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A Species of Allutheria & Ga'leah
Habitat: Genies can be found anywhere in Ga'leah where their object can be found. They can also be found in astral form in Shangri-La in Allutheria. Jinn are typically found in Shangri-La but are free to roam around Ga'leah or Allutheria.
Jinn are Fae followers of the Living Flame. They were a small subsect of the Fae who, many years prior to the unrest, pledged themselves to the Living Flame. They were rewarded with a special ability to craft objects imbued with magic, and stood by their patron deity even during the Great War itself. This act led to the imprisonment of many of the Jinn in the same magical objects they once crafted.

The term ‘Genie’ was a demeaning nickname given to Jinn leading up to and during the Great War. It has since become a name synonymous with those Jinn imprisoned in the world of Ga’leah.


Jinn have a physical (Fae) form and a secondary form which typically takes on a smoke-like appearance and consistency. The Jinn are a much more fluid subspecies of Fae with a much broader interpretation of beauty and attraction and have been known to alter their physical forms more readily than the Fae. This may manifest as piercings, tattoos, androgyny, and much, much more.

Some Genies have been known to alter their physical appearances to appeal to their masters in an effort to help them win their freedom, while others remain in their smoke-based forms or retain the the form they themselves prefer with no regard to what form would please their master.


Jinn are very social creatures. Most free Jinn live within the Allutherian city of Shangri La while the imprisoned Jinn (or Genies) often visit Shangri La in their smoke based forms in an effort to be with their own kind. Jinn are prone to loneliness and have been known to become unbalanced if they are left alone without companionship for too long.


Jinn were created by the Living Flame when he blessed the Fae who faithfully worshipped and followed him. He granted them two gifts in honor of their piety. The first was a smoke-based secondary form which they could assume at will and maintain for as long as they saw fit with no drain upon their magic. The second was the ability to craft special (uncomplicated) magical objects. While they may appear simple to the casual observer, a carpet made by a Jinn could fly anywhere it’s master commanded; a mop could clean the entire expanse of the Fae’s floors without rest or expended any of its owner’s magic; a teapot could brew and serve tea; a sword could be placed to guard something precious. Though the Fae had access to magic, these objects could perform their tasks with no drains upon the magic of their owners and for many of the Fae without great power, they were in great demand. And so the Jinn created some of the most successful marketplaces in Ga’leah.

When the Fae began to voice dissent about the Gods, the Jinn refused to fight alongside their brothers and instead sided with the Living Flame and the Pantheon. The Fae were so enraged by this, that they turned the magic objects the Jinn had so lovingly created against their craftsman, weaving dark magics over the objects to create complicated prisons to ensnare the Jinn and punish them eternally for their betrayal. After the Fae lost the war, the free Jinn were forced in Allutheria with the Fae despite being largely hated and mistrusted. Most sought out a distant corner of Allutheria and there created Shangri La, a city of their own that was governed by their own laws and beliefs with no regard for the rest of the Fae. Eventually, their magical objects drew the other Fae back to their marketplaces and most of the Jinn were forgiven for their betrayals in favor of the services they could provide.

Those Jinn imprisoned in Allutheria, however, remained within their prisons. The Living Flame fretted over his followers who were suffering so unjustly and implored the Pantheon to allow him to release them from their torment. But the Pantheon was not convinced that these Jinn could be trusted, and so the terms of their release were set. The imprisoned Jinn, later to be called Genies by humanity, would need to prove their loyalty to the Pantheon by using their magic to assist the humans who were created without magic. They would grant wishes for the humans, three in total, and it was largely accepted that if the Jinn was good and worthy of freedom, they would be able to convince the human to use the third wish to free them of their prison (even at the expense of the previous two wishes.) If they did not convince the human to free them, they would return to their prison until another chance presented itself. The Living Flame was largely displeased with this arrangement, but did manage to obtain one final boon for the genies. The Jinn of Allutheria had erected a temple to the Living Flame in the heart of their new city and through the eternal flame burning at its center, he would give the imprisoned genie some relief…allowing them to enter Shangri La in their smoke-based forms to interact with others of their kind and avoid the insanity that came hand in hand with isolation.


Jinn reproduce as any Fae would reproduce. Genies are incapable of reproduction while imprisoned.


Jinn are Fae and do have access to the same magics as most Fae. However, in return for the gifts given to them by the Living Flame, they did sacrifice the ability to specialize in any one kind of Fae magic such as Blood, Dark, or Shadow magic. Instead, Jinn have the singular ability to create objects and imbue them with magic which makes allows them to perform simple tasks. While other Fae can do this as well, their magic exacts an unpredictable and typically heay price for such magic, while the Jinn pay only one consistent price for the creation of their magical objects. After an object has been used by the Fae for a period of 100 years, the magic within the object manifests as a soul and the object receives both said soul and a human form if it is not destroyed prior to reaching it’s 100th year of service. These objects typically perform uncomplicated tasks and have been sold in Jinn marketplaces for thousands of years.

Genies have no special abilities to help them on their quests to gain their freedom, but the basic Fae magics they possess are more than enough to allow for most forms of wish fulfillment. However, due to their lack of specialized magics, they cannot cause someone to fall in love, they cannot kill, and the circumstances of their probation from their imprisonment prohibit them from providing more than three wishes to their masters.


Jinn will live as long as an average Fae. They are not immortal but age slowly after the first 1000 years of life and could potentially live for several millenia before dying of old age.

In their Fae forms, Jinn can be killed by any means that would kill a Fae. In their smoke forms, they cannot be harmed by physical means but are incredibly vulnerable to magic, especially forms of specialized magic. It is in their smoke based forms that the Jinn were originally imprisoned during the Great War.

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