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A Species of Allutheria

Habitat: Tsukumogami can be found all over Allutheria and much more rarely in Ga'leah.
Tsukumogami are magical objects specially crafted by the Jinn of Shangri-La. Their unique talents from the Living Flame allow them to create an animate object capable of carrying out simple commands and performing simple duties with only one magical side effect. Each object, when sold, comes with a single warning. If it is used for a hundred years or more, the magic used to create the object will exact its 'price' and grant the object both a soul and a human form as well as a free will of its own.


Tsukumogami can be any inanimate object mad animate. They can be mops or brooms which clean of their own volition, teapots that steep and serve tea on their own, quills that write, carpets or brooms to fly, even swords that protect or defend specific things. Anything can be crafted by the Jinn into a Tsukumogami but if a Fae requires something beyond the normal crafted Tsukumogami, they will very likely have to pay a hefty price.

Ascended Tsukumogami are granted a human form at the time they gain a soul after 100 years of service. This human form can have any appearance and is often only slightly influenced by their object form or their Master's physicality.

Tsukumogami are incredibly expensive objects to purchase from the Jinn in Shangri-La. Only the very wealthy can afford to purchase more than a couple of these objects at a time. For this reason, it is rare for a Tsukumogami to have many other creatures of its kind present with which to socialize. Also, until they have ascended and gained their souls, they do not have the sentience to socialize.

However, they are creatures that are eager to please and serve whenever and however they can, making them loyal companions and erstwhile friends whose loyalties can sometimes transcend even a Faemiliar’s.


Tsukumogami are extremely expensive to purchase and therefore are not usually found in great numbers. Because of this, they are not typically able to form much culture with others of their kind. They have been known to befriend Faemiliars and Changelings, however, and in this way form their own diverse social circles.


The Jinn were given the ability to create the Tsukumogami by the Living Flame, God of the Forge. Through a complicated magical ritual, the Jinn are able to imbue any inanimate object with magic and the instinct to perform a simple task. Originally, this was meant to help augment the Jinn who lost their ability to perform specialized magic when they became his devout followers, but the Jinn soon realized that there was a market for the Tsukumogami outside of their own culture and they began to market the objects to other Fae in other areas of Ga’leah and later Allutheria.


Tsukumogami are not capable of reproduction on their own. They must be created by a Jinn and cannot achieve sentience prior to their 100th year of service.


Tsukumogami are magical objects. They are animate and can move of their own accord to fulfill a duty given to them by the Jinn who created them. Much of this action is instinct and Tsukumogami who have not achieved a soul cannot perform tasks that transcend the magical instinct with which they were instilled. For instance, a broom meant to clean could not fly with a passenger atop it just as a broom meant to fly could not clean on its own.

However, once a Tsukumogami reaches its one hundredth year of service, if it has not been destroyed by its owner, it will not only achieve a soul and a human form, but gain the ability to maintain its sentience in object form. Once a Tsukumogami has ascended, it can perform tasks far beyond the instinct with which it was instilled and is hampered only by the physical limitations of its object form. Many ascended Tsukumogami are capable of levitation in object form. They can also see and hear in object form without the presence of eyes or ears. They cannot, however, speak out loud until they take human form. It is impossible to tell an Ascended Tsukumogami from one that has not yet obtained a soul, even for the most powerful of Fae, allowing them to literally hide in plain sight and avoid detection of any kind.

Ascended Tsukumogami require no sleep, food, or liquid to survive. They live by serving their Fae Masters and so long as they are being of service, they are content and healthy. If their Master discards them or dies, it is necessary for the Tsukumogami to find a new Master to serve to sustain themselves. If they do not, they will likely begin to fade away. Some Tsukumogami have been known to go into a sort of suspended animation, appearing as an unremarkable object with no magical powers and little to no sentience until onne of a proper bloodline draws near.


Tsukumogami are crafted by the Jinn to be very dependent upon Fae auras and ascended Tsukumogami can therefore only serve individuals with Fae blood, no matter how deluded it may be. Young unascended Tsukumogami are sometimes sold to individuals in Ga'leah where witches, Half-Fae, and some rich humans use them to make life easier. If the one using the unascended Tsukumogami has no Fae blood at the time the Tsukumogami reaches its 100th year of service, the magic within the Tsukumogami will be depleted completely and the object will be unremarkable and inanimate once more.

Tsukumogami do not require food or sustenance of any kind to survive, but they are highly vulnerable to physical injuries. They can rot just as any object can rot, rusting, fraying, tearing, molding, breaking, etc. In their human form, they can be cut, pierced, slashed, or injured in anyway that a human can be injured. They are also dependent upon one with Fae blood to help sustain them, so being away from those of Fae ancestry for extended periods of time could cause them to enter a hibernation-like state to survive. Otherwise, serving humans or being far from those of Fae ancestry could potentially drain both unascended and ascended Tsukumogami of their magic and leave them normal objects once more.

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