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A Species of Ga'leah

Habitat: Sentinels can be found anywhere in Ga'leah doing any myriad of tasks for the Pantheon. There is some speculation that some Sentinels have even begun to venture into Allutheria.
Sentinels are any of a variety of Supernatural Creatures created by the Pantheon over the millenia who, recently, were plucked from the jaws of death and gifted with a human form (if they did not already have one) to work for the Pantheon in any of a number of ways.


Sentinels can shift between their natural form and human form at will. They retain all of the normal characteristics typical of their original species when in that form, and take on a human appearance that is in some way reflective of their origin species when they shift form.


Sentinels maintain the same social interactions as their origin species most of the time. However, every Sentinel is given a specific job to carry out by the Pantheon. This may involve providing aide to areas heavily impacted by the Blight, protecting groups or places that are being targeted by the Blight or other dangers, searching out and rescuing refugees, or more specialized missions that can be plotted with the admins and the gods' players. All of the Sentinels are also collectively tasked with discovering whatever they can about the Blight and its origins, because of this many of the Sentinels feel that they must keep their origin species a secret from many they encounter and this affects their social interaction with their own kind (who may not recognize them in a strange human from) and with humanity whom they might want to keep from witnessing their shapeshifting abilities.


Sentinels were the Pantheon's response to the Blight. With the casualties mounting, it seemed that even the gods themselves could not escape the death toll. Seeking a way to help the people and fight the Blight at the same time, the gods saw fit to deputize creatures they had created throughout the world. Most of these creatures had no human form, but were granted one as a way to help them blend in with human societies.

Now, there are many Sentinels throughout Ga'leah, and rumors that some have even ventured into Allutheria.


Sentinels reproduce in the same way that their origin species reproduces, but their offsping are not Sentinels. They do not have a human form and cannot shapeshift unless their origin species has this ability.


Sentinels are gifted with their new ability by the same gods that created them. In most cases, they are selected and gifted by their patron deity but in cases where said deity has died (or is not in play) they can be selected and gifted by the Forebearer. (After being selected and gifted, they will receive special instruction about their purpose that you will want to plot with the staff and/or the god's player.)

Sentinels have the ability to shift from their original form to a human form even if shapeshifting is not an ability typically inherent to their kind. The change is nearly instantaneous and does allow for clothing to be magically manifested as well. (This is necessary since many of the species adapted into Sentinels are more feral than species with a natural human form and many would either forget or fail to understand the need for clothing without the magical reminder.)

Sentinels also maintain nearly all of the physical and supernatural advantages of their original forms even in human form. Enhanced senses, strength, speed, and any supernatural abilities can be tapped into even when in human form. The only caveat to this is if the ability requires a special addition to the anatomy that the human form lacks like wings to enable a creature to fly.


Sentinels live a normal life span for their origin species. Although they are plucked from the jaws of death, they are not technically dead nor were they resurrected. Instead, they were simply taken before the act of dying officially occurred.

Sentinels have the weaknesses inherent to their origin species. They may also find themselves targeted by the Blight or by less than savory characters if they are identified as Sentinels by the wrong individuals. It is unlikely that the Pantheon will be able to save them. If this should occur, they are very likely on their own.

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