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 Fa Bao, genderfluid warrior

Fa Bao

Mulan Canon

Fa Bao
Genderfluid Warrior

Portrayed By Liu Yifei

Created By: Lily
Gender: Genderfluid: prefers xe/xir but will answer to he/him
Age: 25
Species: Human
Position: Warrior in Caerlon
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Fa Bao, formerly known as Fa Mulan, is a genderfluid (biologically female) warrior living and working in Caerleon. Xe was raised to be a traditional daughter, but never quite learned to be a true female and wound up causing great dishonor to xir family when xe was refused by the local matchmaker and told xe would never become a bride. When the call came to protect Solhara and the High King and Queen Mulan spoke out against xir father's recruitment causing more dishonor. To make matters worse; in their eyes, was xe stole away and took xir father's place in the military by taking his armor and sword when they knew their daughter had no knowledge of how to fight.

Life as Fa Mulan

The Awkward Years

Fa Mulan was born to Fa Zhou and Fa Li after many years of the couple attempting to have children. Li had had several miscarriages and stillborn children throughout their marriage and she had begun to think she was cursed; perhaps that should have been a sign that they should not have children. They continued on attempting to have children and finally succeeded; in the form of a daughter instead of a son. While this should have concerned the couple, considering the hardness of the pregnancy, and the fact they were told not to try for more children; they were simply pleased to have finally been blessed with a child.

Fa Mulan
From the time xe was old enough to walk and talk, Mulan's mother started to teach xir about how to be a woman and how to properly take care of the house and her future husband. It started small, but eventually grew until xe was watched carefully and reprimanded if things were not done properly. Xe understood the concepts perfectly and most days xe had no problems performing the tasks, but there were times when xe couldn't quite get it right and became clumsy; much to xir mother's exasperation. Mulan more than once heard xir parents mutter prayers to the ancestors under their breaths and wondering why they were cursed.

Unknown to xir parents, xe would practice in the armory with wooden swords at night and it was then when xe felt most at ease. Most nights xe would practice by xirself; other nights Kahn; the horse skinwalker in service to the Fa family helped xir practice and test xir progress with swords until xe was able to best him. These nights when xe would practice would help xir behave properly, but some times xe was not able to get away and that was when xir behavior was worse; especially in the beginning.

The night before xe was to go to the matchmaker xe was watched too closely and was unable to go out to the armory and practice. This caused xir to be a mess the next day and despite xir best efforts to behave and remember everything xe still managed to mess things up and it was publicly announced that Mulan would never be a bride.

This of course caused xir to be an even larger shame to xir parents and when xe returned to the family's home xe took the reprimands that were given to xir and kept xir head down and stayed out of the family's way. This was the way things were over the next four years as xe stayed quiet and out of their way.

Life in the Military

The Growing Months

That was until the Blight started two months before xe was to turn twenty five. When it started and the Sultan sent word for able bodied men to gather at training camps to head to either Caerleon or Zabier. When Zhou was ordered to Caerleon xe stayed quiet, for once, and waited.

Ever since xir shunning xe had been left alone and was able to continue xir training and was consistently defeating Kahn. When the order was given xe went to the horse skinwalker and spoke with him and they discussed a plan that would work. While they were talking the faemiliar that lived with the family came in and helped xir to plan. It was agreed that Fa Zhou was not in the best of health to get through basic training and would cause more dishonor to the family that it couldn't afford.

Khan helped cut xir hair so it would be acceptable for a male but still acceptable to xir feminine side, and had xir change into more masculine clothes for under xir armor. While he prepared to take xir to the training camp, xe stole into xir parents room and stole Zhou's armor leaving a ruqun and letter of explanation behind so he would know who took his armor.

Once it was acquired Bao packed it in Khan's saddle bags and the trio headed to the training camp. When they arrived Bao was grateful that xe had been training for years as otherwise xe would have been found out within the first hour. There was one snag as as recognized Wu Ling, and he recognized xir.

There was some relief as he said nothing and confronted xir that evening away from camp. Xe explained what xe did and why and he seemed to accept that recognizing xir points. He had also seen how good xe was and recognized they needed as many people as possible and swore to keep xir secret.

Over the next few months Yao and Chien-Po learned the secret and the four became closer and easily the best warriors the troop had and swiftly rose through the ranks to become leaders and teachers for the others and on Bao's twenty-fifth birthday the order came for the group to report to Caerleon.

Life in Caerleon

The Present

Life in the capital city was far different than xe had expected. Bao had grown used to living in poor conditions after basic training and being essentially shunned from xir family, but this was taking it to the extreme and xe thought back to the reason why xe had taken Zhou's conscription notice and had to agree; the proud man would have despised living like this.

That did not make the decision any easier; especially knowing that the stakes were even higher now that they were actually doing something for the military; it would be much easier to be caught in a larger city with more people around. Xe was ever so grateful for the back up of the other three who crowded around xir as if to protect xir from being caught. There were, however, times when xe had moments of doubt; though it was far too late to turn back and xe knew it. The doubt came from seeing what they had to work with in terms of other soldiers on the wall and the smaller militias in the refugee camps and realizing how screwed they really were.

a moment of doubt
Once Captain Li was able to speak with the other leaders at the wall and get a rotation set up his troop was sent up to the wall to patrol and kill the Walking Starvation. Many of them realized that until they proved their worth they were nothing more than sheep for the slaughter and the Quartet were more than able to prove themselves adept at being able to handle, not only themselves, but others on the wall and that caught the eye of their superiors and the Quartet were given other duties.

Not only were they still to help on the wall but they were also to help train the troops to survive the wall better. It was during one such session when Bao and Ling were training recruits that a woman came into the camp. The two trainers paid her no mind until she addressed Bao personally and they found that she was actually the High Queen. That was when Bao truly came under pressure; for despite the fact that it was known that the Queen wanted strong females surrounding her, she now had her sights set on Bao and letting it be known that xe was female was one of the last things xe wanted known.

Once they were settled in and things were going slightly smooth Bao was able to leave the barracks for a bit and explore the city. It was during one such excursion that xe found an inn to eat at and had a run in with a strange minstrel that was able to shine some light on xir life though he brushed it off as drunken words. They had a surprisingly decent conversation despite the brusque manner in which the man had introduced himself to xir and xe returned to the barracks after listening to him play for a bit more in high spirits.

Unfortunately that good mood was not to last as a week or so later Yao was on the wall when a new trainee caused xir friend to get hurt. Thankfully Yao did not get infected but they had been forced to put the recruit down before he became a member of the Starvation. While Yao was recovering in the hospital ward Bao had cleaned up the altar to the Soul Reaper and prayed that the souls in the ward would be safe for another night and accidentally summoned the child like goddess to the tent instead.

Solhara & Future

Solhara Arc

It was a mere month or so later when the Blight began to destroy Solhara. Bao and Ling were, again, working together on the wall when the first survivors arrived. Xe immediately went to the High King and Queen and asked them for permission to leave and head back to xir home land and try and save as many people as possible from the Blight; while Ling went to Captain Shang and the others in charge of the camps to let them know what was going on.

On one of xir runs back from Solhara to Caerleon Bao and xir group got side tracked thanks to a sand storm and lost their way. Fortune shined upon them when they came across a guide in the form of Gerda Frost; and she was able to help lead the group back to Caerleon.

Future Arc

In the Future Bao is one of the guards that is brainwashed by Maleficent to serve her and protect her. Xe fights the brainwashing daily trying to escape; still forever loyal to the Pendragon's after what they did for xir after xe was found. Xir fate in the future is as of yet unknown.
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