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 Tweedle Dum, The Changeling

Tweedle Dum

Alice In Wonderland

Tweedle Dum
The Last Loyal Heart

Josh Groban

Created By: Falcon
Gender: Male
Age: 153
Species: Changeling
Position: Former Slave
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Alice In Wonderland


Tweedle Dum's true name is Dumas Tweed. He and his twin brother (Devon) were born human. However, not long after they turned six, a stranger appeared and lured them into Allutheria. There, they were handed over to the Goblin King, who turned them both into changelings. The twins spent many years exploring the Goblin King's labyrinth, until they were eventually sold to the Court of Hearts. Dumas was still there when the Mad Tea Party massacred the entire court, and Devon initially believed that his brother had been slaughtered along with everyone else. But Dumas had actually fled with the Queen of Hearts, escaping into Ga'leah.

Dumas possesses a kind heart and always tries to help the people he meets. Initially, he could be quite naive, but his adventures have hardened him a bit. Despite becoming more capable of surviving in a dangerous world, he still has virtually no fighting skills. On the other hand, he's far smarter than he gives himself credit for, having developed a real skill for riddles and puzzles during his time in the Labyrinth. He's fiercely loyal to the people he loves, and surprisingly brave.

The Early Years

One of the Lost Ones

Dumas was born slightly after his twin brother Devon. Because of this, Devon considered him the "younger" sibling and always did his best to protect Dumas. For his part, Dumas idolized Devon, often going as far as mimicking his dress or speech. The twins were extremely close, preferring to invent their own games rather than play with the other local children.

Just after they turned six, a man named Garbhán approached them, promising a life of fun and adventure if they would follow him. They did. Unfortunately, Garbhán was actually a changeling who served Jareth, the Goblin King. As soon as the twins entered Allutheria, Garbhán handed them over to his master.

Jareth stole youth from Dumas and Devon, aging their bodies to that of young men while their minds remained childish. He also marked them, so that whoever owned them would be able to inflict incredible pleasure or incredible pain. And it was his goblins that gave them their new names, mockingly referring to the brothers as "Tweedle Dee" and "Tweedle Dum".

Life wasn't easy. Jareth was mercurial, the goblins were sadistic, and the other changelings were too beaten down to resist. But the twins had two consolations -- their strong bond with each other, and their love of exploring the Goblin King's labyrinth. To this day, Dumas is one of the few people who has any chance of successfully navigating it..

Childhood's End

Clever Games

The Great Loves

The Once and Forever Bloom

As the years passed, the twins's mental abilities gradually caught up with their prematurely aged bodies. Other than that, not much changed, until the day that a shadow fae named Isis Trinity came to visit the Goblin King. She needed a temporary assistant to help with her research, so Jareth allowed her to rent Dumas for a month.

The twins had never been separated for any length of time, and Dumas dreaded being away from Devon. He was also frightened by the prospect of having a new owner. Fortunately, Isis proved to be very different from Jareth, treating Dumas with patience and kindness. By the time they reached her tree house in the Yarrow, they'd begun to fall in love.

They spent many blissful days together, with Isis instructing Dumas about magic, natural science, and even teaching him how to read. But the end of the month arrived too soon, and Dumas had no choice except returning to the Goblin King. Devon was still a captive, and Jareth would doubtlessly inflict terrible tortures on him if Dumas failed to appear at the appointed time. So, heartbroken, Dumas left his first love.

A dark period followed, during which Dumas sunk into a deep depression. But his strong bond with Devon pulled him through. And soon after that, everything changed again, when Jareth sold both twins to the Court of Hearts. Devon was assigned to the stables, while Dumas was put to work in the Queen's garden. Occasionally, because of his familiarity with the labyrinth, Dumas also delivered messages between the Court of Hearts and Jareth.

It was in the garden that Dumas encountered the second great love of his life -- The Queen of Hearts. She was a tragic woman, prone to fits of paranoia and rage. But in her quieter moments, she possessed an ethereal majesty that immediately enchanted Dumas. Although he never dreamed of confessing his feelings, since it would be impossible for a queen to be romantically involved with changeling slave, he tried his best to help her in small ways.

Begin Again


Into Ga'leah

Walk The Dark Path

While Dumas adapted fairly well to life at the Court of Hearts, Devon did not. The older twin hated slavery, and frequently committed small rebellions which would have gotten him in serious trouble if Dumas hadn't intervened on his behalf. Tensions finally reached their snapping point when Devon discovered Dumas's feeling for the Queen of Hearts -- feelings which he definitely didn't approve of. The brothers fought, and after Dumas refused to abandon his queen, Devon fled alone, seeking sanctuary at the White Court.

Not long after that, the Queen of Hearts hosted a magnificent party for her entire court. Unfortunately,the grand event had barely begun when the Mad Tea Party arrived, slaughtering everyone. Dumas only escaped by hiding in a closet. When he finally emerged, he found that the Queen of Hearts had also miraculously survived, although in a greatly weakened state. Terrified that the Tea Party might return at any moment, Dumas quickly looted a few of the corpses, and helped her flee.

Eventually, Dumas and the Queen of Hearts passed through a portal into Ga'leah. But survival in the human world proved difficult, especially with The Blight beginning to run rampant. Dumas did his best to take care of them both, trading the items he'd stolen for food and shelter. Then, in Thrine, Dumas himself was robbed, and left with only a single jeweled broach in the shape of a rabbit. At that point, things started looking very desperate indeed.

And yet, it was in Thrine that their luck finally turned around. The Queen of Hearts had slowly been regaining some of her former strength. Now, she initiated a meeting with Xehacora's queen, Maleficent. Dumas wasn't present for the meeting, and he doesn't know the terms of the allegiance that was formed. But when he and the Queen of Hearts resumed their travels, they did so with supplies provided by Maleficent.

Perfectly Scandalous

No Time For Fear, Or Blame

Now We Care For Dead Gardens

Read Between The Lies

A Strange Party and What Happened After

Call the Past for Help

In an attempt to obtain information about what had occurred in Allutheria during their absence, Dumas and the Queen of Hearts attended a huge party thrown by a noble. They got separated, and while Dumas was searching for his queen, he instead stumbled upon Isis Trinity. This reunion with his first love proved quite emotional, as they both still possessed strong feelings for each other. Caught up in the moment, Dumas had sex with Isis, even though his commitment to the Queen of Hearts prevented him from resuming their former relationship. When he told Isis that he couldn't stay with her, they fought, and parted on bad terms.

Spurred by some information they learned at the party, Dumas and the Queen of Hearts returned to Allutheria. They split up, so that Dumas could search for Devon, unaware that his twin was already in Ga'leah searching for him. And that's when everything really went wrong. The last thing Dumas remembers is a very strange encounter with the Mad Hatter. After that, months slipped away like dreams, fleeting and intangible.

Somehow, Dumas made it back to Ga'leah. But whatever happened in Allutheria has permanently affected his mind -- sometimes he can't remember events that actually happened, and sometimes he remembers events that never actually happened. For instance, he seems to recall finally confessing his love to the Queen of Hearts, and having her reciprocate his feelings, but he's not sure. He fears that it may only be wishful thinking on his part.

Back in Ga'leah, Dumas had a tearful reunion with Devon. Then, as the twins began travelling together, Dumas once again encountered Isis Trinity. To his joy, she told him that she'd given birth to their daughter, Isadora. But joy turned to horror when Dumas learned that Isadora had been kidnapped by Isis's mother. Immediately, Dumas swore to help Isis recover their child.

And perhaps he would have, if the God of Time hadn't sent him into the future to help defeat the Blight. There, Dumas recovered Adora's godhood, with the help of Amelia Bonny.

Old Flames

The Hunt For Who?

...And Found

Whatever It Takes

The Divine Scavenger Hunt

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