected by all but the gods. Instead, when a Vampire becomes incorporeal, they take on a mist or fog like appearance. As with all of their abilities, using it will cause them to burn through the blood they’ve ingested much more quickly. Of all of their powers, becoming mist is the most draining and cannot be sustained for long without fear of draining themselves completely and disintegrating.

While far from immortal, a Vampire will not age in any traditional sense. So long as they continue to feed and evade capture by the Lupins or other agents of the Pantheon, a Vampire could potentially live many hundreds or even thousands of years. If a Vampire ceases feeding or burns away the blood they have ingested too quickly, they run the risk of draining themselves into oblivion. They will, quite literally, disintegrate and cease to exist.


A Vampire’s weaknesses are numerous but not insurmountable. Because they turned their backs upon the goddess of death, the Soul Reaper, weaknesses were made by some of the surviving gods and created in the memory of the fallen gods to destroy or severely injure the Vampire.
  • Sunlight: In honor of the Lightgiver, it was declared that exposure to direct sunlight will cause a Vampire to petrify or become encased in a rocklike shell from which they cannot escape until removed from direct sunlight. It is possible for a Vampire to move about during the day if skin is adequately shaded or covered, but it is also dangerous.
  • Wood: In honor of the Green Man, it was decreed that any weapon made from one of his trees which pierced the heart of a Vampire would slay it. In many cases this is a wooden stake, but it can also be an arrow or any other wooden weapon.
  • Beheading: The Forebearer decreed that when a Vampire’s head was removed from their body, that all Time would cease for them and that they would, in effect, suffer a death from which there was no return and no peace.
  • Lupin: The Lupin were named by the Huntsman as the enemy of the Vampire before their rebirth and his ultimate sacrifice. Some were tasked with hunting the Vampires and most were ordered to kill them if found. Vampires are susceptible to injury from the fangs or claws of a Lupin. Such injuries will not heal quickly and often cause the Vampire some measure of pain, depending upon the severity of the injury, unless they are able to drink the blood of the Lupin who injured them.


Vampires are a very new development on OUAN. They have not been in existence in the world for more than a few weeks. Most characters will have no knowledge of what they are encountering and many Vampires may not understand the truth depth and breadth of their new species. When creating a Vampire, remember to take into account that until a few weeks ago (in game), they were Reapers and not Vampires. [/LIST]

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