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A Species of Allutheria & Ga'leah

Description of Habitat and kingdoms where found.
Demigods are children born of one godly parent and one non-godly parent. Gods can, technically, breed with all other species in Ga’leah if they so choose, but the Pantheon has strict rules against the creation of demigods. Those in the Pantheon are forbidden to have children with others who are not also of the Pantheon. In the past, it has been necessary for the Forebearer or others to end the existence of such Demigods for the safety of the world in general.


It seems that whether because of the sanctions placed against their creation or simply by a natural fluke, every Demigod created comes with a sense of ‘wrongness’. They are often ill adjusted to the world in which they live, where their very existence is forbidden and they must spend much of their lives in hiding or denying what they truly are. This ‘wrongness’ also displays itself in physical abnormalities that can be hidden with magic, but never removed from their natural form completely, even by their godly parent. They may have magical tattoos that reflect their inner monologue, tentacles, horns, strangely colored eyes or hair. Any manner of abnormality is possible. Aside from this, Demigods can range in any physical description just as humans, fae, and gods.


Because of the sanctions against them, Demigods are extremely rare. Those that exist must be kept carefully guarded from the rest of the Pantheon to ensure that they are not removed from the world, and once discovered, it is often rare for the upper echelon of the Pantheon to turn a blind eye upon their existence because of the ramifications they could have for the rest of Ga’leah.

In some cases, the Godly parent may agree to help conceal them. In others, the magic of their special ability may be bound or their abnormality completely removed or disguised. In most cases, Demigods spend much of their lives hiding in fear of being killed by the Pantheon.

It is incredibly abnormal for Demigods to associate with one another. Because of this, they have never had the opportunity to create a culture.


Demigods first began to appear shortly after the Gods created the Fae. Some were taken enough with their creations to attempt to seduce and bed them. The resulting offspring were often deformed and very dangerous. The God of Time, the Forebearer, saw several possible futures in which Demigods posed a tremendous threat to the future of the world. To prevent this from every coming to pass, he made the edict that no God was allowed to father a Demigod. They could create new Gods with reproduction amongst themselves, but never with any of their other creations be they human, fae, or something else entirely.

The Gods did not do well with obeying this command and continued to father Demigods for millenia to come.

With no other recompense, the Forebearer continued to hunt and kill the Demigods he encountered in Ga'leah, still intent to save the world from destruction. As a result, the gods became much better at hiding their demigod children.


It is possible for a Demigod to have offspring and breed normally, though the children of a Demigod will usually carry the same abnormality as their Demigod parent while only manifesting a magical ability roughly equivalent to that of a Half Fae and without the specialization common to Demigods. Weak magic, not a super power.


Demigods do manifest a magical ability which varies from Demigod to Demigod. While their magic is often more powerful than the Fae, it is less powerful than Pantheon themselves and is highly specialized in its very nature. Demigods also possess partial magic resistance. They cannot dispel magic cast at them, but it will take a higher magic output with more force to do damage to them than it would to a Fae. This magical ability is best thought of as a highly specialized super power with which a Demigod has great skill and precision.


Demigod can be injured or killed with weaponry and skill. They are partially resistant to magic but are not entirely resistant. Powerful enchantments can work on Demigods and the magic of the Gods themselves far outweigh a Demigod's ability to withstand them. They will not die of old age, but they can die and have died in great numbers since their species first came into existence.

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