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 House White

House White

Ruling House of Calladahn

House White
A Call to Serve

Sigil:An umber goblet on a white disk on a silver field.
Words:A Call to Serve
Title:King/Queen of Calladahn
Current Lord:'The Evil Queen'
Heir:Princess Snow White
Allegiance:House Pendragon
See Also:
The Magic Mirror, Peter Pan, Snow White
House White is one of the youngest ruling families in Ga'leah. Unlike most of the other kings and queens, House White does not have a long and storied history within their kingdom and has not established themselves as the rightful rulers of their land for generations.


House White was a rather unobtrusive house within the borders of Calladahn. They began as the servants of the Thrinian family, most notably Francis the Unifer, at his family seat, Whitehall. They served him when he united all of Calladahn under a single banner and saw much of the kingdom take shape.

After Francis named himself King, he gave his daughter to one of the sons of House White in honor of their long and loyal service but their children were far from the lines of succession and would never rise to rule over the land.

It was not until approximately a thousand years later that House Pendragon sought to overthrow the Thrinian rulers that House White would once again find themselves in a position to one day rule the land. Hugh White's father, Emmett White turned on his employers at promises of wealth and prestige made by the Pendragons. He and his family slayed the remaining Thrinians in their beds and became loyal followers of first Aren Pendragon and following a brief period of uncertainty and unrest during the time of Alexander Pendragon, who failed to give them what his father had promised, they continued to server Uther Pendragon. After Uther conquered Ga'leah and named himself the High King, he attempted to deliver on his promise and make Emmett the King of Calldahn. Unfortunately, the man fell ill and was never rightfully crowned in a coronation. Instead, his young son Hugh was named the first and last King of Calladahn from House White.

Hugh became a well beloved King who was aided tremendously in ruling his kingdom wisely and fairly by his wife. The true brains behind the throne, she was the reason behind Calladahn's rise and also the reason for its fall when after her death her husband was no longer capable of ruling without her. His attempts to find another partner to help him rule his kingdom proved to be problematic when his new queen lacked his first wife's compassion for their citizens.

Members of Note

Hugh White (Deceased) - Father of Snow White, first King of Calladahn from House White as well as the first King not from Houses Pendragon or Thrinian. He was a kind and just ruler who sought to atone for his family's misdeeds and return Calladahn to a time of peace and prosperity. He was, however, a weak man who was easily manipulated by those around him including his first and his second wife.

Imogen White (Deceased) - Mother of Snow White, she was Hugh's first wife and the first queen of Calladahn from House White. She was the true mastermind behind House White and their successful rule of Calladahn, often encouraging her husband's decisions in matters of economics and diplomacy to help make Calladahn a place of peace and prosperity once more.

Queen White - Also Known as 'The Evil Queen'. She was Hugh White's second wife and succeeded him as sovereign when he died before Snow White was old enough to rule.

Snow White - Princess of Calladahn and heir to the throne. Believed dead by most but not all of the citizens of Calladahn.

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