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 Nala, Exiled Priestess


Lion King Canon

Exiled Priestess

Portrayed By Lupita Nyong'o

Created By: Lily
Gender: Female
Age: 27 (15 Medi 1973)
Species: Lion Skinwalker
Position: Exiled Priestess
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Lily (Player)
Nala was raised in the Pridelands next to Simba as his best friend. She was raised in the Temple of the Huntress while Simba was raised to be a leader. When Simba was pronounced dead she was devastated and felt lost like her whole world was dropped from underneath her. She buried herself in her training pulling away from everyone except her trainers and a core group of friends.

When she was twenty five years old she was called to Pride Rock by Taka where he all but ordered her to perform an Arusi with her. She could not refuse to his face but inside she was screaming no. She was moved to a hut close to Scar's until the night of the Nahanda. Over the course of that time she became pregnant with her son Ekundayo. On the night of the Nahanda she killed her guard and ran hours before she was to be wed and has been a fugitive on the run ever since.


Before Simba's Death

Nala was born in the middle of Medi to Sarafina, a high priestess of the Huntress and an unknown male of her generation. She grew up with the heir to the Pride Lands Simba as he was merely a few months older than her. They became as close as siblings and there were rumors as they grew that they would one day wed as Mufasa and Sarabi had done. Neither of them cared for those rumors and ignored them.

The pair did practically everything together; except training. Nala was trained as a huntress and as a priestess in the open Temple to the Huntress while Simba, as the heir, was trained how to fight and how to lead. The other things they did separately were gain their skins.

Lioness form

When Nala was ten and a few months shy of eleven she went out to find and stalk her lioness and the week before the Nahanda she made her move and battled the lioness who's form she would take.

The battle was hard and well fought and Nala was sure there were times when her mother thought she was not ready but she pulled through and managed to kill her lioness, almost at the cost of her own life thanks to deep claw marks on her that her mother insisted on partially healing before they took the body back to prepare for the Nahanda and her Wagaye.

Once it was presented and blessed by the Huntress she took to her new skin easily and wore it like a cape. She and Simba played together and learned to use their new bodies. When she was nearly thirteen, however, her life changed forever. That was when she and the rest of the pride learned of not only the death of Mufasa but also Simba and the world just stopped.


After Simba's Death

With the knowledge that her best friend was dead Nala completely shut down. She spoke with no one, and if she did it was short and to the point. She no longer had fun instead she pushed herself to complete her training and become one of the best. By the time she was sixteen she had become a full on initiate in the Temple and a novice huntress allowed to join a hunter group to go find food; one of the youngest to complete this task.

That was around the time several members of her generation pulled an intervention and forced her to come out of her shell and become a member of their generation again. One night she finally broke from their help and completely broke down and let herself feel the pain that she had buried and let it all out over the course of that night. After that it was easier, and she eventually got over Simba and mourned as others did and over time reintegrated into society and became a proper member of their generation.

She became particularly close to a female lioness Imami who had been there for her the entire time when she broke down and sobbed the entire night. Imami was in her hunter group and in the Temple with her and made it easier when she needed someone to turn to when it became too much..

Over the years she became stronger and moved through the ranks swiftly but not as fast as she had after her best friend's death until she was ranked high enough to be the assistant to the High Priest and Priestess.


Hell Month

Shortly after she turned twenty five Scar assembled the entire Pride together and announced that he would be taking a mate from the younger generation and that he had chosen her already. Every female in her generation was nervous; they all knew how he and Zira treated the other females that he had claimed and none of them wanted to become like that. When he singled out Nala she was in shock and clung to Imami for a moment; this was not what she wanted; but when the tyrant made an order one followed it or risked death. Reluctantly she moved forward and accepted. He announced at the next Nahanda they would be mated fully but until then she would be moved from her current hut closer to his own.

She knew she would never see any of her friends again after this but she had no choice. She refused to show how much this devastated her or how much it affected her. For the rest of the month she lived in that hut guarded by hyenas loyal to Scar and he would use her whenever he was bored or saw fit to remind her whom she belonged to. After those sessions Scar would send Amedimaredhi in to care for her and clean her up; and two weeks before the Arusi Ed informed her in his own way that there was a shiny growing in her belly and she begged him not to tell Scar.

With that knowledge she knew she could not allow herself to stay; she had to leave for her own sake and the sake of her unborn child and so, on the night of the Nahanda she prepared and packed everything she could and she shifted to her lioness form and laid in wait; and when the hyena came in to get her to bring her to Scar she pounced and killed him swiftly before he could warn anyone else of the attack and she slipped away into the night.


On the Run

She ran as quickly and as swiftly as she could to the far reaches of the Pride Lands; as far away from Pride Rock as she could. She found help from others that were banished by Scar and other skinwalker tribes that lived on the outskirts of the Pride Lands along the way but for most of the time she was on her own. She found a cave to hide in where she could safely carry her child to term and when it came time she prayed for an easy birth as she was on her own. Her child, her son; was born with little issue and when he was born she felt such joy at seeing him alive and healthy. She named him Ekundayo, which, roughly translated, meant "my sorrow becomes joy."

She knew could not abandon him, nor could she leave him with random strangers and so over the course of her pregnancy she came up with a sling made of leather that could comfortably be worn on her back over her pelt and she could shift forms while still wearing it and not lose her child.

Over the next two years she faced dangerous conditions from less and less food in the Pride Lands, and Scar Loyalists sent after her to bring her back to face punishment for the murder of the hyena and the kidnapping of Scar's child. Less than a month after the start of the Walking Starvation Nala returned to the Pride Lands and she met up with a blast from her past when she found Amedimaredhi; one of the hyena guards from when she was held captive by Scar.

He was alone and far away from the rest of the Pride; clearly lost. She took him under her wing and asked him to join her and help her protect Ekundayo until she felt safe enough to return home and join the pack.

Four months after meeting Ed she was walking along the roads of Dokrayth when she an old man along the side of the road. Wanting to help him despite her lack of supplies she was surprised to find that the old man was in fact The Forebearer. He informed her, that there was help for her along her journey, but she would need to head to Caerleon, where she would meet up with the High King and Queen.

While on her way to Caerleon Nala felt a strange pull, like when she had found the Forebearer, and it took her to Calladahn. On the road with her son she found the Huntsman waking from a nightmare. She approached him despite the severe hatred between their species and attempted to make peace but he merely growled at her and ran off in a fit of anger not listening to her words.

After arriving in Caerleon Nala was exploring the city, feeling vastly out of place, when she had a literal bump in with a past lover, Amelia Bonny who was close with the King and Queen. They spoke on their lives after they parted ways and Nala felt safer when the pirate became angry on her behalf and she tried to comfort the pirate after hearing about her misadventures in Xehacora. Despite that she still felt safer knowing that the pirate was near.


Solhara Arc

Nala's role in the Solhara arc is as of yet unknown; she will help with the wounded as she is able through healing and continue to raise her son within the walls of Caerleon.

Future Arc


In the future Ekundayo is fully grown and leading a rebel camp of skinwalkers against Maleficent. Nala was captured by Taka and Maleficent at some point and her skin was taken away. She was tortured for months and broken but was saved by her son though he could not recover her skin. Once she is recovered she will act as a healer though her faith has been severely tested and it is on rocky ground.

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